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Climategate and the Spin-Off Series NASAgate

Climategate and the Spin-Off Series NASAgate or
Change you can be deceived in!
Temperatures, Figures, Data?

As the industrious scientists have been “cooking the books” across the planet, and in particular the University of East Anglia (UK), it appears that our very own NASA has been approached to provide information through a requested (and long delayed) Freedom of Information, now NASAgate. It appears that there has been some manipulation and data changes with respect to recorded temperatures. Climategate has had its leaked email fiasco and it appears NASAgate has been dodging any turn around time on an FOIA request for two years. Why?

I believe every Patriotic American should request this information immediately from NASA, on their own, and on NASA’s FOIA link page.

I find it quite telling that the information tables on NASA’s own Goddard Space Flight Center internet site carries the subtitle – “Global Change Master Directory Discover Earth Science data and services”. What is even more fascinating is the tab “Add to GCMD” where one can:

Add Descriptions to the GCMD

Welcome! You may add (or modify) descriptions with our docBUILDER web-based tools.
Add a description to the GCMD usingtool to:

Online docBUILDER guide: How to use the docBUILDER tool

Online guides for describing all of the metadata fields are available for creating descriptions:

Just one research session of five minutes, located the above information. I wonder how Chris Horner will fare on his request before December 31, 2009? He appears to be well qualified on all fronts to obtain the information or challenge its release via the courts. I’ll be watching this process to update here.
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