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What Will Al Gore Do … Now that Higher Powers “Volcanic Ash” Will Create Minor Global Cooling?

Well I guess it’s all over but the crying now…

Feeling Small?

Icelandic volcanic ash halts thousands of flights

“…Herbert Formayer, a meteorologist with the University of Vienna, said that “as the dust particle would stop the sun’s rays to the Earth for such a long time, it would also cause global cooling.”…”


I have never been shy about the bogus insinuations and Climategate… oops, I guess they also forgot to insert “natural events”… seems like “divine intervention” to me.

Senator Jim Inhofe Calls Al Gore Out and Climategate at EPW Hearing

Hide Your Money Folks – Al Gore Might Hop on “Prehistoric Warming” Next

Hide Your Money Folks – Al Gore Might Hop on “Stellar Warming” Next

The Drama of Obama – Defeated and Dethroned in Copenhagen

Climategate Not a Hacking, But a Whistleblower Hero!

Climategate, Copenhagen, COP15 and the Money

Copenhagen, COP15, Climategate and More Heats Up Denmark

Liberal Avoidance of Copenhagen to Keep Nobel Lies, I Mean Prize – Casualty 2

Liberal Avoidance of Copenhagen to Keep Nobel Lies, I Mean Prize

Put it all together and it was the biggest global scam of all time! Only DIVINE INTERVENTION rules the planet Earth!


The Drama of Obama – Defeated and Dethroned in Copenhagen

Now that the world leaders, who continually syphon money in vicious circles from their respective countries, and sitting on piles of WMDs are done pointing fingers at each other with the hoax of Global Warming, what will they do? COP15 was another global cash grab to redistribute the wealth. Once again it appears to be one massive global Liberal agenda with side trips for holiday shopping in Denmark. One has to gloat at the fact that Obama was completely disabled twice (remember the initial slap by the IOC on the Olympics for Chicago trip?) in Copenhagen. Then in SOP Obama kowtows and bows in his open disgrace and defeat.

As the global leadership attempted to scare the entire Earth’s population, there remains a Whistleblower Hero, who as yet remains unidentified with the release of emails from the University of East Anglia. This began “Climategate“, which now has increased confirmatiion with this recent Russian disclosure provided by Gateway Pundit.

What’s this, is hell due to freeze over?

One would have to believe that Congress and the Bogus POTUS would drop this hot potato and initiatives directly reflecting controls of industry, people, and transportation through legislation because “Global Warming” has proven to be a moot point. If the world didn’t buy it collectively, why would the United States population solely? Al Gore get ready to return that Nobel, Money, & Oscar.

Waiting for the official announcement from Copenhagen.

Update at 6:30pm CST – COP15 website link to latest: World leaders beginning to leave – COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009
Looks like the spin doctors at the White House will send out the touting clowns. A done deal would have been announced on the world stage. How many Chicago-style backroom deals were brokered?

Copenhagen, COP15, Climategate and More Heats Up Denmark

What’s this?

Snow flurries in Dallas? hmm?

Just when Copenhagen and COP15 thought that no one on the entire planet was watching its attempt to hornswoggle the populace… along comes all sorts of breaches. Will there be a Copenhagen Treaty? Seriously, there’s enough issues to cloud many countries views and the list is growing. Some portions of some countries welcome this sordid distraction. Other countries realize the extreme lobbying that has created a specter of questions.

Where to begin…

How about yesterday with a fear mongering video to open the uh-hum “festivities” as captured by Canada Free Press.

How about Day 2 today with:
Gateway Pundit on top as always reports: Saudi Delegates Call For Investigation Into Climategate at Copenhagen Junk Science Summit.
Maybe documents leaked like the original Climategate emails or the newest version of – who gets what when – or Shaft3rdWorldgate enlightens the world.
Then as Gateway Pundit reports: Breaking: 5 Terrorists Arrested At Copenhagen Junk Science Summit.

Even the Physicists Ask American Physical Society to Rescind Its Statement. on Global Warming Because It Was Based on “Cheat[ing]” and “Corrupted” Work.

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