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Weekend at Bernie’s or Weakend of Osama / Usama… Whatever?

This guy really gets around… he makes Bernie look like one of the living…

I mean his body pops up everywhere…

UBL’s body washes ashore near Goa India ( warning extremely graphic ) via Before It’s News.

Just remember, bones will still present freezer damage after a float.


Remembering Easter Morning – A Christian Celebration

From The Bible at Your Fingertips

John 20
The Empty Tomb


Deadly Spring Storms in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Was There a Warning?

I took a screen capture before the deadly storms lined up (North through South) down the center of Arkansas last night. The Tornado Alarms went off and on for over an hour in just my area. Unfortunately, many who died in Arkansas were not the result of a ‘tornado’ itself, but by the devastating strength of the winds which toppled trees upon victims.

However, while researching, HAARP, the Japan Nuclear Radiation Disaster, and more… recently… this timely video and warning weighs heavily on my mind:

This gentleman seems to read the signs of pending dangerous weather. He also calls out a specific window that said event will occur. Was this an astute judgment call, a coincidence, or is there something really happening that can no longer be denied?

Colorado Joins the Growing List of States Recording Dead Birds

World wide events captured Mass Animal Deaths Google map updated periodically.

Sites of Bird Deaths in USA in 2011

The plague of animal deaths continue as Mysterious Bird Deaths Investigated Near Dacono in Colorado. I am still scouring the web to see what type of bird is involved.

As if 2011 hasn’t been hard enough on animals with massive die-offs, and in particular birds, 18 peacocks found dead in maize in India due to potential poachers? Truly sad.

Continuing Dead Bird Body Count – Now Yankton South Dakota

One again the birds have been reported as Starlings. As I have stated before, I am continually watching for the birds because they cover the most territory in the shortest span of time. That being said there has been an incident involving 200 cows in Wisconsin.

Bird Death Location Map 2011

Add Grackles in Alabama to the Growing List of Dead Birds in USA

Large Bird Kill in Alabama ! They are NOT flying into things cuz they GOT SCARED!

DougandDonna7 | January 13, 2011

Two sets of dead birds were found Monday within a half-mile stretch on Louisiana Highway 1 in Pointe Coupee Parish between the towns of New Roads and Morganza. Fifty birds were found in one area, and 400 more were found in a second area.

The birds were found 350 miles from Beebe, AR, where as many as 5,000 birds died mysteriously.

Necropsies performed by Louisiana State Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Jim LaCour revealed that many of the Louisiana birds – which included blackbirds, starlings, brown-headed cowbirds and grackles – died from traumatic injuries.

On Monday, researchers announced that the Arkansas birds died of massive physical trauma.

LaCour said one of the groups of dead birds in Louisiana might have flown into power lines in the darkness since downed lines were found on the scene.

“A lot of the bird carcasses were located immediately next to the power lines,” he said. “The most likely thing is that they ran into the power lines.”

Ten Louisiana bird carcasses were divided and sent Monday to the University of Georgia’s Southeast Cooperative Disease Study and the National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, WI – the latter of which is also involved in testing the Arkansas birds.

On Tuesday, an additional 12 were sent to the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, IA.

Seymour said until lab tests are completed, viruses, bacteria and other toxins – including pesticides – cannot be ruled out.

While the numbers of dead birds may seem large, he said, these types of incidents are not unusual. The species flocks together in large groups that can number in the millions. While blackbirds dying in plain view of humans might be unusual, the death of 5,000 birds is not.

Blackbirds are large and have poor eyesight, Seymour said. And they are slow and fly low – all factors that work against them if their roosting habitat is disturbed, he said.

LaCour said when it’s all said and done, the incidents in Louisiana and Arkansas are unlikely to be linked. But while he feels the timing of the events is “more coincidence,” he said it’s still too soon to jump to conclusions.

“I’m not expecting anything, but I certainly won’t want to rule anything out,” LaCour said.

Are these bird deaths coincidental, doubtful, and where are those pesky test results?

Reports of Dead Birds – Latest as California Reports In!

More than a dozen dead birds spotted along Missouri highway

Sonoma County mystery: What killed 100 birds near Geyserville?

From the translation In Turkey the birds mass perish

I am constantly watching for reports, birds specifically.