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Remember Who We Are by Krista Branch – Another Amazing Patriotic Masterpiece

Krista Branch “Remember Who We Are” Official Video

pastormikebranch | August 17, 2010

KRISTA BRANCH DOES IT AGAIN! Her second release, “Remember Who We Are” is an inspiring patriotic song calling Americans to remember our history, our triumph over adversity and our legacy which hangs in the balance. For more info visit http://www.kristabranch.com
Please share this video on your favorite social networks. For info on the production of this video visit http://www.retrospecfilms.com
Recorded at http://www.musostudio.net Tulsa OK.

Is there any doubt what the United States of America is really all about? Krista Branch explains by song!

Her Previous release~

I Am America – What an Amazing Patriotic Song!

History Repeats Itself With the Modern USA Feudal System

The Feudal System explained in the most basic terms via Mountain City Elementary:

“The feudal system was a way of government based on obligations between the lord or king and vassal.

The king gave large estates to his friends and relatives. These estates known as the fief included houses, barns, tools, animals, and serfs or peasants. The king also promised to protect the vassal on the field or in the courts. In return the nobles who were granted the fiefs swore an oath of loyalty to the king. The nobles promised never to fight against the king. They also had to give the king whatever he asked for. The king may ask for men to fight a war, money, or advice. The nobles also gave the king a place to stay when he traveled.

Each of the king’s vassals was also a lord or tenant in chief with vassals of his own. Each vassal would be an overlord to those he granted fiefs while remaining a vassal of the king. The subtenants in turn subdivided the land. Sometimes there were many levels of lords who had vassals under them.

The most important promise of the vassal to the lord was the military. The vassal usually served as a knight. This service lasted about 40 to 60 days a year. If they actually had to fight in a war they usually did so for two months. If there was no war the knights did 40 days of training at the castle.

There were only a few nobles. Most people, approximately nine-tenths, were serfs who worked the land for a noble. The serf was bound to the land. If the noble sold the land the serf went with it. This was not much better than being a slave.

A peasant village had between ten to sixty families. Each family lived in a hut made out of wood or straw. The floor was covered with straw or reeds. Beds were made from a pile of dried leaves or straw. Animal skins were used as blankets. A cooking fire burned in the middle of the hut with the smoke escaping through a hole in the roof. Furnishings included a plank table, a few stools, and a chest. Each hut had its own vegetable garden.

About half the serfs time was spent working for the lord. Jobs included working in the fields, cutting wood, hauling water, spinning and weaving, repairing buildings, and waiting on the members of the lord’s family. Peasant men were even expected to fight in times of war. Besides all the work peasants had to pay taxes to their lord. This was usually given in wheat, lamb, chicken, and other animals.

There were also some freemen peasants. These people were usually in a trade. These people were not bound to the land. They paid a fixed rent to the lord. The freemen had more legal rights than the serfs and fewer duties to the lord. In actuality there was little real difference between the freemen peasants and the serfs.

By the twelfth century this system was found throughout most of Western Europe.”

Do you see it now?

Crud and Crude Oil at the Beach in the Gulf Still

BIG SURPRISE… Crud and Crude Oil at the Beach in the Gulf Still

Casey Nunez on the Mississippi shoreline yesterday:

they lied

HistoryTours | August 17, 2010

oil on mississippi beach


All Eyes on the Gulf of Mexico ~ The Fish in the Gulf is Poisonous ~ Episode via The Snoop Chick

This portion you will need your ears though to listen to the unbelievable destruction going on the Gulf of Mexico Coast, Coastline, Inhabitants, Wildlife and more:

Host Name: The Snoop Chick
Show Name: The Fish in the Gulf is Poisonous
Date: 8/15/2010 8:00 PM
Length: 1 hr

Guest is Casey Nunez who will talk about his recent travels along the gulf and his own experience with toxins from the ocean. He suffered tongue blisters, sore throat and sore lungs….don’t miss it.

If you don’t know Casey Nunez, then you haven’t seen his videos on YouTube’s History Tour’s Channel. He really takes his charges throughout the New Orleans area with flair! However he also is a concerned citizen who is chronicling, on an almost daily basis, the travesty that is The United States of America Gulf Coastal region by video on the same channel.

400 Sick After Visiting Beach

HistoryTours | June 30, 2010

Covering The Gulf Oil Crisis On Location As People Become Sick

Thousands Of Dead Fish Surface as Louisiana Say”s Gulf Safe

HistoryTours | August 07, 2010

Saying No To Toxic Fishing

Who do you believe Casey Nunez, the citizens of the Gulf, real news sources like FOX, or the Bogus POTUS?

Here’s the hyperlink video Casey mentions in his second report:

Let your eyes and ears be your guide. Let common sense rule. What would Casey Nunez, the citizens living in the Gulf area or the news sources have to gain? Logic explains ~ they have nothing to gain!


No Bigotry, Just Good Old Fashioned Common Sense, To Be Fair Put “Build A Mosque” on the Ballot in NYC!

New York Mosque Controversy Fires Up National Campaign maybe it’s a combination of reasons?






America, do you know the history of New York City? For a brief moment in our nation’s history, it was the Capital of The United States of America?

***No better than a BIG BOX STORE community vote!


Do You Really Want Amnesty for Illegals ~ America? Regrets I Have These Too

Once I was a young wife and mother in sunny southern California, oh so many years ago… I was carefree and totally wrapped up in my young family. I recall that when I rented an apartment there, my next door neighbors were young, well off, happening and harboring a secret. At the time, I really didn’t understand the consequences, results and ramifications of that secret the “wife” relayed to me. She told me that her husband had married her for a great deal of money, to ensure his bypassing of the immigration laws, and that he would become a citizen ~ prior to the time that they would eventually divorce. I never knew what country that he originally came from as we didn’t live there very long. I have a lot of guilt and regrets these days, as I now wonder who that guy was, and observe the details of the Russian Spy Ring and recent acts of Terrorism upon the United States of America.

Have you kept up with details on the Russian Spies? They have been here in the United States for quite some time, living “normal” lives, much as any illegal alien will do. Same immigration status, different agendas. What would be the status of these spies if amnesty was passed? Would those Russian Spies have been accorded the same opportunity of instant citizenship? Who has thought this whole process through? It definitely shows no tough research via the Obama White House and the whole flailing Administration.

Note: Amnesty wouldn’t be a second thought if there were not illegal aliens in the USA or the borders were protected and immigration laws were followed and enforced!

One has to ponder why Obama has to force sell his Amnesty Sham by way of his tools and fools: “Obama Enlists Radical Groups, SEIU, Labor Unions to Push for Amnesty” as he did with his Health Care Agenda? “We the People” know that he recognizes no one is buying his BS anymore or any less. And we do want less BS and we still don’t want his Health Care. There is a lot of Obama talk and very little Obama action. Do they know at the Unions, SEIU, and other Radical Groups that they will eventually be thrown under the Obama bus when their usefulness is done? Do they not realize that the jobs they currently enjoy, they will lose… with potential grateful instant citizens who would work for less? It’s self defeating. But with Teleprompter in tow, he’ll start his campaign promise tour again (not allowing oil in the Gulf, Russian Spies, and more to impede his progressiveness) 2 years ahead of schedule. Oh that’s right, he’s never stopped campaigning.

Well it was a worse start up stump speech then I imagined, a vague and opaque history lesson full of errors and platitudes. Once a talker, only a talker and the GREAT DIVIDER ~ Obama. View of TRANSCRIPT: Pres. Obama’s Immigration Reform Speech.


Sunday Thought – Plagues Redeux or Revelations Foretold?

Does history upgrade and repeat?

1. Turning Water into Blood

2. Frogs

Videofrog NetMeeting ILS Scanner

3. Gnats

Buffalo Gnats Invade Jersey County News Video

4. Flies

Not just once for Obama, but twice in the last year:

5. Cattle

New vaccines could eradicate cattle plague
Heads of cattle are dying from lack of food and water like this bull on May 29, 2010, in the northern part of Niger

6. Boils

Morgellons Victims Across the US and Europe (Part 1)
Morgellons and the CIA’s MK/NAOMI Project (Part 2)

7. Hail

8. Locust

Worst Locust Plague in Two Decades Threatens Australian Harvest

9. 3 Days of Darkness

10. Death of Firstborn

Polish election candidate visits his twin’s tomb
Russian police looted presidential plane after crash: Poland

Not Occurring in Biblical Order but Closely Resembles the Script

I’m just saying…