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Tea Party Express IV in Arkansas, Now Headed to Nashville, Tennessee

Local and State Candidates attended…

Jim Keet - Republican Candidate for Governor

I Ran Into a Few

News Media Attended…

Always Great to See FOX News

The Stars of the Tea Party…

"We the People"

Tea Party Express Alumni…

Amy Kremer Kicks Off Tea Party Express IV

Lloyd Marcus Arriving

Politik - Political Rapper

Veteran of Tea Party Express Events…

His 3rd in Arkansas, Saline County Tea Party Chair - Ed Hairston

Always motivational, always peaceful, always “We the People” in attendance. Patriots!


John Bolton a Level Headed Ambassador and Realist

(John) Bolton: ‘We will fail in Afghanistan’

HumanEvents | July 09, 2010

Ambassador Bolton rips Barack Obama’s Afghanistan strategy, arguing that we will fail there because of it.

Some key observations via Ambassador John Bolton:

We must crush the Taliban and Al Qaeda in a ‘long war’ in Afghanistan

John Bolton: “We will not tolerate interference in Camp Ashraf”

Beyond the Obama Nuke Policy

Do I detect a bit of a modern-day Ambassador Benjamin Franklin?