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What a Crock of $hit ~ The EPA’s Draft FY 2011-2015 Strategic Plan

Make a Wish (Opening and closing)

70sKidVid | May 13, 2007

The opening and closing theme for the early 1970s Sunday morning series, Make a Wish. Hosted by Tom Chapin, brother of singer Harry, the series ran for several years.

Truly some of the 70s Kids took the message literally~

The EPA’s Draft FY 2011-2015 Strategic Plan, or should be known as the future’s Liberal Blueprint for America’s Enslavement, is truly a piece of fiction. When the first goal is “…Taking action on Climate Change…” one knows that the Bogus POTUS’ administration lets no, real and substantiated facts, stand in the way of moving their agenda forward:

Goal 1: Taking Action on Climate Change and Improving Air Quality
Goal 2: Protecting America’s Waters
Goal 3: Cleaning Up Our Communities
Goal 4: Ensuring the Safety of Chemicals and Preventing Pollution
Goal 5: Enforcing Environmental Laws

If you can stand to waste your time, the entire 57 page doc reveals other troubling details.
But now what is this:

Winning the Oil Endgame A plan (332 pages long) to follow detailed and packaged in 2005 or should be known as a Liberal Handbook for Profiteering. More lunacy than should be permitted in one place.

After examining both “books“, ask yourself… Is there an agenda, or several, being forced upon the American citizenry at the greatest cost to the American citizenry?

Hat tip to CFHeather on Twitter



Draft Freedom Ride for the Leavenworth 10 – Lt. Michael Behenna

Latest Update from the Family:

To all Michael Behenna supporters,

The Ride is on!!! FREEDOM RIDE FOR THE LEAVENWORTH 10 is set for September 4, 2010 in Leavenworth, Kansas.  Motorcycles and vehicles of all kinds are welcome.   A new website has been created to keep you updated on this important and exciting event as well as to tell the stories of each of the Leavenworth 10 soldiers  (www.L10freedomride.com.)  We already have a commitment from Congressional candidate Lt. Colonel Allen West (Florida) to speak, in addition to the families of the Leavenworth 10.  We have received many responses from the media and people who want to participate in this event so we know it is going to be very successful.

The intent of the Freedom Ride is to bring awareness to how our soldiers are being imprisoned for killing the enemy during a time of war which one news commentator compared to ‘giving speeding tickets at a NASCAR race’.  These soldiers, serving multiple deployments, are provided complex and ever changing Rules of Engagement and then have to deal with untenable “Catch and Release” policies against an enemy the US military General’s have yet to figure out how to defeat.  An enemy that these same General’s have recently decided to release back to the battlefield on a ‘pledge’ that they won’t rejoin the Taliban.  This while our soldiers who took actions to protect themselves and their fellow soldiers are imprisoned from 10 to 40 years in Leavenworth and receive no clemency whatsoever.

The FREEDOM RIDE will originate in many states across this nation and culminate in Leavenworth on the morning of September 4th. We will assemble south of Leavenworth on HWY 73 and move in a procession north through the city of Leavenworth and then past the Leavenworth Base and Disciplinary Barracks where our soldiers are being held.  We know that traveling long distances on a holiday weekend to participate in this event is not without its challenges; but I want you to know how much this ride means to these soldiers who are imprisoned at Leavenworth.  By your show of support each of these soldiers will feel some hope in the knowledge that they have not been forgotten and that you have their back.  They have become casualties of war by their own government.  We need to show them that ‘we the people’ are fighting to get them exonerated.  If you are not able to attend the Freedom Ride then please consider making a donation at www.L10freedomride.com to help underwrite this important event.

As you think about this Independence Day consider that these 10 soldiers love the United States of America and chose to volunteer their service to this country.  They put themselves in harm’s way to protect the freedoms we all cherish.  Despite the fact that our military has construed their activities to be that of a criminal please know that each of them took action in a war zone because they thought it was the right thing to do and that their actions were not for personal gain. The military’s second-guessing of their actions does not erase the many years of honorable and distinguished service of these soldiers. Please remember each of these 10 soldiers and all our military on this FREEDOM holiday.

Finally, to get an idea of what kind of charismatic leader Lt Colonel Allen West is click on the following link (Speech by Lt Colonel West).  This is the kind of leadership we need in Congress.

It’s Time to Stand Up For the Leavenworth 10!!!

Scott and Vicki Behenna




Copenhagen Accord Becoming Copenhagen Discord 2009

Update to my article from earlier today: The Drama of Obama – Defeated and Dethroned in Copenhagen

It appears that all valid voting participants required, were not present during “Chicago-Style” deals, and that a comfirmed clear understanding with concensus – was thrown under the bus. hmm?

Bogus POTUS and his thugs might walk all over Congress and Judiciary but he went into the global sandbox to play, not actually to work. Nothing was accomplished, no matter how he shouts it or his buffoons pound it!

When you denigrate your Usurped country’s U.S. Constitution, what makes any other country respect a world document with rules that don’t exist or developed upon data that wasn’t real and that you profess to take seriously?

I even relayed this view earlier within my tweet after viewing the draft:

I see ya da ya da ya da, redistribution, money, central bank for money flow aka Conference of the Parties & blah blah blah..lol

Failures to the Left, Failures of the Left, Only Failures Left

The Liberal failures are steadily increasing. With a Bogus POTUS set as a figure head to wander aimlessly about the planet attempting to strong arm, with Chicago style politics, other Leaders, well… Liberals… you got what you paid for!