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No Salt is the Newest Assault Upon America

Okay, whose bright (sarcasm) idea was this – “Nanny State Looks to Ban Salt in NY“?

Salt is required to bake breads, cakes, pies, rolls, pizza.
Salt is required for fudge.
Salt makes the best accent on Margaritas.
There’s no soup without salt.

Legitimate Reasons for Salt “Salt -The Spice of Life

Looks to me like some idiots are assaulting the restaurant business now and purposely! These little digs flying all over the country remind me that the political machine attempts to play games at every opportunity. Nothing like a good distraction.

Hmm the “Lowering Salt in Your Diet” at the FDA, U S Food and Drug Administration site has an interesting link at the bottom:

For More Information

The second link takes you to Project: Strategies to Reduce Sodium Intake……… hmm? is New York the test dummy site opportunity until the money and time runs out?

Here’s an interesting study “Iodine deficiency diseases in Switzerland one hundred years after Theodor Kocher’s survey: a historical review with some new goitre prevalence data“.

I wonder if the one US study has looked at the long history of Iodine/Salt usage or the Swiss study? Could this be a way to increase health problems for Americans?

Justin Wilson must be rolling over in his grave –

New Orleans Cajun, Justin Wilson – Gumbo

The man was a master of Cajun Cooking and no one was better measuring out a teaspoon of salt!