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Lame Duck on Collusion Course with Health Care History

As Bogus POTUS aka the less than 3 Year Lame Duck President continues his saga of touting government run health care, what’s up with this: Health Insurance Industry Fair Competition Act? I mean either there is a reason to diddle with this or not, Congress! Looks like there is some collusion going on, hmm?

It’s good to know that Patriots are ever watchful as Tea Partiers on ‘Alert’ as Democrats Lay Groundwork for Health Care Passage and that Senator Jim Bunning has not rolled over. Where are the stalwart Senators and Representatives in aiding and supporting Sen. Bunning? Health Care and Unemployment benefits are not rights!

Sen. Bunning on blocking unemployment benefits

“From C-SPAN2 coverage of the Senate floor 3/2/10, Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) discusses his blocking the extension of unemployment benefits and health insurance subsidies for the jobless. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) responds to Bunning.”

It’s all good Senator Bunning says it best and appears that he needs no relief.