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One World Disorder

With the One World Disorder and Discord on its full Progressive, Socialistic, Marxist, Liberal, Democratic attack with various assistance via the Bogus POTUS, the Infiltrated US Congress, the IMF, the UN, George Soros, BRIC, and more… One has to stop and ponder:

Would anyone feel the full Parisian and French experience if your Eiffel Tower tour was conducted by a radical Muslim?
Would anyone feel the full Native American experience at the Navajo Nation tour if your guide was an illegal Mexican Immigrant?
Would anyone feel the full Tuscany Italian dining experience if your chef and staff were transplanted Americans in Tuscany?
Would anyone feel the full British Monarchy experience at Buckingham Palace if your guide was a displaced Filipino?
Would anyone feel the full Chinese history and experience at the Great Wall if a working-vacation Australian was your tour guide?

Would you really want to travel at home or abroad… if the world became a melting pot? If New York City, Moscow, and Tokyo had the same products, money, language, food, toys, buildings, amusement parks, homes, offices, clothing, religion, race, sports, music, art, restaurants, holidays, traditions, flora, fauna etc, wouldn’t the world be a boring place? Or is this purposeful as one group slithers throughout the world?

What about natural evolution or is someone working on a One World Disorder and Discord to agitate an unnatural revolution?