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Weinergate Resignation Rally Request By New York Constituents

Will the Lame Main Stream Media Report This…

Rally in Queens calling for Anthony Weiner to resign (Parts 1 & 2)

…or this video below? It is sadly staged with a tight camera aperture view of only the defiant and combative few? Is this the muster of the Liberal, Socialistic, Left-Leaning, Democrats for a self-confessed internet porn provider and liar… I just bet your moms are so proud!

Pro-Weiner Counter Protest


Ever Vigilant John C. Fleming “The Fleming Health Care Repeal Update”

John C. Fleming, is not just a voice for Louisiana, he has kept all of America informed on that albatross that is Obamacare and all the side effects from this malignant tumor upon “We the People”:

U.S. Congressman John Fleming

November 16, 2010 Visit my Website | Forward to a Friend | Share on:
Health Care Reform = Fewer Choices for Insurance Products
“Having 30 million new people, many with tax credits to buy health insurance, is going to spur new entrants [insurance companies].” Nancy-Ann DeParle, head of the White House Office of Health Reform.

Despite the Obama administration’s claims that the new health reform law will expand  competition in the insurance market, the facts are bleak.  Already companies are pulling out of specific markets,  and some smaller companies have stopped offering health insurance altogether.

In September, Principal Financial Group, an Iowa-based insurance company that provides coverage to about 840,000 people, announced plans to stop selling health insurance.  According to Principal Financial Group, which caters to small businesses, its exit from the insurance market is in part because under the new health care reform, smaller insurers will have a harder time competing with bigger companies.  It has been reported that UnitedHealth Group Inc., the largest health insurer in the United States by revenue, will renew the Principal policies as the contracts expire.   This hardly sounds like increased competition!

Similarly, Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna Inc, Cigna Corp. and others recently announced that they will halt new “child-only” policies in California, Illinois, Florida, Connecticut and elsewhere because of mandates of the new health care reform law.   Cigna Corp., which will halt the policies in 10 states, stated that they made the decision to stop offering “child-only” policies, “to ensure that we can remain competitive in the 10 markets where we sell individual and family plans.”

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: With fewer insurance companies competing in the market, more of the market is now controlled by a few big insurance companies.  This will likely mean higher prices and fewer choices available to consumers.   Limiting insurance choices for Americans is the wrong solution for lowering the cost of health care.

We have just seen the tip of the iceberg as this new health care reform law continues to be implemented.  I believe it is inevitable that families will see fewer options, less competition and higher premium prices.  The new health care reform bill must be repealed.  Rest assured I will continue to work to repeal what I firmly believe to be an onerous and unconstitutional health care reform law and find market-based solutions to our health care needs.

Member of Congress

P.S. If you’d like more information, please take a minute to visit my website at www.fleming.house.gov or follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/repjohnfleming or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/repfleming


I ask you, if you have a malignant tumor, what would the average American do?
You would get it removed! We need Obamacare REPEALED!

A Timely Update From Congressman John Fleming Re: FLEMING HEALTH CARE REPEAL

Congressman John Fleming still keeping the home fires lit for all Americans

U.S. Congressman John Fleming

October 15, 2010 Visit my Website | Forward to a Friend | Share on:
Taxing Over-the-Counter Medications

Under the new health care reform law, over-the-counter drugs cannot be reimbursed tax-free from Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) without a prescription beginning January 1, 2011.

Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards (SIGIS) released a list of the more than 15,000 over-the-counter medications that will soon require a prescription for a tax-free withdrawal from an HSA or an FSA under the new health care reform law:

  • Acid Controllers
  • Allergy and Sinus medicine
  • Antibiotics
  • Anti-Gas Products
  • Anti-Itch and Insect Bite
  • Baby Rash Ointments/Creams
  • Cold Sore Remedies
  • Cough, Cold, and Flu
  • Digestive Aids
  • Pain Relievers
  • Respiratory Treatments
  • Stomach Remedies

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU:  As of May 2010, approximately 10 million Americans were covered under HSA plans for their family’s health care needs.   The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that this provision of the new health care law will cost American families $5 billion.

THE DOCTOR’S DIAGNOSIS:  Americans need more affordable access to health care, not higher taxes on over-the-counter medication.  For this reason, I have introduced H.R. 5126, the “Helping Save Americans’ Health Care Choices Act,” which will roll back these taxes on over-the-counter medications and ensure that affordable choices will remain available to Americans.

I firmly believe that high-deductible plans associated with HSA’s are a key option for providing affordable health care.  As an article published in the Wall Street Journal earlier this spring put it:   “To a large extent, increased health care spending is a consequence [the fact that] neither the patient, the doctor, the insurance company, nor any government program has incentive to spend health care dollars efficiently.”  High deductable plans associated with HSAs create exactly those incentives, giving families ownership over their health care spending so that they can be careful and informed shoppers.

I will continue to work to repeal what I firmly believe to be an onerous and unconstitutional health care reform law which passed last March and find market-based solutions to our health care needs.


Member of Congress

P.S. If you’d like more information, please take a minute to visit my website at www.fleming.house.gov or follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/repjohnfleming or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/repfleming

Time to Replace Zoe Lofgren at the First Opportunity – California’s 16th District

Has Zoe Lofgren lost her mind? With her little publicity stunt… more like an enormous gaffe of sponsoring Colbert’s ridiculous (and not in a fun way) spewing diatribe on and within the American People’s Congressional halls… she insulted all of America, not just California’s 16th district. What part of smart was this? Congress wants respect yet lines up for a court jester to perform at their own detriment and via dollars laid out by hardworking American taxpayers. Huge loss of what little respect remained! Huge! Maybe ol’ Zoe is looking to launch her very own spin-off  “Bizarre Search ” reality show upon her eminent retirement. Still laughing Zoe?

Looks like everyone will be strongly supporting her upstanding opponent Edward Gonzalez going forward. No question about ethics, and I don’t envision any congressional antics.

California elevate your expectations! Vote Edward Gonzalez!

To Be or Not To Be A Pirate! Depends on the Religion?

Piracy 101!

Judge throws out piracy charges against 6 Somalis Today.

U.S. District Judge Raymond A. Jackson, what do pirates do? Don’t think too hard… they commit piracy! As reported:

WSJ U.S. Holds Suspects After Pirate Standoff
Reuters U.S. charges 11 Somalis with piracy in ship attacks
BBC Eleven suspected Somali pirates charged in US court
CBS 11 Pirate Suspects Headed for U.S
ABC AP Source: Pirate Suspects to Be Prosecuted in US

Hmm? Wonder if this has anything to do with preferential religious treatment? hmm? I’m just saying!


New York, Michel Faulkner Has Really Been There For You All Along!

Rev. Michel Faulkner’s background

InsightNY | June 16, 2010

Reverend Michel Faulkner, who is running for New York’s congressional district 15th, tells David Diaz about his ministry work, and how he would implement that experience if he were to work in Congress.

An update on Michel Faulkner – It looks like he’s may be running unopposed if New Yorkers have their say and way. Due to the ugly situation that Rep. Charlie Rangel now finds himself totally immersed, Mr. Rangel doesn’t appear to have a prayer’s chance (Sorry Michel, it is too appropriate!) of re-election. Michel has had quite a full career with a heavy hand and real work ethics as outlined in the video above, detailed elsewhere, and on his site http://www.faulknerforcongress.com/

Read here why Michel Faulkner dedicated his life to the people of Harlem by running for Congress!

For the past 22 years, I have dedicated my life to serving my community as a New York City pastor and spiritual leader. I have counseled the suffering, married couples, helped the grieving, fed the hungry and have acted as a liaison between my community and the government. This week, I took what I believe to be the next logical step in that commitment — by announcing my candidacy to become the next member to the United States House of Representatives for the 15th Congressional District.

The system in Washington, DC, is broken at a time of enormous challenges and we need real-life solutions. Solutions that are based on the community’s input and welfare, not a federal government takeover. As I speak with the people of Northern Manhattan, it is clear that they have become apathetic about democracy. When people don’t trust democracy, they don’t vote — placing political leadership in the hands of those who use political power for their personal gain.


It Ain’t Over Until the Bogus POTUS Leaves in Disgrace! Arizona – We Love You! Jan Brewer – We Salute You!

Go ahead and whine, throw a temper tantrum, rant and rave – Obama! You have won nothing, except contempt! You are the most disgraceful person to sit in the White House. That title will remain forever. That mistake will never be made by the American People again!

Julie London – Cry me a river (HQ Audio)

dabo4217 | November 05, 2007

Julie London – Cry me a river (HQ Audio)

ARIZONA Lawsuit Activity and Follow-Up:

Today’s Arizona Ruling at The United States District Court
Statement by Governor Jan Brewer

ALERT:  A federal judge has struck down critical portions of Arizona’s new immigration law.  Meanwhile several boycott efforts continue against Arizona to punish the state for wanting to protect America’s borders.

As a resident of Arizona myself I, Debbie Lee of the Tea Party Express urge you to show your support for Arizona’s justified efforts to combat illegal immigration.

Sign your name to the petition supporting Arizona’s immigration law here:


More Sites and Information Dedicated to Arizona’s Constitutional Right to Fight Illegal Immigration:

United Border Coalition Tea Party
Secure the Border – Support Arizona
Support Arizona and SB 1070!
54% Favor Justice Department Action Against Sanctuary Cities