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Socialism Begins for Kyrgyzstan’s New Government – New World Order Test Dummy?

Did you know that yesterdayPutin Blesses Kyrgyzstan’s New Government“. Did anyone see this coming?

And this bit of low ball pricing, on a hot commodity, is revealed in this same article:

…The move could result in a 25 percent reduction of gasoline prices at the pump, and trickle down support throughout the ailing Kyrgyz economy…

And the USA’s gasoline  is predicted to go up? hmm?

And they are portioning out food dollars to the tune of $ 6 million via the U.N.’s WFP Spends $6 Million in 2010, Supporting Kyrgyzstan Markets and Buying Food.

And the US Embassies supply presents of computers? hmm?

Interesting if you notice a progression of singular common events worldwide the result end game appears to be repeating itself. Citizens enslaved and a few elitists throwing scraps at them! Wake Up America! It’s knocking at the door, and the Bogus POTUS is ushering it in!

Is this what you are waiting for? It happened to Kyrgyzstan!


TSA Scanners Should Be A Gift to Our Military Men and Women Around the World

Checkpoint Deltas should be turned into Tech-point Deltas via TSA Scanners!

This would serve many purposes:

Obviously they are paid for and are quite useless within the USA civilian world.
What a great device for entrances onto military bases, Navy ships, and even embassies!
What a great device for exits from military bases, Navy ships, and even embassies!
George Soros has already made his profit, so it’s all good.
Gropings at airports would become a thing of the past.