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Another Round of the Lame Blame Game of Shame Via Robert Gibbs

Democrats Don’t Have A Bill

thecommonsensezone | October 01, 2010

The Democrats are blaming the Republicans for holding up a bill…that DOESN’T EXIST!! They think Americans are stupid. Well…around 50% of us are I guess…

Don’t let the truth or fuzzy theories get in the way, just keep whining and compounding the lies. Robert Gibbs and his double trouble speak isn’t fooling anyone, never has, never will. You can’t vote on something that hasn’t been written! Kudos to the White House Press Corps for growing a set every so often.

Every misstep, every lie, every deceit that the White House has brought upon every American citizen will be remembered on Election Day. Keep on with those Press Meetings Gibbs… they will rock the vote! And the New Congress will rock your world!


Screaming O Demon

When you realize you have lost your minions, and you have to enslave students to attend your speeches, it’s all over but the whining.

Correction: The Whining Will Commence and Loudly.

If you had a chance to tip in on the UStream tonight of the Madison Wisconsin Scream-O-Thon, the desperation of Bogus POTUS is on full throttle. Wonder what ever enticed Feingold to roll over? At this point, who cares!

There’s nothing of merit to even deem worthy of adding a video, placing a disclaimer to keep your volume low, and wasting valuable time by viewing the same long tired and very lame, blame game of shame. I was hoping for a gratuitous bow to end it smartly… roflmbo.

Just pick any old random campaign speech, same message, different day!

Does Anyone Doubt What the Bogus POTUS Administration is Planning?

The Bogus POTUS needs to establish his citizenship tout de suite as the American citizenry is on to his game. No matter how he tries to provide citizenship for himself and millions of his illegal friends, he never has and never will be a “natural born citizen” as required by the U.S. Constitution to hold the office that he has usurped.

He has revealed his hand via his minions’ memo/paperwork/booklet (as it is hardly memo size at 11 pages long) within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Is there any argument to the fact that at least 2 divisions of Obama appointed tools and their associates were defining methods of circumventing Congress and the Supreme Court by “brainstorming”  a plan to force Amnesty? Oh 11 hard copy pages is just a passing thought… in what reality? Oh yea, they were just trying to get Bogus POTUS a “birth” day gift of a naturalized birthday. FYI tools, naturalized does not equal natural born.

Oops, that cat is out of the bag! But here is a more appropriate gift selection:


Union Marching Orders Strike Out With Union Members at Citi Field!

Appears the 1199 SEIU Marching Orders Took a Hike:


Remember: Big Immigration Rights Action at Mets’ Citi Field Friday Nite

In the wake of Wednesday’s court ruling blocking part of Arizona’s apartheid-like anti-immigration law, momentum is building for a major rally at Citi Field on Friday, July 30, in support of comprehensive immigration reform. 1199SEIU is joining with SEIU Local 32BJ, other labor unions, immigration rights groups and civil rights organizations at the NY Mets stadium at 6 pm on July 30th, when the Arizona Diamondbacks come to New York to play the Mets.

Rallies have been held at a dozen other major league ballparks when the Diamondbacks are visiting, as well as at Major League Baseball headquarters earlier this month. They are protesting the Arizona law and demanding the 2011 All-Star Game be moved from Phoenix to another stadium.

Juan Gonzalez, in his Daily News column, Wednesday, talks about the Citi Field rally, and quotes 1199SEIU Executive Vice President Estela Vazquez, on the rally organizers. Go here.

Note via Gateway Pundit Immigration Protesters Run Onto Citi Field With Mexican Flags and my favorite quotes from the article:

As the trespassers were taken from the field people in the stands started chanting “USA, USA.”

Keep waving that Mexican flag.   That really helps to garner sympathy for your cause.

Also Note the “…40 people across the street…”. Bwa ha ha


Who Color Coordinated the Wardrobe for the Phoenix Arizona Protesters from California?

Protesters or as J.D. Hayworth refers to them “…Rent-A-Mob…”!

New Game, match the shirt to the thug group! 32 Unions to Choose From:

Yellow aka Cowards and Paid to Act Up Colored Shirts
Green aka Faux Climate Weirdness Colored Shirts
Red aka Communist Leaning Colored Shirts
White aka The Sun Will Reflect and I Will Stay Cooler Colored Shirts
Black & White Striped aka I know I Will Make a Jerk of Myself and Might as Well Be Ready for Jail Colored Shirts
and more but who really cares? If you were Patriotic Americans you’d be wearing the Red, White and Blue~

Hundreds arrive from LA to protest 1070

abc15com | July 29, 2010

More than 500 people met at L.A. Dodgers’ stadium and traveled to Phoenix on board eleven chartered buses to protest against SB 1070.

Didn’t look planned or staged at all (rolling eyes)! And you made such an impact ~ Phoenix Arizona – Union Thugs From LA Can’t Stand the Heat Leave in Defeat, NOT! What a bunch of tools, these Union fools! You embarrassed yourselves and spent your brethren union members’ funds. NICE! Of course 32 Unions breaking a “Shouted Out Boycott” means nothing either. Scruples, none!

Also: By the amount of trash you left behind, your Unions should be billed for the cleanup!


Contraceptive Studies via the Stimulus for Notre Dame, What’s That All About?

In the past when I predominately wrote for The 912 Project Fan Site, I wrote the pieces Blame Notre Dame (FR. Jenkins) for the Shame of the Obama Game and Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain…. My religion has not forsaken me, and I will not forsake one of its great institutions.

I often tread the StimulusWatch site and thought… with the sudden illumination of taxpayer funds to be deviated for abortions, I would put in the search term Abortion and see what it returned. Much to my alarm the first entry was for Notre Dame:

Type Description Amount City State Jobs Vote
Grant The Impact of Early Access to Oral Contraception on the Health of Women and Child $89,729 Notre Dame IN 1 0
Grant Genetics of Moral Cognition $50,811 Boston MA 0 0
Grant Human Decidual Leukocytes and Their Placental Ligands $414,786 Cambridge MA 1 0
Grant ARRA Uterine NK Cells in Primate Pregnancy $574,102 Madison WI 1 0
Grant Antioxidant Status, Diet, and Early Pregnancy $271,987 Lebanon NH 0 0

Drilling down to the link one discovers:


Grant: $89,729National Institutes of Health – May. 29, 2009

Are you satisfied with this award? or

50% voted satisfied – 50% voted not satisfied – 2 vote(s) cast


Join the conversation: Post a comment about this award

Award Description: This project will explore how historic changes in young women?s access to oral contraception affected the health of women and their children. During the 1960s and 1970s, most states changed the age at which young unmarried women could obtain a prescription for oral contraception (?the pill?) without their parents? consent. These policy changes created significant variation in whether women could obtain the pill across states and time. Using regression analysis on data taken from a number of readily available sources, the investigators will exploit this variation in access to the pill across place and time to examine how early legal access to the pill impacted various health-related outcomes of young women and their children. Regarding young women, the investigators will examine how early legal access to the pill affected the likelihood that a young woman gave birth, obtained an abortion, or became a single mother. Regarding the children of young women, the investigators will examine how maternal access to the pill affected child mortality and birth weight, and how maternal access to the pill affected the likelihood that a child grew up in a single parent household, in an impoverished household, or in a household on welfare or public assistance. The findings of this research project will be significant for both researchers and policy makers. The investigators know of no work in any discipline that exploits birth control?s historic diffusion to examine its relationship with abortion; the connection between these two fertility control technologies remains an open question. Moreover, a large body of work in economics suggests that access to abortion had important impacts on children?s living circumstances and wellbeing, but this work raises the as-yet unanswered question of whether access to the pill?the major fertility control innovation in recent history and the most popular form of contraception in the United States?also affected childhood outcomes. The investigators will make significant contributions to all of these issues. Moreover, the project will help shed light on current policy debates regarding historic demographic trends, such as the rise in single motherhood among young women occurring in the 1970s. The data needed for this project are readily obtainable and preliminary research is currently under way.

Project Description: As defined in the Award Description field

Jobs Summary: Subaward: Faculty Tenured (Total jobs reported: 1)

Project Status: Less Than 50% Completed

This award’s data was last updated on May. 29, 2009. Help expand these official descriptions using the wiki below.

I did spend a considerable amount of time attempting to locate the designated 1 job holder/faculty member without any luck. Hopefully the Notre Dame Alumni can pursue this incomplete project and determine its worth!

I want to thank all of my contacts at Notre Dame today, you know who you are!