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Explosion In Mexico at PEMEX in San Martin Texmelucan

Explotan ductos de Pemex en San Martín Texmelucan

English translated link (very loosely) through Babel Fish~

They explode ductos of PEMEX in San Martin Texmelucan where 10 deaths are currently confirmed via the municipal authorities.


Mexican city devastated by pipeline blast; 27 die 6:42 pm CST.


Obama “Flaming Alpha” the Day After the Elections?

Can you see it now?

How appropriate that an oil derrick explosion is captured!  So reminiscent of another huge Obama failure!

I swear he is going to go through spontaneous combustion at any moment… if he was Pinocchio his nose could reach California after his whining lying diatribe:

Obama On GOP: The Empire Is Striking Back!

YeshivaworldEditor | October 17, 2010

President Obama, with a coarse voice, warned a crowd in Ohio: “They’re fighting back. The empire is striking back. To win this election, they are plowing ten’s of millions of dollars into front groups. They are running misleading negative ads all across the country.”

(Real Clear Politics Video)

Of course he needs to launch right over the Indian Ocean to achieve it… just after the election… via Air Force 1 because no one is falling for his horse$hit again.

Obama to arrive in India on Diwali night

He’s heard there’s a party going on there and that is so much more important than the reality of an upcoming trial for treason.

Keep slinging the mud, it’s working wonders for the Conservative base, O mighty O-dumbo!

It’s over, O knows it and “We the People” know it. With a cleaner U.S. Congress, he will be kept in check.

Truth to start, Vote Smart!

Time to Boycott Gas Stations?

Crude Oil and Commodity Prices
May, Friday 14 2010 – 12:27:27

Crude Oil
$71.80 ▼2.60 3.50%
12:27 PM EDT – 2010.05.14

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Natural Gas
$4.31 ▼0.03 0.60%
12:27 PM EDT – 2010.05.14

To get the natural gas price, please enable Javascript.

Crude Oil Price by OIL-PRICE.NET ©

Look at the table above now check out your local gas station prices http://gasprices.mapquest.com/

Can you just make 1 less trip a day, a week, or more? Can you carpool? Think about it!

You should… just look at this “How Exxon paid zero taxes in 2009” or “Oil falls to near $73 amid signs of weak demand“. Hmm?

We must have more than ample supplies and for quite some time for both listed commodities if:

Transocean Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion shows new risks

Offshore natural gas platform sinks off Venezuela

Who is skimming or scamming?