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Silver Fox Provides Survival Tips on Liberty Underground/The Moretti Report

Once again Silver Fox will be on Patriot Resistance beginning this Sunday and earlier today she made her second visit in the second hour to Liberty Underground/The Moretti Report.

Some excellent material provided by the nom de plume, Silver Fox, that is not all-inclusive of her knowledge or her books. Wherever you find her, tune in… you’ll be glad that you did!

Subject: notes and links

MRE's contain 13% daily required protein, 36% fat, 51% carbs one meal per
person at $8.33 each

one can condensed tomato soup
one pound of rice
one can of vegetables (I used green beans) plus one can of pears mixed with
one 8 ounce bag of crushed banana chips mixed into one small instant
vanilla pudding made with boxed 2% milk, served with 9 generic Ritz type
crackers with 2 teaspoons peanut butter provides 43% carbs, 75% fat, 8%
potassium, 22% iron, 20% Vitamin C, 20% Vitamin A, 25% Vitamin D, 30%
calcium and 20% protein at a cost of 78 cents per person (feeds 10)

Fire Starters
handy but will run out
Magnifying Glass good but not useful in the dark (jewelers loops allow you
inspect splinters, wounds etc. preferred to a regular magnifying glass which
must be Glass, plastic ones do not work, high prescription glasses work
occasionally but do not count on them to start fires with) Fire bow drills
can be made anywhere at anytime however they are harder to learn and take
time, energy and effort Flint and Steel kits, (piece of flint, piece of
steel, fire nests or charcloth) flint is found almost everywhere, steel can
be found or recycled from some other item, easier to learn than fire bows,
moderate practice required, once mastered faster than a match to get a fire
going Matches, strike anywhere are hard to find, water proofing is important
for other types of matches, double if possible the waterproofing refillable
matches use lighter fluid, liquid paraffin, kerosene and naphtha can be used
as temporary lighting and are compact and refillable, use standard 1/8th
inch 100% cotton candle wick

Multipurpose tool takes the place of a) knife b) pliers c) screwdrivers d)
tape measure Shovel of some type E-tools are more portable Multi-purpose
hatchet, solid construction made from one piece of steel, has a hatchet
head, hammer and nail puller Wire saw, compact, necessary for cutting larger
limbs and trunks without expending a lot of energy or hauling a camp axe

(website full of articles including singular plants with all their uses,
charcloth, stealth gardening etc)

foraging links
http://plants.usda.gov/java/ (common and scientific names accepted)

emergency shelters using space blankets/naturally occurring items
(earthquake specific emergency housing schematics)
(modern solutions to disaster housing)

portable affordable cooking oil lamps
(alternative fuels include animal fat, domestic or wild)

Using oven for dehydrating ground meats
oven canned butter (not margarine real butter)
primitive cooking techniques

Primitive First Aid
(online materia medica)
making your own homeopathic remedies at home (easy to make provided you have
the primary remedy on hand such as chamomile, poison ivy etc)

Primitive Skills multiple topics

make your own dehydrator using a cardboard box
Advanced solar projects (oven, water, heat, dehydrators etc)

Additional information on alternative options for survival situations
including equipment, sanitation etc www.endtimesreport.com/manna.html


desalination filters
recycling graywater
berkey sports bottle link

Tools and Equipment
Flint and Steel Kit

Wire Saw

E-tool (folding shovel)

Solar Shower (large non-portable)
portable (multiple types average lifespan 9 months of continuous use)

Flintknapping (many youtube videos on the subject I prefer printable
information lasts longer)

making a bow/arrow

making an atlatl

Background Profile for Silver Fox

Archive of Today’s Show

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When the Dollars Don’t Add Up and Numbers Make No CENTS!

From a concerned citizen today:

“Just a few news articles to show how Obama and his crew have been B.S. ing about the recovery:




But, they’ll say it’s because the retailers have let loose of a bunch of seasonal employees. Then why include those same seasonal jobs in the drop in Decembers’ unemployment in the first place and act like it’s a recovery???”

HR 3082 is Hiding S 510 – Abusing the Troops & Using the American People via the US Congress

S.510 Food Safety bill now HR 3082 — Tell Your Senators to Oppose!!!.

dcday50 | December 11, 2010 |

By a 212-206 vote on December 8, the House passed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (formerly S.510) as an amendment to H.R. 3082 (the “Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011″ to fund the government through September 2011). A food safety act should not be part of a spending bill.

Basically the demonic Democratic Congress has now tucked the dead and bedded S 510 bill FSMA and piggybacked it onto the HR 3082 – Military Construction and Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010. It’s a CON by CONgress as it is processing through the Democratically held Lame Duck Session.

The Hell House of the Demonic Democratic Congress

If the American people clamor and complain about not passing this corrupted version of a combo bill, the military will think the people are petulant and anti-military. If the bill doesn’t pass, the military gets screwed but all Americans are safe from the nanny state of crop watching, seed grabbing, government seizing and sleazing of food. If the bill passes the military is secure but the American people will be at risk including returning servicemen and women. If it was food for the military only “We the People” would still care! Anyway it goes, it’s a horror brought about by CONgress to project animosity between the people and the military. 2011 the cleaner Congress can fix this too!

Where Does Senator Mark Pryor’s Allegiance Lie on S.510? The People of Arkansas or Special Interest Groups!


It would appear from the article on Liberty News Online that Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor is in a very select group: WHAT SENATORS GOT PAID OFF TO SUPPORT S.510 – THE ‘FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT’?

“… Mark Pryor – D AR – Bribe For: $115,550 – Against: $16,565 …”

I wonder which way Senator Mark Pryor is going to vote? Will it be the will of “We the People” and the US Constitution or is he in the tank for the Special Interest Groups that have doled out the dollars? Arkansans take note to watch his vote.

Arkansas… Who IS Senator Mark Pryor Working For? Red Alert!


S. 510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

Occurred: Amendments (11 proposed) View Amendments

S. 510: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Amendments

Amendment information not available.

Proposed: Nov 17, 2010.

Amendment information not available.

Proposed: Nov 17, 2010.

Amendment information not available.

Proposed: Nov 17, 2010.

Amendment information not available.


I think this letter from Little Rock to Mr. Pryor (…oh it’s coming in 2012…) on Congress.org says it best S. 510 CLOTURE

We the People” are watching the Corruptocrats who are working against us! I think now would be a good time to look into who has been donating to Mr. Pryor, don’t you… fellow Arkansans!

Pathetic… Was Bogus POTUS the Best the USA Had? Oh… We Have Been Had!

Assorted or Distorted Facts:

Debt Held by the Public vs. Intragovernmental Holdings as revealed via The Debt to the Penny and Who Holds It

Current as of 10/19/2010
Debt Held by the Public $ 9,060,556,124,903.72
Intragovernmental Holdings $ 4,615,553,411,418.37
Total Public Debt Outstanding $ 13,676,109,536,322.09

Population via the U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. 310,527,017
World 6,876,392,292
03:14 UTC (EST+5) Oct 21, 2010

Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey via United States Department of Labor

Data extracted on: October 20, 2010 (11:24:12 PM)

Series Id:           LNS14000000
Seasonally Adjusted
Series title:        (Seas) Unemployment Rate
Labor force status:  Unemployment rate
Type of data:        Percent or rate
Age:                 16 years and over

Even though the fluffing is added into the government’s stats, it paints a picture of Obama failures… and yes it is all Obama’s Fault!

White House Garden, Food Safety and the Gift Away

I wonder if the United Nations spouses were given a disclaimer on the gift of canned White House garden food products by the Bogus FLOTUS?

I wonder if the spouses were notified that questions like “Is The White House’s Organic Garden Toxic To Kids?” surround the content of lead in the White House garden:

“…National Park Service found lead in the White House garden soil. In fact, tests found somewhere between 450% and 900% of the normal amount of lead in U.S. soil. The White House did not dispute the findings but defended the lead in the garden, calling it “completely safe.” They are right. Though lead at higher levels can be dangerous, the garden, like the products banned by CPSIA, is well within safety limits. But the White House’s defense rings of self-serving hypocrisy. Where were the White House reassurances when environmentalists were pushing CPSIA restrictions on other fronts?…”

When will the FDA take the amazing step of harassing the White House’s gifting of potentially questionable garden produce? They have no trouble harassing the innocent Amish in Pennsylvania!