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Shooting the Moon Over the Shores of Tripoli

Did de facto president Valerie Jarrett advise the Bogus POTUS to shoot for the moon and engage in war with Libya? Who is running this show at home in the United States of America or anywhere abroad across this planet?

So is the SuperMoon some alternative high sign read by the sinister Shadow Government to make another bold move to enslave the masses?

Why suddenly, after years and years, does the Middle East require a combination cleansing and enforced, sanctioned and encouraged governmental structure turnovers by the USA’s slum tenant – the United Nations?

Now… so that the United States doesn’t look like a loose cannon or lone wolf, it’s working in the pack formation at the rear and as a follower. What is wrong with our military br-ass (no typo), they must know that “US leads ‘Odyssey Dawn’ initial attack on Libya“?  The br-ass (still no typo) listens to a Bogus POTUS who takes orders from a de facto POTUS via a World Governing Body? Where is the real United States of America and where is THE TRUTH?

But one can surmise that this is yet residual and continual terror induced retribution upon Libya for Pan Am Flight 103, the misguided release of that plane’s bomber, and the knowledge that Gaddafi has of the current world leaders? Or is just about oil and money?

Union Workers Answer to Two Systems of Government… Suckers!

When will the average American Union worker wake up to the fact that they are working and funding two forms of government: One form of government in which “We the People” are represented and is the legitimate force – the republic of the United States of America… and the Oligarchy that is the Union system?

Were both systems built upon the backs of “We the People“… YES!
Do both systems gather funding while deducting from members paychecks…  YES!

But I ask you which system forces its members to wear colored shirts, get bussed to staged events, get instructions to attack verbally and physically, in conjunction with domineering socialistic organizations, other citizens and the republic of the United States of America? Seems to me that a uniformed army that follows all orders to attack citizens and officials of the United States of America is committing treason.

Bust a Union, Save America from Socialism!

How Will Tucson Leadership Keep Personal Agenda Separate From Tragedy Investigation?

Who will take the heat?

Ties that Define:

Who missed the over the top Liberal performances of Sheriff Dupnik and his later smackdown?

AZ Sheriff Dupnik Liberal smear machine backfires – Tuscon AZ Sheriff’s “vitriolic rhetoric” on Fox

Interesting… 2 special job announcements in 2009 for Sheriff Dupnik’s Wife via Barbara LaWall’s Pima County Attorney Office, oh my she’s so truthful too.

Mar 10, 2009 Since 2005, Ms. Dupnik has worked in the 88-CRIME Program as the how the program works is the message Susie Dupnik wanted to impart by

Mar 10, 2009 pleased to announce the appointment of Susie Slagle Dupnik to the Ms. Dupnik has been a certified law enforcement officer since

The Promoted Susie Slagle Dupnik… hmm?

Surely there’s no special treatment or preference in city government offices. I wonder if anyone in Jared Lee Loughner’s family worked anywhere in the city government. hmm?

Socialism Begins for Kyrgyzstan’s New Government – New World Order Test Dummy?

Did you know that yesterdayPutin Blesses Kyrgyzstan’s New Government“. Did anyone see this coming?

And this bit of low ball pricing, on a hot commodity, is revealed in this same article:

…The move could result in a 25 percent reduction of gasoline prices at the pump, and trickle down support throughout the ailing Kyrgyz economy…

And the USA’s gasoline  is predicted to go up? hmm?

And they are portioning out food dollars to the tune of $ 6 million via the U.N.’s WFP Spends $6 Million in 2010, Supporting Kyrgyzstan Markets and Buying Food.

And the US Embassies supply presents of computers? hmm?

Interesting if you notice a progression of singular common events worldwide the result end game appears to be repeating itself. Citizens enslaved and a few elitists throwing scraps at them! Wake Up America! It’s knocking at the door, and the Bogus POTUS is ushering it in!

Is this what you are waiting for? It happened to Kyrgyzstan!

Is Election Fraud RICO? Prosecutable? Yes and Yes!

Would Election Fraud be a case of RICO – US Code – Chapter 96: Racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations?

Simplified via Wikipedia

RICO offenses

Under the law, racketeering activity means:

* Any violation of state statutes against gambling, murder, kidnapping, extortion, arson, robbery, bribery, dealing in obscene matter, or dealing in a controlled substance or listed chemical (as defined in the Controlled Substances Act);
* Any act of bribery, counterfeiting, theft, embezzlement, fraud, dealing in obscene matter, obstruction of justice, slavery, racketeering, gambling, money laundering, commission of murder-for-hire, and several other offenses covered under the Federal criminal code (Title 18);
* Embezzlement of union funds;
* Bankruptcy fraud or securities fraud;
* Drug trafficking; long-term and elaborate drug networks can also be prosecuted using the Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statute;
* Money laundering and related offenses;
* Bringing in, aiding or assisting aliens in illegally entering the country (if the action was for financial gain);
* Acts of terrorism.

Well, well, well……..Have we seen any of this? hmm?

Gateway Pundit Details-

Voting Machine Irregularities Reported in North Carolina- Machines Changing Votes From GOP to Dem (Video)

Governor Chris Christie Plugs James O’Keefe’s “Teachers Gone Wild” Video

Breaking: Suspect Voting Machines in Nevada Are Serviced By SEIU

Shocker. Voters Complain of Dem Voter Fraud in Nevada

Michelle Malkin Details-

The Left’s voter fraud whitewash

Attn. Nevada Voters: Carefully Proof-Reid Your Ballot Before Submitting; Update: Voting Machine Techs are SEIU

Andrew Breitbart Presents Big Government Details-

Incident Reports Alleged Voter Fraud in Houston, Texas

Top Union Official Caught on Tape Discussing Voter Fraud

Daily deviations via The Pew Center on the States that reports via electionline Today

With Unions thrown in the mix, this could be one heck of an increase within the prison system, as it’s doubling down. Does anyone begin to doubt the election results from 2008? Why does it seem that voter fraud always reflects Democratic leanings?

I say bring out the RICO, arrest the perpetrators, and begin Prosecuting Now!

The Government Challenge Contests & More Taxpayer Dollars To Be Wasted

Now why would the government be running contests when these are private sector jobs and services that are being requested? Wouldn’t this also create real jobs and contracts? Check out what I found on Walmart Classifieds this evening:

Well now, as I am as curious as all get out, I pop on to the Challenge.gov site directly. Lo and behold there are several to many contests listed and some crazy monies (these of course belong to the taxpayers) to be awarded to winners? Like this one

Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize

Created by U.S. Department of Energy

The L Prize competition will substantially accelerate America’s shift from inefficient, dated lighting products to innovative, high-performance products. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, the L Prize is the first government-sponsored tec…

in prizes

Then I spot at the bottom of the various contest pages this note:

Challenge.gov is an official website of the U.S. government.
Administered by the U.S. General Services Administration
in partnership with Challenge Post.

So I click on the partner ChallengePost.com and open it up to see more contests including this one that just blows the mind Apps for Development Posted by the World Bank, Washington, DC.


Apps for Development

The World Bank is challenging the public to create innovative software applications that move us a step closer toward solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.


The World Bank, Washington, DC
The World Bank WANTS



I see all of this several ways:

Culling for cheap ideas
Avoiding creating jobs
Building a data base of creative innovators
Taking advantage of today’s youth
Buying votes through “hope” of fame and fortune
Avoiding bids by the government and just who will be winning these “contests”

Talk about backdooring and potential nepotism to friending awards, I’m just saying!

All On The Taxpayers Backs, the government spending money but providing no jobs… again!

Main Stream Media Accuses Christine O’Donnell of Being A Typical American

As of Today’s figures and at this moment, Christine is at 92% – $ 1,845,575 of her $ 2,000,000 goal.

Christine O’Donnell: Attacks on My Finances Insult Voters

Christine Counters as the MSM couldn’t get a fact straight and is a useless tool for the current administration. What has become transparent is that the repetition of Christine’s financial dilemma has exposed a normal and typical American’s struggles during the current administration economic failures. This only confirms that Liberal snobbery is afoot in Washington, DC and the assistance of the lap dog MSM continues. This year’s Progressive memo must contain “drop the race card and attack conservative women“.

As a citizen of the United States of America, are you experiencing the same type of economic hardship as Christine O’Donnell has or are you enjoying endless vacations, here and abroad,  with weekly over the top parties, and a $200 t-shirt like the First Lady? By the way, has anyone checked the 2010 Federal Poverty Level that won’t be updated by the Federal Government until 2011? hmm?

But then community organizers are really ready to take advantage of Record Poverty Level: ‘Long Slog Ahead’ for Poor Americans? I wonder what they want in return?

*Hat tip
phrase to JoAnne. observation to Hubby.