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Will George Soros aka “Spooky Dude” Accept Glenn Beck’s Invitation?

Wonder what the odds are in Vegas regarding George Soros spending an entire hour on the Glenn Beck television show?

Glenn Beck Issues A Challenge To George Soros

TheDailyBeck | October 19, 2010

From the October 19th, 2010 ‘Glenn Beck Program’ on Fox News Channel

Glenn Beck Issues A Challenge To George Soros, offering to give Soros an entire hour on his program to go one on one with Glenn and explain his ‘plan for America’.

Glenn don’t get disappointed by the 12th of Never effect! I’m sure that’s the only event that “We the People” will see.


How Appropriate – POTUS with a Negative 21 in Polls on 1st Anniversary of Nationwide Tea Party Movement


Obama Signs Stimulus Into Law and the following reaction: Read the Stimulus

The Spark:

The Birth:
*Tea Parties, April 15, 2009, National tax day, Map, View tea parties across US, The real Barack Obama

*Notes From A Tea Party Participant

A Pinnacle:

The Convention:

National Tea Party Convention – Nashville TN, Feb 4 – 6, 2010

The Continuing Activities, Results and Pride:

The following photo is of a billboard recently established on I-75 just south of Lake City, FL. A group gathered there today to celebrate its unveiling. The cost of 10 months rental of the Billboard and doing the artwork was $6500. We feel that is a reasonable cost to reach out to 1,000,000 vehicles per month and perhaps motivate their participation in the electoral process to get our country on a sound footing.

Pass on to those I missed!!

Are the everyday American Citizens awakening?

Appears to be a Negative 21 Gun Salute for POTUS!

Tea Party On! Patriots!