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The “Obamanation” Continues the Lying Discourse Regarding Immigration, Arizona, and John Kyl

Which is more realistic – that Senator Kyl decided to go rogue at a small meeting with no professional news media in attendance or…

…that Obama lies again?

Logic dictates that since the administration wants to initiate a lawsuit against Arizona regarding Constitutional and State immigration laws and that the 1200 National Guard have never appeared as promised back in May, it tends to validate Senator John Kyl’s statement. No Matter How the White House Spins It!

Look at each man’s record of honesty and patriotism as well.

Senator John Kyl you make me smile 🙂 You are a Hero, Patriot and Statesman!

You are in excellent company as well:

Supreme Court Justice Alito~
Judge Alito correctly mouths, “Simply not true.”

Representative Joe Wilson~
Heckler At Obama Speech to Congress: ‘You Lie!’

White House tapes anyone? anyone?



How is Blanche Lincoln’s Honesty and Integrity?

Lincoln in Tough Spot for Re-Election

Speaking of reform Blanche, looks like you will need to reform yourself because you are the Arkansas Pariah! Can you say “No Chance of Re-election”? Even the interviewer hovers over your impending doom at the polls…lol!!!!! You have a lot of nerve addressing reform as you openly flaunt your very lack of it.

Lincoln says she won’t return Goldman contributions:

…”I don’t think I’ve accepted contributions disproportionately from any group,” she said…

So Bye Bye Blanche’s justification is sharing in the wealth grab and spreading it to herself. If this isn’t the final nail in the proverbial coffin of her chances for retaining office, then she was snoozing rather than cruising that time. (much too long) It also proves that when you do all the talking, and fail to listen, you learn nothing… just like your hero the Big Zero!

BTW my tweet from earlier today:

Senator Blanche Lincoln gets tough w Wall Street http://ow.ly/1AUUE Lib San Francisco press won’t salvage @blanche4senate in Arkansas rofl