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Hordes of Christmas Trees Terrorize The World?

As the debate continues upon the War On Christmas, Part Deux: Are Christmas Trees Offensive? What is wrong with these people and skewed data? Are they clamoring over Muslims at prayer rugs? Are they going after Kwanza Kinaras? Are Menorahs offensive? Are Druids disruptive? Get over yourselves Atheists and others… if a Christmas Tree attacks you, then we’ll deal with it, as for now find something that you can enjoy in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter months besides hating. It’s non-productive, bad for your health, and provides endless entertainment to all those who are filled with joy in their traditions and celebrations. You embarrass yourselves and yes, you are missing out! And its by your own choice!

Christmas Trees Even Turn Up in the Emirates Palace

In Switzerland

In Peru

In Washington DC

Christmas haters, go away! Grow up, move on, build a life!