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John Dennis Boldly Revels With Humor as Pelosi Evades Debate

Nancy Pelosi, Wicked Witch of the West

JohnDennis2010 | September 12, 2010

Throw some water on Nancy Pelosi! Donate, volunteer, and vote for John Dennis!

John Dennis is running against Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco, CA. See his website for details on his platform and issues.

Follow John Dennis on twitter: http://twitter.com/JohnDennis2010

Directed by Ladd Ehlinger Jr. http://FilmLadd.com / http://twitter.com/FilmLadd

I love how John Dennis has issued an open letter to Mrs. Pelosi requesting a live televised debate. As the time clock ticks, there has been 6 1/2 days of no response, as of this very moment. Ah… the transparency, Mrs. Pelosi!


The Conservative Surge in Political Candidates

Yes, there’s a great surge in conservative candidates, thankfully this year…however…

Have you done your own vetting of said candidates? Do you really know the history of your candidate? Have they sat on boards or investments that you do not condone? Are ethics recently acquired? Is their Educational background at a liberal school? Did they just work in speech. debate. or drama? What has been their work history? Are they just appealing to the misguided masses? These are important questions because once they are in place it takes some time to get them out? Anyone can play the part for awhile especially when a windfall salary is on the horizon or a White House!

Thrift Store Find 50 Cents

Just look at Bogus POTUS

Saline County Arkansas Gets Ready to Rumble with a Conservative Debate

Greenberg/Hutchinson Debate

Time: April 22, 2010 from 7pm to 8:30pm


Brown’s Country Store and Restaurant

Street: I-30W at Congo Rd. Exit118
City/Town: Benton
Event Type: Debate
Organized By: Saline County TEA Party

To get a sneak preview of the candidates visit their web sites prior to the debate at:

Dan Greenberg

Jeremy Hutchinson

!!! Remember 2010 “We The People” Need to Make a Difference and Turn Our United States of America back around from the Liberal Progressive Destructive Leadership in DC. We need a Congress that has Guts, Gusto, Won’t Rollover or Count on Bribes for Their Votes. The Silent Majority put us in this predicament and it’s time to be vocal with the polls !!!

Be Steady and Ready for November 2010.

Scott Brown’s Very Busy and Heavily Supported Day for Massachusetts

First was the Money Bomb Video Release this morning and the final result this evening was just tweeted on Twitter

11:15pm, Jan 11 from Web

Today, our movement has invested $1,303,302.50 to win on January 19 and I am so grateful for the support and the faith that you have in us!

“He’s The Guy For Us.”

Today, the State Police Association of Massachusetts has endorsed Scott Brown to become the next United States Senator of Massachusetts. You can join the State Police and thousands of other supporters to volunteer for Scott Brown by signing up for our Call From Home program: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewf…

A midday email report from Political Director – Pete Fullerton kept supporters informed:

Our movement has done something amazing – we set a goal to raise $500,000 today with our moneybomb and we went by it.  We set another goal of $750,000 and we have just surpassed it.
Right now, we are at $836,960.22 and the grassroots demands that we reach $1 Million by midnight tonight.
Tonight, our candidate, Scott Brown, just won the debate against Martha Coakley.  We are about to win on January 19th but we need your help right now.

We only have 8 Days Left – will you help us reach the goal of $1 Million by midnight tonight?

Thank you so much for your support and our momentum is growing every day!

Pete Fullerton
Political Director
P.S. To reach the goal given to us by the grassroots, can you email and contact fellow supporters to get them involved? http://www.redinvadesblue.com

Some of the team in a video making the calls:

This evening Scott Brown could be found winning his last Senatorial debate, which gave him the ultimate sweeping victory count for all of these debates. Later he was interviewed by FOX’s Greta Van Susteren.

The stamina that Scott Brown possesses! Vote 41 Scott Brown & Vote 4 #1 Scott Brown Massachusetts! He’s good for America. Massachusetts take care of the country, you are the first line of defense against the Liberal agenda in DC. Patriots Vote Loud, Vote Proud, and Lead the Charge on January 19th, 2010.

Conrad Reynolds for Senate – Press Release on Health Care Bill

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kenneth Ryan James
November 20, 2009 Phone: (501) 766-2079

Lincoln’s Next ‘Pay-Back’ Vote
Reynolds calls on all Arkansans to demand Sen. Lincoln vote ‘no’

CONWAY – Republican United States Senate candidate Col. Conrad Reynolds (U.S. Army, Ret.) today called on Sen. Blanche Lincoln to hear the voice of Arkansans and vote against the motion to proceed on Sen. Harry Reid’s health care bill on Saturday:

“Saturday’s vote is another opportunity for Sen. Lincoln to pay back her liberal leaders in Washington for her committee chairmanship and the attack ads of the DSCC. According to NBC this morning, she has already told Sen. Reid how she will vote, and he is proceeding toward Saturday. Why has she not told us? We must not allow her to vote for her interests ahead of the people of Arkansas.

Call her Senate and campaign offices, forward my press release to her staff, email or FAX – I call on every Arkansan to use every communications means available to tell Sen. Lincoln we don’t want this bill to move closer to passage.

According to the Congressional Research Service, 97.6% of the bills which pass the motion to proceed eventually pass the Senate. This is not just a procedural vote. It is a vote which virtually guarantees final passage of a bill which will force Americans to purchase public insurance under the threat of fines and jail time, increase taxes on individual health insurance and allow for the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortions.

As your United State Senator, I would vote against Saturday’s motion to proceed, send this 2,000-page bill to the compost heap and begin work on a new bill which truly reforms health care while reflecting the conservative values of the people of Arkansas.”

To call Sen. Lincoln and tell her to vote ‘no’ on Saturday’s motion to proceed, please dial:

* Washington D.C. Office: Phone: (202)224-4843, Fax: (202)228-1371
* Lincoln Campaign Office: Phone: (501) 537-0190 Fax: (501) 537-0191
* Little Rock Office: Phone: (501) 375-2993 or toll free 1-800-352-9364, Fax: (501) 375-7064
* Dumas Office: Phone: (870)382-1023, Fax: (870)382-1026
* Jonesboro Office: Phone: (870) 910-6896, Fax: (870)910-6898
* Fayetteville Office: Phone: (479) 251-1224, Fax: (479)251-1410
* Texarkana Office: Phone: (870) 774-3106, Fax: (870) 774-7627

Sen. Lincoln’s vote is know to Sen. Reid
“In a gaggle with reporters following the news conference (off-camera), Durbin was asked if he knew how Blanche Lincoln will vote on Saturday. Lincoln has been by far the most tight-lipped of the three Democratic holdouts about how she might vote. ‘She’s told Senator Reid,’ Durbin said, but wouldn’t answer the obvious follow-up question. ‘You’ll have to ask Senator Reid.'”
(Ken Strickland, “Durbin: Lincoln has told Reid,” http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2009/11/20/2133102.aspx, NBC News, 11/20/2009)

About Conrad Reynolds
Conrad Reynolds, a retired Colonel in the United States Army, was born in Little Rock. He is a 1978 graduate of Batesville High School and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Arkansas along with a Master of Business Administration from Touro University. Reynolds joined the Army Reserves in 1979 and received his commission as a Second Lieutenant in 1982. A decorated career intelligence officer who commanded special intelligence units in the war zones of Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia, Reynolds retired from the Army on January 1, 2009.

Reynolds currently owns a consulting business in Conway. He is married with four children and is a member of the Second Baptist Church of Conway. For more information, please visit http://www.VoteConrad.com or follow him on Twitter (http://twitter.com/VoteConrad) and Facebook (http://facebook.com/VoteConrad).


Health Care Bill – Bombarding the Senators with Read the Bill

Nothing could be as idiotic as an unread Health Care Bill, put to a debate, once again on a Saturday, (stealth move, sure it is) or could there? It is even more idiotic that this will be – a debate to debate. I find this to be redundant and another busy activity of distraction and deflection. What are they up to in the Senate and Congress? Are they picking and apportioning Porkulus or is it about who will take the fall? Either way it is a disgrace.

All Patriots can go to: Congress.org and voice your opinion directly to your Senator.

My example for today: Letter to Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor lol I even misspelled Read by typing Real……..oh well!

Your Senate seat is in jeopardy! Not today, but at your next re-election opportunity. You have ignored the will of the Arkansas people long enough. You ignore phone calls by staggering your staff, you return canned responses to emails, and you hide from your constituents when you are in Arkansas. You have fallen into the Political “Follow the Leader” game by riding the Democratic party directives. You are not a leader, you are a follower. Therefore, a leader will need to take your place.

Have you read the Health Care bill in it’s entirety? Have you polled your constituents? It’s so over, next election day. Have you gotten your retirement plan in order?

If you are on Twitter you can pop the link into the twitter stream so that everyone can see it.

But don’t stop there…….call, email, and fax your Senators. Bombard them!! This is the time that Americans need to come together: Patriots, 912ers, Tea Party Members, Conservatives, Oath Keepers, Libertarians, Independents, Republicans, (yes even) Democrats & Liberals, Young, Old, Single, Married, Gay, Straight, Black, White, Christian, Atheists, Catholic, Jewish, etc

****By the way Arkansas visitors we have a free fax tool available to us via the Family Council Action Committee. No excuses, no cost. Use it wisely!

****Other states please add any tips for access in the comment stream for all to see!

***Also forwarded to The 912 Project Fan Site for use.