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Clinton, Emanuel, Sestak and the White House

How the meetings went down:

Oh… but I thought it was about that other fantasy land of stories – “Land of the Lost” with Sleestaks not Sestak’s. Both productions were poorly scripted and were not at all believable as delivered via TV. However both appear to be held in dark recesses, occasionally, and with reptiles in attendance.

Looks like the American People want answers. How about trying the truth for a real change that “We the People” can believe in!

Lamar Smith: FBI Must Probe Sestak Matter per Newsmax.

U.S. public demanding probe of Obama in Sestak-gate per WND.

Nobody is falling for the script, it’s another rerun, it’s stale, and we all know what the cast is up to!



We Now Know Why Obama Snuck Over to Afghanistan In the Dead of Night

I don’t believe that it is any coincidence that “Always the Traveler in Chief – Not Green, Nor Cheap as He Flies to Afghanistan” last week and “Under pressure, Karzai threatens to join Taliban“. Looks a fully staged setup especially when you throw in “New Obama policy: No nuke retaliation for bio or chemical attack?

Timing appears to be everything, and it looks like another crisis is being setup for a distraction from whatever Herr Dictator in Chief is up to now. hmm? I hope that this is not gambling with our military men and women’s lives for the sport of kings! Time for Bogus POTUS to be removed from office……. he’s opening the proverbial gate, then the door to the henhouse, throwing a drumstick on the floor, after having clipped the chickens’ wings to eliminate flight, and carrying the fox, snake, and wolf right in and showing them what to do.

Obama the Newest Zodiac?

This piece is a little bit out there, but follow along please. Does it not appear that every aspect of the signs of the Zodiac are under attack by the administration? Could this administration be as simple and transparent as this?

Look at the literal symbols-

AriesObama kills Aries Rocket to instead pay Russia for NASA orbit access; Russia unveils 5th Gen T-50 Stealth Fighter; Who’s side is Obama on?
Taurus – Just my favorite saying – The Drama of the Obama ‘Brahma’ Bull
GeminiArtists for Obama – Gemini G Last page is a jaw dropper!
CancerObama’s Breast Cancer Panel is a true ‘Death Panel’ for American women
LeoLeo Haffey, Arrested, Nashville TN, Obama thugs, Judge Dumas agenda, No bond, Suspicious affidavits, Traci Horst, Brent Horst, Nashville District Attorney office, Batya D Wininger, Nashville corruption
VirgoPresident Obama Disses DAR Continental Congress Meeting in DC
LibraPresident Obama’s Thumb on the Scales of Justice
ScorpioAnother Obama program caught in undercover sting
SagittariusObama’s Latest Attack on America: Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist
CapricornIs This Obama’s Pet Goat Moment?
AquariusBarack Obama water bottle gate fraud. Medved exposes. Video
PiscesObama’s Latest Assault on Freedom– New Regulations Will Ban Sport Fishing

Since he’s been so truthful with the American People (cough, cough), and pre-attacks others…

…like Mrs. Reagan, I wonder where he truly stands on Astrology?

European Times Back Up & Articles Intact – Troops and Climategate

European Times is back up and running. Site link: http://www.eutimes.net/

The previously mentioned links are operating fully:


Powerful writings, for a relative newcomer, with recording style. A distinct edge with a unique viewpoint. Bona Fortuna! (I so seldom get to use my Latin)

There’s even a mention on site about the recent downtime episode with promises of further information. Curious minds wonder, especially since Copenhagen is in full swing? hmm?

Liberal Avoidance of Copenhagen to Keep Nobel Lies, I Mean Prize – Casualty 2

As I pointed out in a very late last night posting, the “Liberally Elite” political personalities are dropping like flies from previously scheduled visits to Copenhagen next week:

Who could possibly be that next high-profile celebrity soothsayer? None other than Mr. Obama, himself!!!!!
The big/little announcement, hmm?

I live to see radicals acting ridiculous. No class, no backup, no joke!

I see Hollywood is also reaching out. Looks like Al Gore could lose that prestigious “Oscar”. Oh how the worm is turning and rightly so!

Liberal Avoidance of Copenhagen to Keep Nobel Lies, I Mean Prize

Climategate has achieved a high-profile casualty – Al(l about me) Gore. I guess “Global Warming” discussions at Copenhagen, swinging a prize medallion received upon forged “questionable” data could get just a tad “heated”. Oh how the Bale Liberals Bail. Speaking of bailouts (one of the favorite liberal terms), just who is going to bailout all of the soon-to-be “poor millionaire” current and former political leaders who socked away their dollars on this hoax? Anyone, Anyone… ? Crickets!
*Note to Mr. Gore Graciously return your ill-gotten gain. You did not deserve the Nobel Prize. You are however eligible for the running in the Second Dingleberry Award.

Now for Mr. Obama, what did you win your Nobel for exactly?
From the Nobel Prize Organization site:
I believe creating national and international scandal with an Usurpation, delving into and dividing the Holy Land, and praising “Hope and Change” as a mantra doesn’t equate to a Nobel Prize. Or will you decline it? Or is there something else on your agenda?
*Note to Mr. Obama Graciously refuse your ill-gotten award. You did not deserve the Nobel Prize. You are however eligible, again, for the running in the Second Dingleberry Award.