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What’s With Scooping Hoops? The New March Madness Creates Sadness in Delaware!

Check out this insanity courtesy of the Blue Hen State, notice chicken is the legendary endearment nickname for the state of Delaware….

DelDOT removes basketball hoop [Delaware Online News Video]

From the article on DelawareonlineDelaware neighborhoods: Hoop screams: Couple protests pole’s removal

“…A 2005 state law specifically directs DelDOT to remove things that are in the right of way, which includes the small spat of grass before the curb begins in many neighborhoods. This is done to protect motorists and the people playing sports, according to the law…”

What sport is acceptable?
Street Hockey?


Football, Soccer or Kickball?

How about skeet shooting, archery, horseshoes? This is horrendous… Will the First State step up?

The citizen is correct, this is March Sadness, and the officer lied. Why is this occurring in Delaware? Well… if you vote for Liberal Left-Leaning Progressive Socialist Democrats they will continue their onslaught of the people. Make a change in 2012 and continue every election cycle until you clean out the globalists.