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Patriots Time To Pay Attention! Protect Your A$$ets!

The DC Liberals Minions are on the move~
If you have silver and gold you will be okay… NO paper certificates.

If you have land you will always be self-sufficient.

Time to take a real hard look at what you have to rely on!

Radical UK Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary Fails to Materialize With His Masses

Hmm? You get your permit to hold a supposed huge event outside the White House and then you fold… what’s up with that… Mister Radical UK Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary?

Was it…

No interest, lack of real participants?
Sharia is not the law or the religion of this land, nor will it ever be in the USA, we have our own laws, that are respectful to all?
Afraid to assemble so many suspects in one place?
Did Michelle promise to bake healthy cookies and hand them out?
Afraid of barking and howling dogs?
Were all of Obama’s union buddies too busy, bussing around the USA, to fill in and extend the crowd?
That the only Muhammad Americans acknowledge has the last name of Ali?
Was is just a half-Bacon-ed idea?

Half Cooked Idea?

I’m thinking it’s one or more of the above!

How About Some Good Old Fashioned American Competency in Washington DC 2012 or Sooner?

The current Bogus POS POTUS and his entire bogus administration is a dismal failure…

I now believe it is designed to be exactly what we see. All those criminals in one place were never czar’d on for an engineering and rebuilding process within the United States of America. Restoration, has never been the aspiration, by the usurping criminals. World dominance and financial meltdown has been their “cow bell” and they continue to ring it. Time is running out, the gig is up, and an election is less than 2 years away… the criminals know it, “We the People” know it, and the entire world knows the deception that has been foisted upon all. What is true is that criminals are stupid and ALWAYS get caught. They are scrambling and rambling all over the world. Their defeat will be oh so sweet!

There is no longer American exceptionalism, dominance or superiority viewed on the world stage. The international community laughs at the high jinx and outright ignorance of this administration. How embarrassing that the children of today, see the shaming of America, by a cheap usurpation.Those incompetent criminals in DC show no talents and in fact display nothing but shades of operating Red Light Green Light decision-making…

otherwise known as CYA. They have nickeled, dimed, and trillion dollared the American People to death, purposefully. Is there not 1 Hero in America, that will step forward and arrest those worthless fools, seize any and all of the fraudulently amassed financial assets, and move the monies back into the public coffers? The nightmare continues and the mistakes are growing more dangerous!

Will the Department of Transportation Aid and Abet Criminal Activity?

Sadly it’s pretty consistent with the entire DC philosophy these past two years…

From The Hill’s insightful article “DoT exploring technology that would disable cell phones in cars” we learn that the overpaid Washington mob has nothing better to accomplish then more aggravation and danger upon Americans.

My question is: When would this ever be considered a practical move?

Just a Few Possible Scenarios and Realistic Safety Concerns:

Will the phones be turned off in cars of drivers and all passengers? Hmm… won’t be a selling feature of convenience and gas savings for joining the local carpools!

This also wouldn’t allow a kidnap victim with a concealed cell phone to call out for help? Great… now kidnappers and thugs have an easier control of potential victims immediately.

Police and highway patrol wouldn’t be able to converse with fleeing motorists… remember Al & OJ?

Mom and Dad go out for the evening. Babysitter, Grandma, etc needs to ask Mom or Dad a question… but no phone service for both as they are traveling in the same car?

Witness to a crime or emergency (drunk driver, holdup, fire) and as you are driving alone… you can’t call it in, unless you find a safe place to stop, turn off your car, and get how far away from the vehicle?

If it will turn off, what’s the point of having this “disabler”… but if it is to remain on continuously, what are the long term effects of its exposure to the human body?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Home Construction Falls 11.7% But Cost of Wholesale Materials Increase 25%?

If October new-home construction falls 11.7% via MarketWatch is any indication of a sluggish to stalled economy, then the document provided below from a major wholesaler regarding construction materials that are to be increased by 25% will put the cost of manufacturing homes in a downward spiral of death.

If people can’t afford them now, how will they afford increased costs passed on to them or will the quality be diminished when the manufacturers cut corners? Can we all ask about Safety Issues?


Lovely… the notice comes out of Chicago, just like the Bogus POTUS in DC. That’s worked out real well for the American people, too… NOT!

Arkansas Senator-Elect John Boozman Starts Out Right!

Arkansas Sen.-elect Boozman to support GOP ban on earmarks and he wants to hear from “We the People” of Arkansas! How refreshing!

Confirmed via this


The New Republican Senator From Arkansas

Obviously in Washington, DC during the Lame Duck Session as a working Representative of the House and as the newly elected Senator going through orientation… GOP Welcomes Freshman Republican Senators …he is unable to be present in Arkansas. With so much on his plate, though, it’s great to know that John Boozman is working overtime for Arkansans! Thank-you, Sir!

I will be listening in, and might even key in for a question!

Update from Call

Call lasted from a prompt 8 pm to 8:25 pm

John Boozman thanked Arkansans for their “…advocacy…”.

He advised that there are 3 major items in the works at the Lame Duck Congress:

1 Continuation of the Tax Policy.

2 The Continuing Appropriation Bills.

3 DADT which he is “…opposed to changing…”.

Other items that could/may be brought up are the Dream Act (he “opposes”) and English as the Official Language. He answered several call in questions directly with no hesitation or fluff. I feel there is now a fiscally conservative Arkansas official, who is ready to dig in, persevere, and help secure these United States of America!

Don’t Look to the Polls, Look at Attendence to Gauge the Truth in Politics

The polls don’t appear to follow the desires of “We the People”. How can any polls be leading for any Radical Democrat, when Democratic “Leaders” can’t even fill their speaking arenas?

Blanche Lincoln Follows Behind Boozman’s Visits – Almost Fills a 30 Person Capacity Room

Clinton: Bernero is best choice to lead Michigan and most telling details~

“…While the crowd hoisted signs that stated “Virg Surge,” the turnout at the rally was anemic. More than 500 people came to the rally, but the gym at Renaissance High School was only about one-third full, even though Clinton used to command full houses wherever he went, especially in Detroit…”

More Whine Time – Obama Style in Cleveland with a Pathetic 3K Attendance

Even the Democrats are bashing other Democrats…

Democratic Rep. Taylor says he voted McCain for president, not Obama

RI Dem: Obama can ‘shove it’ for not endorsing me

Why do good Patriots travel hundreds to thousands of miles for events? Last night when the Tea Party Express IV rolled into Bryant Arkansas, the family next to me had driven over from Memphis Tennessee! There are larger events over the last two years where even greater travels were made:

Glenn Beck’s Rally to ‘Restore Honor’ Gathers Half a Million Americans, Makes History

TEA Party Still Going Strong and Growing Crowds in Searchlight Nevada

912 Tea Party March on Washington DC, on 9/12 2009

There is so much disinformation going on in our country right now, but Patriots are able to separate the wheat from the chaff. “We the People” know that there is nothing more true than the “Red, White, and Blue”. Radicals, you lose… Patriots have had over a 200 year head start that has proven to be tried and true. The United States of America IS and Forever Will Be the “…Land of the Free… and the Home… of the… Brave!”