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Curtis Coleman Press Release Endorsed by NAGR – PAC


Monday, May 19, 2014
Contact: Tami Greever, Campaign Manager
Coleman for Governor
4801 North Shore Drive
North Little Rock, AR 72118

National Association for Gun Rights PAC Endorses Curtis Coleman for Governor

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARK.  Businessman Curtis Coleman, Republican candidate for governor of Arkansas, announced today an endorsement from the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) PAC.

Dudley Brown, Director of the NAGR-PAC, sent Coleman a letter in which he wrote, “Gun owners across Arkansas need strong leaders in Little Rock who will stand up for our right to keep and bear arms.”

“You have demonstrated your commitment to our Second Amendment rights by pledging to sign and advocate for meaningful pro-gun legislation and to oppose and veto all anti-gun schemes. You have also promised to support Constitutional Carry and open carry as Governor.”

The National Association for Guns Rights is the fastest growing gun rights group in the United States of America with over 3 million members.  NAGR led the charge to fight against the UN Small Arms Treaty and the derailment of H.R.45, a bill to require licensing of all private firearms.

In response to the endorsement, Curtis Coleman stated, “The National Association for Gun Rights is on the front line in defending our Second Amendment rights.  I gratefully accept this major national endorsement from the NAGR-PAC, and I’m honored to be among those they have endorsed to uphold the Constitution of the United States.”

Coleman’s opponent, Asa Hutchinson, has publicly stated that he is in favor of expanded background checks on gun purchases (CNN, Wolf Blitzer interview, 4/2/13), and NGR reported that Hutchinson failed to return his survey.

The full NAGR-PAC endorsement letter can be viewed here.

For more information: www.CurtisColeman.com

Smoking Good News for Arkansas Regarding Gun Bill SB115

It’s snowing like all get out but the “Gun bill passes through Ark. committee” as reported by THV.

Patriots do not sleep during rain, sleet, or snow(but I bet I won’t see the mailman today). Arkansas government is working for “We the People“.

Bill Number SB115

You can watch the status of Bill Number SB115 daily. Hold your elected officials accountable, People! They work for you!