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Everybody Got Their Stories Straight on Rangel, Congress?

Do the Democrat Shuffle!

Rangel Won’t Confirm Reports of Deal With Ethics Panel Where’s the ethics with regard to any real answers to valid questions of Mr. Rangel, the whole dirty backroom deal process, and the entire Congress (playing CYA) orchestrating same?

What has been known and researched for quite some time: ETHICS CHARGES

The obvious has become transparent. This is the ultimate argument for Term Limits in Congress!

My question is ~ Where did he acquire all of his money to purchase the fab car, properties and more on his salary? hmm?



Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Growing Strong!

Let Those Patriotic Ideas Flow May 20th

Andrew Breibart Presents Big Government has really captured the spirit of uniting Patriotic Americans with this latest article via Andrew MellonEverybody Draw Mohammed Day” as declared by Seattle Cartoonist Molly Norris.

I call on every blogger, artist, videographer, you-tuber, cartoonist, to go all out and show that the United States of America will not kowtow and bow to foreign threats of suppression, intimidation, and censorship… like the Bogus POTUS!

The enabler to disabler in relief!

All Day, In Every Way, the 20th of May! Or in the now famous words of Glenn Beck:

“We’re not Racists, We’re not Violent, We will just no longer be Silent”