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The Reality of Potential Radiation Fallout in the United States and Elsewhere

If you don’t believe that there’s any chance of radiation fallout from Japan reaching the USA then stop reading now…

If you know in your gut that something isn’t right or that the truth is not being revealed home or abroad you might want to read Dr. Blaylock: Japan Radiation Could Pose Threat to US.

Briefly he states the extent of damage and destruction by this potential cloud to lives and crops in the western USA would be huge to devastating.

But one would question if this invisible wind carried threat could reach and penetrate US airspace? History shows that balloons set aloft toting bombs from Japan in 1944-1945 reached the American Northwest including Alaska. Therefore, if these heavy ‘packages‘ could make it… nuclear fallout would have absolutely no problem. Plain and simple logic.

If you think the end of winter makes a difference in the air stream arrival, you would be right. From Fugos: Japanese Balloon Bombs of WWII:

“…The balloon bombs were released from Japan in the winter months when the jet stream is the strongest…”

Why does “timing is everything” spring to mind?


Remaining Questions Linger Regarding the Gulf Oil Spill

I genuinely just sit and think quite a bit. I am my own little think tank. I don’t have to watch the entire avalanche of manure, that the Main Stream Media tries to spread around deeply and feed the masses into pacification, to know in my gut that it doesn’t add up.

Just some random thoughts and questions:

If originally ice/methane crystals were forming around the initial concrete top cap that was attempted to be positioned some time ago in the Gulf’s depths… why is it that concrete and mud now is easily flowing down the pipes without fail as the broken unit is filled?

How is it being filled if the cap that was placed on it weeks ago is sealed?

If that was all there was to doing a repair then why the delay?

If the oil has been dispersed with chemicals ~ is the composition or effect ~ heavier than water or lighter. If heavier, is there frozen globular masses on the bottom of the Gulf that will shake loose, detach during Gulf Storms or in anyway affect ships and wildlife at sea? If lighter, what is the immediate effect to coastal cities, their inhabitants, wildlife, and areas further inland from the fallout of treated oil, dispersants or any wild combination? For how long?

This is not a new kind of accident but a larger version, so why was this treated so differently with massive amounts of chemicals?

But if someone exaggerated all of the conditions, then where is all the money? You can’t have it both ways!


Remember the Democratic Senators Who Did Not Vote for the Health Care Bill?


Who Is Fooling Who?

Have you heard of them being chastised by their party? No
Have you heard of them opting or pushing for repeal? No
Have you heard of them getting a deal or cover? Yes
Are they in this together? Probably, you be the judge!

Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) aka the Initial Enabler Political Cost to Taxpayers and Deal Blanche Lincoln sells her soul for $100 million bribe
Ben Nelson (D-NE) Political Cost to Taxpayers and Deal That Cornhusker Kickback Will Cost You Plenty
Mark Pryor (D-AR) Political Cost to Taxpayers and Deal Speaking of Bad Campaign Management March 30th, 2010

You will be voted out of office, and considered a Pariah on America, at the very first opportunity and re-election attempt. Ladies first – Blanche … in 2010. Bye! Arkansas will rebound and remove two of the clowns that are their master’s minions. Nebraska, America will be counting on you. Don’t let her down when your time arrives!