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Yammer Time – Courtesy of the Bogus POTUS on the U.S. Space Program

Video and speech can be viewed here: President Obama Unveils NASA’s new mission

One of the tall tales he still spouts “… sitting on my grandfather’s shoulders waving a flag as astronauts arrived in Hawaii…” hmm? even at today’s speech. This doesn’t explain…Hawaii 1975: “Tony Peterson
Barack moved back to Honolulu, Hawaii in 1971, aged 10, and lived with his grandparents. At Punahou High School, he met Peterson, who now works for the United Methodist Church in Tennessee.” or from Wikipedia:

“…He then returned to Honolulu to live with his maternal grandparents, Madelyn and Stanley Dunham, and has resided permanently in the United States since 1971…”

If this is the time per the The Spokesman-Review – Aug 9, 1971, how did they get on base?

Looks like his chief objective is funding Unions…again…hmm? with his “transformative agenda for NASA.” New way to move the money around again since “Climategate” scuttled original plans.

I just love this: “Obama Aims to Send Astronauts to an Asteroid, Then to Mars” Why? What is the objective with an asteroid?

Obama Anti NASA Pro Muslim

~Very Interesting~

But my gut tells me to trust:

Neil Armstrong Commander, Apollo 11

James Lovell Commander, Apollo 13

Eugene Cernan Commander, Apollo 17

Patriots, the Space Race, Freedom Train and now the Reins of Socialism


Just Where The Stimulus or TARP Funds Are Not Going … Your Library!

Not to your local Library Branch or School Library

LibraryJournal.com reports:

Federal Library Funding Frozen, as Expected, in President’s Budget

Geesh, why help unemployed Americans with research on job skills or in finding jobs? You know one of the first resource expenditures daily is the newspaper and magazines that may have to be cut. What about internet services for those who have no computers or computer access due to job loss and tightening of their belt? What about childrens’ programs?

Chief Officers of State Library Agencies or COSLA are not amused in this “State Librarians ‘Deeply Disappointed’ by President Obama’s Freeze on Library Funding” press release.

According to Stimulus Watch 2.0 using the keyword – LIBRARY the results of 2009 plans for just the 50 (without specifics) returned show little to no implementation. Where is the money and jobs just on this Library search for 2009 let alone 2010 and 2011? hmm?

Corruption Permeates All Three Branches of US Government – Enter SCOTUS

SCOTUS – Current Justices

Current SCOTUS.jpg

Today “Supreme Court Removes Limits on Corporate, Labor Donations to Campaigns” as reported by FOX News. Well I never thought that an entity (a corporation) would be given the First Amendment to own and embrace? Are there any exceptions, any caveats? Oh if this isn’t going to be the “the one with the most spoils or soils (dollars or detractors)” can overly finance or easily smear a running candidate. Are there any time constraints, or can they love to death their next chosen one the day after any election or spew hate to cause overt distress upon a sitting official (hoping for a resignation)? Just some thoughts on how perverse this decision is to authorize corporate spending on political campaigns when…

…at the same time the other two branches of government: the Executive Branch (aka Bogus POTUS) and the Congress of the United States (COTUS) cries foul on these same corporations for paying their own employees bonuses before, during and after they bailed these same corporations out with enormous amounts of  taxpayer dollars with strings attached. Some of the worst offenders exist in our Congress who perpetuated this “Circle of Strife” recession and are still playing the game. Even Obama loves to cast a volley now and then. Oh, the irony.