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The Bastard in Chief

And there is nothing glorious about it~OBAMA

Some children grow up angry at the world, some people who never grow up live that dream, what a sad paramount

The Lies
The Exploitations
The False Promises
The Scandals
The Mirrors
The Thugs
The Czars
The Unions
The Backroom Deals
The Gulf Oil Crisis
The Lost General
The Parties
The Fundraisers
The Golfing
The Ploys
The Gaffes
The Distractions
The Childishness
The Usurpation
The Indecision
The Whining
The Grimace
The Flies
The Rats
The Marxism
The Socialism
The Communism
The Disrespect
The Twisted Agenda
and more….

Did the masses of your poor supporters and union stooges come to realize yet what an excessive grandeur and pompous Bastard in Chief you are?  And who is exercising every opportunity in emptying the very coffers of those same citizens? By the time they realize that you have totally screwed them over with your Cracker Packing Team, 2012 will be here, and they will be left holding the bag. When they wake up and visit Washington, DC, it won’t be peaceful like the Tea Party! A dictator and “We the People” are soon parted! 2010 USA on the Mend! 2012 USA will ring the Liberty Bell again.


777truthsetsufree | June 17, 2010 | 7:18

let him expose his own lies! words, words are all he has, and they are all lies!



Barry Barry, Quite Contrary How Does Your Socialism Grow?

Barry Barry, quite contrary
How does your Socialism grow?
With SEIU shills and ACORN shills,
And petty Liberals all in a row.

Notice it’s modeled after the nursery rhyme based upon “Bloody Mary” and now, with the Gulf Oil Spill, we have “Muddy Barry”. The irony doesn’t end there, when one notices that Mary was a devout Catholic persecuting Protestants in England and we have the notoriously Muslim-raised Barry attacking all other religions in these United States of America and abroad. Note – Mary’s reign was short lived too ~ Proclaimed Queen of England: July 1553 and died on 17 November 1558.

As Citizens and Legal Immigrants of these United States of America, we are the employers of the government, it’s time for another yearly review. This year as last year rates a poor and failing performance. Would you rehire this man?


The Party of “NO” as Libs Claim, Is the Party of Grow and Go for Scott Brown

As a member of the BrownBrigade, I love this photo so much that member Bradman added, I had to share with everyone!

Opposition to the Liberal DC agenda is growing and on full display in Massachusetts! Even SEIU is moving along!

America is awake now! Scott Brown for the next US Senator from Massachusetts! Vote 41 Scott Brown & Vote 4 #1 Scott Brown Massachusetts! He’s good for America. Massachusetts take care of the country, you are the first line of defense against the Liberal agenda in DC. Patriots Vote Loud, Vote Proud, and Lead the Charge on January 19th, 2010.