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Terry Lakin Commits the Final Shame on Supportive Americans!

I don’t mind saying that I am one perturbed previous supporter of LTC Terry Lakin. In the future, I don’t want to see a book, play, movie, presentation, speech, or DVD of his life story.

Once he plead guilty, he denies all that he stood for. Had he deployed and possibly been taken captive, his actions SCREAM potential treasonous behavior. Was this all a sham and distraction? As I see it… he was taken captive domestically, betrayed his oath when he flip flopped and finally pulled the guilty card. He is a traitor to himself and his many supporters. If he is discharged he will no longer have standing. Was he or his family threatened? Has he now become a casualty of “battle fatigue” due to the corrupt administration’s minions? What was the breaking point? COWARD!

Once there was Paul Revere who cried the loudest warning of approaching enemy and yet continued to ride. Then there was Terry Lakin who cried the longest warning of enemy encroaching and then he suddenly folded. Once our heroes fold who do “We the People” have to look up to and support? How will future generations look upon Terry Lakin… as a footnote or will there even be one?

Countdown to Court Martial: Update from Dec 14, 2010. And who cares nowno one!  Just look how the site is being sanitized! Dirt hurts and it has been kicked up!


Where’s all the donated funds? Was it another case of “It was all about the money?”


The Goosing of America by the Lame Duck Congress via the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2011

This is where Patriots need to come together and dissect this pork laden bill aka the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2011 consisting of 1,924 pages. Same time as last year… the Demonic Democrats are back to playing games, with the welfare and interests of all Americans, at stake.

The Hell House of the Demonic Democratic Congress

I believe if we eliminate payroll for Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House including the Bogus POTUS, they would start working right and right away.

More detailed thoughts here:
HR 3082 is Hiding S 510 – Abusing the Troops & Using the American People via the US Congress

CDR Charles Kerchner Will Attend Terry Lakin’s Court Martial and Gen Thomas McInerny – Lakin ‘is not going to get a fair trial’

CDR Charles Kerchner with Attorney Mario Apuzzo has never wavered from continual pursuit of the truth:

Kerchner v Obama lawsuit update, Kerchner Apuzzo radio interview

Now he will attend Terry Lakin’s court session:

—–Original Message—–
From: American Patriot Foundation
To: bobbi85710 XXX
Sent: Sat, Dec 11, 2010 5:31 am
Subject: CDR Charles Kerchner to Attend Lakin Court Martial:

American Patriot Foundation for Terry Lakin
American Patriot Foundation: Updates on LTC Terry Lakin’s Case  

CDR Charles Kerchner to Attend Lakin Court Martial

The American Patriot Foundation is pleased to announce that CDR Charles Kerchner (Retired), the Lead Plaintiff in the Kerchner et al v Obama case, will be attending the court-martial of LTC Terry Lakin beginning on December 14.

Click below for the full press release.




Check back on Sunday afternoon for specific information about where to gather during the court martial.

// Margaret Hemenway
// www.safeguardourconstitution.com


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Via WND “McInerny: Congress will review Lakin case 3-star general: Physician ‘is not going to get a fair trial’

Gen. Thomas McInerney: LTC Lakin Court-Martial; There Will Be Congressional Investigations

This is not Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney’s first support shown for Terry Lakin!

Maj.Gen. Jerry Curry : Obama’s Eligibility Issue Moving Toward Critical Mass.avi

How Many Military Men Does it Take to

Awake America?

Michael Behenna’s Appellate Arguments Finally Scheduled!


Tue, Oct 26, 2010 6:07 am

To the thousands of Michael Behenna supporters,

Michael’s long awaited Appellate Argument has finally been scheduled.  It will take place on December 9, 2010 at 10am before the Army Court of Appeals in Washington DC.  We eagerly await for Michael’s case to be reviewed by this higher court and are anxious to hear what we believe will be a reversal of the injustice that was done to Michael. If you are in the Washington DC area on this day you are welcome to attend.

The appellate court will review:

1)      The failure of the Prosecution to provide critical evidence of the Prosecution’s forensic witness to Michael’s defense counsel;

2)      The Military Prosecutor’s reversible error of making false assertions of fact and interjecting her personal opinion in closing arguments;

3)      The military judge’s improper instruction limiting Michael’s right to self-defense;

4)      The evidence presented of pre-meditated murder was not factually sufficient to support a conviction;

5)      The military judge’s failure to instruct the jury on a lesser included offense of murder.

The Army Court of Appeals can overturn Michael’s conviction on any single one of these errors.  After the hearing on December 9th a ruling should be handed down in early 2011 and our hopes and prayers are that Michael’s conviction will thrown out.

In addition to the appeals process Michael also has his annual clemency hearing coming up, possibly around the same time as the appellate argument hearing.  Michael is not allowed to attend his clemency hearing so we will again represent him and hope the Clemency Board takes further action to reduce his sentence or release him to come home.  We request that everyone send letters of support to the Clemency Board.  You are certainly welcome to draft a short letter advising the Clemency Board of your opinion, or use the sample letter at the bottom of this email, or a combination thereof.  (The sample letter will also be placed on www.defendmichael.com).  We also encourage you to send a copy of your letter to your Senators and Representatives. There is a perfect storm forming to bring Michael home, but now more than ever we need your help.  Please take a minute and write to the Deputy Secretary of the Army and your Congressional Delegations to let them know that this young man must be set free.

We are extremely grateful for those who continue to send letters and cards to Michael.  This upcoming holiday season will be Michael’s second behind bars and he will no doubt struggle with the loneliness that comes with his situation.  You can’t imagine the impact a kind word of support can have upon our son.  Your letters have always lifted his spirits and sustained him as he fights to regain the freedom that was taken away from him.  With the incredible support of thousands of voices just like yours from across this great country hopefully this will be the last holiday Michael has to spend behind prison walls.

Bless you all,

Scott & Vicki Behenna

Proud Parents of 1LT Michael Behenna


Michael Behenna and the Upcoming Clemency Hearing


To the thousands of Michael Behenna supporters,

A lot has transpired since our last update.

1) Michael’s case has been fully briefed with the Army Court of Appeals and we are waiting patiently for an argument date to be set by the court.  We are hopeful it will be before the end of the year.

2) Michael has another Clemency Hearing coming up – most likely in December (yes it has been a year since the Clemency Board reduced Michael’s sentence to fifteen years.)  Once we know the date of Michael’s Clemency Hearing we will send out another update asking people to write letters to the Clemency Board.

3) The Leavenworth 10 Rally over Labor Day Weekend was more successful than we could have ever imagined. We knew our  target date was short notice, but it came together thanks to a lot of hard work from countless volunteers. I especially want to express my heartfelt thanks for the generous donations from UECUS Inc and the Seals Warrior Fund as well as the hundreds of individuals who gave.  Your support helped pay for a tremendous event that built exposure for these 10 men who have been charged for protecting themselves or their men in a war zone.  Soon on the L10 web site www.L10freedomride.com we will be including all the Rally photographs and videos available for you to watch.  In the meantime the web sites below have many videos to review:

http://conservativetvonline.com/index.php (Home page halfway down on the left side)


http://kansas.watchdog.org/5103/leavenworth-10-freedom-ride/ (video of the Ride through Leavenworth)

4) Michael’s website www.defendmichael.com has a whole new look.  We will be adding even more information and helpful links to assist Michael’s supporters as we continue our fight for his release.  Also, here is the newest video put on the DefendMichael.com website:  “A Mother’s Fight” by Gregory Gullbert. www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZAVAR6WrRI

And finally, PLEASE CONTINUE TO WRITE LETTERS TO MICHAEL.  The government’s delay in filing their brief and the delay in setting the date for oral arguments has left Michael feeling discouraged these past few weeks.  Michael lost his freedom almost nineteen months ago and it is your encouragement and support that truly sustains him through this injustice.  Send your letters to:

Michael Behenna  87503

1300 N. Warehouse Road

Ft. Leavenworth, KS  66027-2304

Bless you for your continued support of an American hero we proudly call our son,

Scott and Vicki Behenna


** I personally find it interesting that Michael’s hearing as well as Terry Lakin’s hearing are both to arrive after this election. Coincidence… doubtful! The Patriots are with Patriots – Michael and Terry!

Vote This November As If A Life Depends On It Because it Does!

Safeguard Our Constitution

As I continue to watch LTC Terry Lakin’s current trial motions and status, it has become apparent that the American citizens must vote for superior change upon America this November. We don’t need any more change that we can be deceived in. It’s over, Patriots are making their move via the voting booth. It is the U.S. Constitutional way! Many lives in our military and civilians at home are counting on the Patriots, Tea Partiers, Independents, Oath Keepers, 912ers and more to leave the Bogus POTUS chaos behind and reveal the embarrassment and deceit that was forced upon America.

I don’t believe that there is any coincidence that the date for LTC Terry Lakin has been pushed back until after the November election  in “Surprising delay in Lakin trial“.  The military judge is fully aware that the tide is turning and this “CYA” move is not going to relieve her responsibility of creating a “Kangaroo Military Court”.

There will be a parade of traitors and treason on display after November. Do you see it now?

The Military, the Oath, and the FAUX POTUS aka The Usurper

This issue is bigger than any one man, Army Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin or Obama. It’s about TRUTH!

If LTC Terry Lakin was correct when he stated to Brodsky “DON’T TASE ME ‘BRO’” and LTC Brodsky is no longer involved in the court martial as confirmed by the entry LTC Lakin Trial on Military Law and Justice:

“…LTC Brodsky was released from further participation in this case and was not at the session.  For whatever reason any decision to have him removed from the case was a wise one.  The actions carefully negate any potential further allegations of unlawful command influence and remove a potential distraction…”

then this validates that LTC Terry Lakin truly knows that which he speaks. Then why is he sequestered at all?

Why have so many retired military bravely come forward to support and question that which LTC Terry Lakin on active duty has got the guts and gusto to do? Remember it’s all about what is known to be true. We know that there is no mass hysteria for military members to question what the American citizenry has never ceased questioning – an open vetting of a questionable dual allegiance of the Faux POTUS’s due directly to his purported parental lineage. The Usurper knows that once his records are opened, the entire administration falls.

Shining Examples of Patriotic Military Support

U.S. v LAKIN – McInerney “Affidavit” – 36700054 Case of LTC Terrence Lakin LTG Mcinerney Affidavit in Support
MUST SEE VIDEO!!! Major General Paul E. Vallely, US Army (RET) calls for the resignation of Obama
Eldon E. Bell, M.D. Colonel U. S. Army (Retired) Letter
Maj. Gen. Jerry R Curry (Ret.) Confirms Issues of Obama’s Eligibility – Another General for “We the People”
Evidence: Criminal “Treason” complaint from Walter Fitzpatrick
Kerchner v Obama & Congress DOC 00 – Table of Contents – 2nd Amended Complaint
Major General Carroll D. Childers, Orly Taitz lawsuit, Obama not qualified, Barack Obama ineligible, Major General Childers, US Army, 29TH Infantry Division, Obama crime associates

For Any and All Future Brave Active Duty, Reserves, or Retired Military

TREASON COMPLAINT by all SWORN Veterans (1 page) Nov 2009 For all sworn Veterans (Military & Police) Could really be handy in Arizona for Sheriff Joe and others.
American Grand Jury Presentments: Indictment against Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi for Fraud, Treason and Election Fraud For Any and Every American Citizen.

During this Usurpation

Where is Brig. Gen. Colleen L. McGuire? Is she as useless and neutered as the Pentagon and Joint Chiefs of Staff that preside over our Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy?