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Preview of Things to Come – Illegals Via International Trucking?

Another failure in the making as Obama Plan Aims to Ease Mexican Trucking Ban. Who thought this was a good idea? Why… the Bogus POS POTUS of, course!

What could possibly go wrong? Maybe, just maybe… the trucking won’t just be all about produce as DPS Detains Suspected Immigrants at Traffic Stop

If “…God enriches…”, the illegals will take it away.

Immigrants Behaving Badly, Going to Countries Where They Don’t Want to Assimilate

hmm? You finally get the chance to leave the horrible conditions in your home country and obtain the exciting opportunity to immigrate to your new freedom loving country, whichever one that might be… and then how do you thank this new country? Immigrants want to annihilate, subjugate, and disregard the rules and regulations of the new country and turn it right into that same home country that they abandoned. Why?

As the Christian Science Monitor reports Merkel on failed German multiculturalism: Other countries should listen up

Angela Merkel-‘Multi-Culturalism Has Failed!’

crowsonatv | October 18, 2010

The German chancellor talks sense, immigrants are not coming here to abide by the laws of the country they are settling in..they are just sponging of the nation, and disrespecting the laws. It would be different if we went to their nation and abused their laws. (Spelling corrected as there were many errors)

Nobody is beating the door down to homestead in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq and more. That should explain it quite clearly. Yet those nationalities want to live everywhere else, but their original broken homeland. Immigrants from these countries have been dragging their dirty laundry, hostile cultures, and obtuse customs along with them to impose on their adopted countries. No Thanks!

What country needs this? NONE! Not Germany and definitely Not the USA~

Are There Different Degrees of Reporting Illegal Activity? What is the Criteria?

DWS identifies, fires 2 employees over immigration list

ksltube | July 20, 2010

The Utah Department of Workforce Services has identified and fired two employees it says are responsible for compiling the list of more than 1,300 supposed illegal immigrants.

Question via email to me from yesterday:


Utah Attorney General to open investigation of immigrant hit list
I even have a blog info page just to learn how to report illegal alien immigrants attached here: Report an Illegal Alien for convenience.

When it’s all said and done, the United States of America via Utah now has a set of DOCUMENTED alien immigrants. Whatever will ICE do with this information? I also see a couple of Heroines? What say you Patriots?

And it appears many also hold Social Security numbers? Hmm? Is yours among them? Forged documents would be a second crime, hmm? What is the criteria for TOO ILLEGAL?

Even as I notated on Twitter yesterday~

Table A-2. Employment status of the civilian population by race, sex, and age – http://ow.ly/2dy95 hmm? no Hispanic details?

I’m thinking why not?


Obama Administration Increases Illegal Immigration Deportations – FOIA Supports the Numbers

Now I am no expert, but I do make observations to a Breitbart report ~ Federal prosecution of immigrants soared in spring:

…They ranged from misdemeanor illegal entry to prosecutions of immigrants with criminal records…

Wouldn’t it appear that racial profiling would be occurring under the Obama watch if a case was “misdemeanor illegal entry”?

…At the same time, deportations have been increasing, climbing from 185,944 in 2007 to 387,790 last year…

Wouldn’t it appear that more immigrants are being detained and deported under the Obama watch if cases more than doubled from one year’s count under Bush to Obama’s notated year?

…As of January 2009, an estimated 10.8 million people were in the country illegally…

Shouldn’t take too long to remove all of the illegal aliens at Obama’s PROGRESSIVE rate then. All countries’ illegal aliens need to go home because ~ What Have Illegal Immigrants Cost American Citizens?

Oh…  how the Hispanics with their energy and potential votes, have been played as the Pot (Obama) has called the Kettle (Arizona) Black!

¿Puede cada uno decir las mentiras de Obama?


Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee Citizens Getting Bypassed In Health Care for Mexican Nationals aka Illegal Aliens!

With this bit of news ~ “New health-initiative partnership includes UAMS, Blue & You Foundation”, I just had to begin digging in Arkansas today…

Could it be all about the money?
Blue and You Foundation – List of Grants Awarded
UAMS College of Public Health, Mexican Consulate Team Up for Public Health Initiatives

No, of course it couldn’t!!!

I wonder if the Mexican Consul General Carlos Garcia is aware of the Arkansas Illegal Immigrant Benefits Ban Amendment? Is UAMS College of Public Health and the Blue and You Foundation aware? hmm?

Looks like there is no trouble as Secure Arkansas gathers signatures for ballot initiative is moving rapidly in on meeting its goal.

And don’t let any illegal immigrants stop UAMS and Blue from stomping all over the U.S. Constitution and the tax-paying citizens of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee or impede their health care for the mucho dinero! Ever heard of ICE otherwise known as US Immigration and Customs Enforcement?

Oklahoma and Tennessee check it out! Who if anyone authorized this circumvention of U.S. Law?


Illegal Immigrants to be Held at the Border via Janet Napolitano…

… it’s just not for the United States of America, anywhere! But it will be funded once again upon the American Taxpayers’ backs ~

Janet Napolitano offers to help put stop to illegal border crossings — in Saudi Arabia

“…In late May, Ms. Napolitano met Saudi leaders to discuss a range of security programs, including training, joint exercises, intelligence and arms sales. Officials said both the Americans and Saudis agreed that the Iranian-backed Shi’ite insurgency from Yemen was the leading threat to Riyad…”

So, according to the Lunatic Liberal Left Socialistic Progressive Democrat Bogus POTUS Obama, his minions, appointees, union thug buds, and several liberal cities, border enforcement to begin this July at the Arizona border is a problem.

Hello ~ It’s Constitutional and now it’s drilled down to Arizona State Law.

Where is the leftist indignation on racial and religious profiling that our Government Leadership is supplying with our tax dollars tied up to do the exact same thing on foreign soil (and on both sides of that border)?

Our United States Laws versus their Saudi King’s demands? Who’s running the show?


Is California Racist? Where Did You Think the Illegals Would Go When Welfare is Cut? Gov. Jan Brewer 1 Step Ahead of “Terminator”

“California budget crisis: it’s worse than you think.”

I’d say so ~ the revision ~ http://www.cbp.org/documents/100514_May_Revise.pdf is absolutely cut to the bare bones. Now if Californians are going to be “sucking it up”, where do you think the illegals might want to land next? Mexico or Arizona? hmm?

Bye http://www.nilc.org/ce/nonnilc/imm_eligibility_food_stmps_CA_2006-1-11.pdf to food stamps for illegal aliens, one for all is – none for all now. You used up all the legal immigrants and citizens emergency benefits in California!

Bye http://usgovinfo.about.com/od/immigrationnaturalizatio/a/caillegals.htm to free health care for illegal aliens, one for all is  – none for all now. You used up all the legal immigrants and citizens emergency benefits in California!

It appears Governor Jan Brewer is one step ahead of Gov. Schwarzennegger!
Somebody’s obviously tampering with the site

Secure The Border | Secure The Border

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That’s okay because Arizona is in fine hands

with a knowledgeable Governor and well educated American Legal Immigrants and Citizens who must explain to a Foreign Leader and Domestic Leadership and Leader, USA Law!