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Tax Day TEA Party Litte Rock Arkansas 4.15.2011

Hey Liberals, the TEA Party is not going anywhere. You lose! Here it is – the third annual Tax Day TEA Party in Little Rock!!! What have you got? The shame of a lame blame gaming Bogus President who is tanking the USA, starting wars, and surrounded by the he most deviant of criminals?

Oh… I so needed my annual gathering of like-minded and red blooded Patriot Americans.

Little Rock State Capitol Dome

Our wonderful Lieutenant Governor Mark A. Darr in Arkansas exudes Patriotism in…

Tax Day TEA Party Litte Rock State Capitol Bldg Lt. Gov. Mark A. Darr 4.15.11

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Lt. Gov. Mark A. Darr does a beautiful rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” verses 1 & 4 at the Little Rock Capitol Building, Little Rock, Arkansas on this, the third annual Tax Day TEA Party. There was such brisk winds and multitudes of patriots! Fabulous Job Sir!

David Meeks AR State Representative Visits Saline County TEA Party Leader Ed Hairston

More about State Rep. David Meeks

Capitol Idea!


Tea Party Members at the Capitol Doors

Tea Party Members at the Capitol Doors

Tea Party Members and Guest Speakers - No Division

On the Capitol Steps

Making a Statement!

I could not stay for the entire event but while I was there, a couple of hundred Patriots were in attendance and more were arriving at the 6 o’clock hour. It was just the re-energizer I needed!


Wisconsin Was No Nail Biter – America Knows Its Right from That Left

Well the results are pouring in from Wisconsin’s race for the Supreme Court and once again there is Proof of American Values as Justice David Prosser has been re-elected.

Senator “Ma’am” Barbara Boxer Slam Fest

Call Me Senator – From David Zucker

RightChange | October 22, 2010

http://www.rightchange.com – Director David Zucker writes and produces the hilarious but sad tale of Barbara Boxers disrespect of our Military. In the wonderful style of his great movies Airplane, Naked Gun, Naked Gun 2.5, Scary Movie 3, Scary Movie 4, An American Carol, David hits to the core of Senator Boxers famous hearing. Visit RightChange.com for more great videos.

Burned into the public’s memory… the original ~

Barbara Boxer Undermines Congress But Never the Title Senator

Seen It All Now, Atheist with Hyprocrisy, Utah Stand Tall

Cross or Not to Cross

Utah should have the right

David Silverman (V.P. and Nat’l Spokesman for American Atheist) is a jerk by his own blog entry yesterday

…This win is particularly sweet, although we are going to get dragged through the mud for this one…

and his performance on Fox News today

at the 4:53 mark
“…an obelisk or plaque…”
at the 7:07 mark
“…This isn’t a fight worth fighting, this isn’t worth something worth going to the Supreme Court for…”

Seems like David has concerns for equalization of religion as a concerned atheist, hmm? Was this suit all about the money? Can not wait until we see him railing the US Transportation Dept for making religious cross symbol intersection signs?

Or ATT for religious cross symbol telephone poles?

Hey why not go after the Red Cross?

What about Blue Cross?

Why not just jail everyone who crosses their fingers?

Heck let’s all atheist the road at the atheistwalk! Is that politically correct enough?

Hey David why don’t you busy yourself finding out why an Iman is being paid with taxpayer money to visit the Middle East? hmm? Oh the hypocrisy! By the way, you may be interested to learn that your obelisk offering is viewed as a phallic symbol, how nice! Is this the message you are sending?


Volunteer Citizens = David — Versus — DCMP Paid Organizers = Goliath

What is The Tea Party? It is what you put into it in effort – and the knowledge you garner from other participants is amazing. It is a Patriotic American Citizen’s best reference on the truth of DC shenanigans at all levels of government. It is a rag tag band of volunteers that numbers in the millions.

Democratic Campaign Management Program or DCMP has paid organizers and advertises freely and continuously. The DCMP makes it all about the money rather than all about the American Dream.

Remember this November at the polls the liberal Democrats are paying through the nose to sway public opinion. Don’t be tooled or fooled by the DCMP, America.


Afghanistan – Is It All About the Minerals? Our Military is Being Used!

How prophetic from September 2009 Karzai rival warns: Vote fraud would doom U.S. involvement. Our Military – Sacrificial Lambs?

Trillion Dollars mineral deposits found in Afghanistan by US.

hughesling — June 14, 2010 — Trillion Dollars mineral deposits found in Afghanistan by US. Lots of loads of Lithium!

One in three votes for Karzai fraudulent, says US diplomat Poignant!

Karzai’s Warm Reception Reflects New U.S. Approach The Suck-Up for minerals!

President Obama meets with Afghanistan leader Karzai, plays down corruption, differences Why, hmm?

Afghanistan Coalition Military Fatalities By Year

Year US UK Other Total
2001 12 0 0 12
2002 49 3 17 69
2003 48 0 9 57
2004 52 1 7 60
2005 99 1 31 131
2006 98 39 54 191
2007 117 42 73 232
2008 155 51 89 295
2009 317 108 96 521
2010 167 50 41 258
Total 1114 295 417 1826

To Date our Military Losses for Minerals?

U.S. Discovers $1T in Afghan Mineral Deposits

Has our military been used to protect our country’s interests or “…A team of U.S. geologists and Pentagon officials..

And “…”There is stunning potential here,” Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of the United States Central Command…” Commander or Chief Geologist? Minerals found in 2007 and this was no coincidence US to increase troops in Afghanistan by 40%

It’s not all about the minerals, it’s all about the money! Lithium and Gold in particular. U.S. Discovers $1T USD Worth of Lithium, Other Mineral Deposits in Afghanistan.


Guilty 17 Counts Obama, Michael Sovern and Trustees of Columbia University

My Fellow Americans,

On Tuesday, 18 May 2010 in The ATLAH Court room under the sanction of the US Constitution “We The People spoke.” Mr. Obama , Michael Sovern, and the Trustees of Columbia University were found guilty on all 17 counts of Sedition, Conspiracy, Fraud, and Obstruction of Justice.

I am assembling a coalition to hand the verdicts to The Judiciary of The US Senate, The US Congress, The Joint Chiefs Of Staff, and The US Attorney General.

Specifically for Michael Sovern and Columbia University, I will be submitting to The New York State Bar, The New York State Attorney General, New York State Regents, and The Mid-Atlantic Schools Accreditation demanding their license to operate an educational institution be revoked.

Perhaps their first response will be to defend and reject. Thereupon, will begin the most exciting part of this guilty victory. Inasmuch, as we will proceed to court testing the constitutionality of the 10th Amendment established by our Founding Fathers.

I expect the courts to be careful in their decision not to injure the rights of “We The People.”

Thank you for your support, I will post and update on You Tube within 24 hours and will take a few weeks rest from the daily Manning Report.

Visit Atlah.org for all daily updates.

Dr. Manning

In His Royal Service
Rev. James David Manning, PhD
A Natural Born Citizen