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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Delivers A TRUE Leader’s Speech In Congress

America got a preview last night with the Speech by PM Netanyahu at AIPAC.

Via The Prime Minister of Israel’s Facebook page the Full Speech by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a Joint Meeting of the United States Congress was posted on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 11:25 a.m. & updated at 3:08 p.m.

... in other news Obozo discovers tea & crumpets…

Where Are the Global Warming Flim Flam Meanies Today?

Crickets… as the eastern seaboard is under assault by Mother Nature’s snowfall… off in tropical paradises, celebrating the Christmas Holiday season, that they will apologize later for…

Delaware 12/26/10

Virginia Beach, VA 12/26/10

Lumberton, NC 12/26/10

Atlanta, GA 12/25/2010

A handy site to look at before your power or facilities go out is Blizzard Emergency Preparation. I’m thinking, New England, it is well past time to review before you are under siege.

Feeling Small?

Mr. Gore

Scott Brown for US Senator Money Bomb

New YouTube “Moneybomb”

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The 41st Vote the USA can seek relief in. Vote Smart, Vote Loud, Vote Proud Massachusetts for Scott Brown the next U.S. Senator! January 19, 2010.

What say you Massachusetts? At New England Patriots Game: