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Curtis Coleman Press Release Endorsed by NAGR – PAC


Monday, May 19, 2014
Contact: Tami Greever, Campaign Manager
Coleman for Governor
4801 North Shore Drive
North Little Rock, AR 72118

National Association for Gun Rights PAC Endorses Curtis Coleman for Governor

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK.  Businessman Curtis Coleman, Republican candidate for governor of Arkansas, announced today an endorsement from the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) PAC.

Dudley Brown, Director of the NAGR-PAC, sent Coleman a letter in which he wrote, “Gun owners across Arkansas need strong leaders in Little Rock who will stand up for our right to keep and bear arms.”

“You have demonstrated your commitment to our Second Amendment rights by pledging to sign and advocate for meaningful pro-gun legislation and to oppose and veto all anti-gun schemes. You have also promised to support Constitutional Carry and open carry as Governor.”

The National Association for Guns Rights is the fastest growing gun rights group in the United States of America with over 3 million members.  NAGR led the charge to fight against the UN Small Arms Treaty and the derailment of H.R.45, a bill to require licensing of all private firearms.

In response to the endorsement, Curtis Coleman stated, “The National Association for Gun Rights is on the front line in defending our Second Amendment rights.  I gratefully accept this major national endorsement from the NAGR-PAC, and I’m honored to be among those they have endorsed to uphold the Constitution of the United States.”

Coleman’s opponent, Asa Hutchinson, has publicly stated that he is in favor of expanded background checks on gun purchases (CNN, Wolf Blitzer interview, 4/2/13), and NGR reported that Hutchinson failed to return his survey.

The full NAGR-PAC endorsement letter can be viewed here.

For more information: www.CurtisColeman.com

EVOICEamerica Visits Uncommon Knowledge

Dee and Sandy of EVOICEamerica stopped by Uncommon Knowledge at the top of the second hour and detailed the newest transparency tool for the American People…


Listen to internet radio with PatriotResistance on Blog Talk Radio

is a classier and more robust method of contacting elected officials and representatives, than even, Congress.org. With a patent pending process in the works, Dee and Sandy, have provided a method to easily contact officials directly and simultaneously added an agent of accountability. No longer will officials be able to feign ignorance of a particular hot button issue directly affecting the constituency of a town, county, state, region or entire country. “We the People” also can get a daily pulse on the heartbeat of America.

I personally tested the waters yesterday, prior to the interview, and was truly amazed by the speed of the entire system.

Instantly, one becomes many and many become one! Thank-you Dee and Sandy!

h/t to Proud American

Tax Day TEA Party Litte Rock Arkansas 4.15.2011

Hey Liberals, the TEA Party is not going anywhere. You lose! Here it is – the third annual Tax Day TEA Party in Little Rock!!! What have you got? The shame of a lame blame gaming Bogus President who is tanking the USA, starting wars, and surrounded by the he most deviant of criminals?

Oh… I so needed my annual gathering of like-minded and red blooded Patriot Americans.

Little Rock State Capitol Dome

Our wonderful Lieutenant Governor Mark A. Darr in Arkansas exudes Patriotism in…

Tax Day TEA Party Litte Rock State Capitol Bldg Lt. Gov. Mark A. Darr 4.15.11

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Lt. Gov. Mark A. Darr does a beautiful rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” verses 1 & 4 at the Little Rock Capitol Building, Little Rock, Arkansas on this, the third annual Tax Day TEA Party. There was such brisk winds and multitudes of patriots! Fabulous Job Sir!

David Meeks AR State Representative Visits Saline County TEA Party Leader Ed Hairston

More about State Rep. David Meeks

Capitol Idea!


Tea Party Members at the Capitol Doors

Tea Party Members at the Capitol Doors

Tea Party Members and Guest Speakers - No Division

On the Capitol Steps

Making a Statement!

I could not stay for the entire event but while I was there, a couple of hundred Patriots were in attendance and more were arriving at the 6 o’clock hour. It was just the re-energizer I needed!

Gov Bob McDonnell Delivers Weekly GOP Address and More

Governor McDonnell Delivers the Weekly GOP Address

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The successful and fiscally responsible Governor of Virginia addresses the nightmare that is Obamacare.

Wisconsin Finally Receives the Budget Repair Bill Signed into Law by Gov. Walker

The Bill that Trumka, Obama, lunatic leftist Liberals, Democratic fleebaggers, shilling socialists and union minions feared:


Fools and their money are soon parted!

By the way, Madison Wisconsin probably had earned the best tourists’ dollars seen in any winter months, this past 3 weeks or so. Capitalists won in Madison as well. I am sure the tourists’ dollars will be sorely missed, however no one will miss the hostile forces and unscrupulous tactics that the Left have proven to exude. Where’s that self-professed “Civility”? Must be that a Liberal’s civility and IQ level go hand in hand and that bar is set so low.

Way to Break Out of Union Clutches, Wisconsin!

Wisconsin Governor Has the Power to Replace the Vacant Democratic Legislators

Wisconsin Constitution

Page 48

The Democratic Legislators have vacated their posts and moved to another state, there is no question that the governor is well within his rights to call an election. God speed Wisconsin!

How Stupid Does Hawaii Really Think “We the People” Are?

As AOL News provides the article that “Hawaii Bill Would Charge $100 for Obama Birth Certificate” today, who is amused by this carnival tactic? No one wants to see the forged Certification of Live Birth!

It is time to go with what is a known to be absolute or what has carefully been selected for viewing. Logic dictates that the Certification of Live Birth is a snow job. It also quite boldly notates the “Birth Father” who was Kenyan. At the time of the “birth” British Citizenship was conferred immediately to the Obama child, it matters not the place of birth. He never was and can never have been a “Natural Born Citizen”. Read the U.S. Law at time of Obama’s declared birth. Read the Kenyan Law at time of his birth. Not Obama’s fault… but it’s the law established in two different countries.

Next if there was never a problem, please explain this document?

As of recently and when Neil Abercrombie became the Governor of Hawaii, he was very adamant that he was going to straighten out the birth certificate issue and was quite certain when he stated that:

“Maybe I’m the only one in the country that could look you right in the eye right now and tell you, ‘I was here when that baby was born.'”

I was on planet Earth too, Governor… as he validates that no one has ever seen the real thing by his revelations, and then with his eventual backtracking. It’s also worth noting by a bio page notation for the governor’s education

PhD, American Studies, University of Hawaii, Manoa, 1974
MA, Sociology, University of Hawaii, Manoa, 1964
BA, Sociology, Union College, 1959

that he graduated from Union College in New York 1959. So really… how close was he to the “little family” again?