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Jonathan Narcisse of Iowa and Pulling the Race Card Part II

As it is New Year’s Eve, it is time to toss out the old and bring in the new…

All except Jonathan Narcisse that is…

Jonathan Narcisse Spirals Out of Control Right Out of the Gate

Same old political scrubbing tricks, different election cycle!

Iowa vet your, and I use the term loosely in this case, ‘candidates’ for governor or any other office.


Des Moines Iowa Meet and Greet with Herman Cain

Via Eyes on the Ground in Iowa – Frank reports: “Please feel free to use any or all of this synopsis to get the word out. It was one the finest events I have ever attended..”


Today at 5:00 PM at Smoky Row sandwich shop here in Des Moines, I had the opportunity with a dear friend to attend a meet and greet with Herman Cain.   As Smoky Row is a fairly small shop, this meet and greet had standing room only.  I would like to say there were 100 of us packed into this party room plus there were people standing at either entrance trying to get in to hear this man speak.   

Mr Cain started by talking for approximately 15 to 20 minutes and for the rest of the time took questions from the audience.  I was chosen to ask the lead question and asked him to explain his time as the head of the FED in Kansas City, followed by his affiliation with the FED since that time, and finally the quote by him in late 2010 where he was quoted in interview that he did not think we needed to audit the FED.

Mr Cain’s response was:  “I did head the KC branch of the FED 1994 – 1995 when their mission was to control inflation through our money supply”.  At the point he felt this was complete, he said “Mission Accomplished” and left the FED to pursue other endeavors.  Since leaving the FED in the mid nineties, he no longer has any affiliation with this entity. 

To my next question concerning the statement of auditing the FED, his reply was: “I do not know what the mission of the FED is now except to print money for the gov’t to spend and spend.  I do know that each branch of the FED does its own audit each month and I feel that nothing would be found by auditing.  However, I do not and will not defend the FED, nor would I impede any audit that the people would call for”

At this point he stated adamantly that the problem with our economy was the SPENDING.

The next question asked centered on how he would handle the economy and put people back to work…To this he replied:

  • First  stopping the spending by reviewing government agencies and cutting programs that were blatantly useless, followed by review of all federal agencies and cutting where appropriate. 
  • Next by lowering the corporate tax rate to bring manufacturing back to America and allowing them to control their own money.
  • Next was the implementing of the “Fair Tax” to allow everyone to keep more of their own earned dollars and thereby eliminating the need for the IRS.

He was then asked about how he would handle the relationship between Pakistan and the United States whereupon  his first response was: “Why would we send financial aid to any country who dislikes us?”  He then stated that even before being sworn into office, he would meet with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the leading generals in each theatre we are in to identify our missions and decide what, if any, were indeed in the best interest of the United States and if not, to bring our troops out of harm’s way.

He then went on to discuss meeting, with again, the Joint Chiefs of Staff in order to decide relationships with all countries, friend or foe and determine policy with each individual nation. 

On our immigration reform he would secure our borders with Mexico first, then back each state’s power to identify, prosecute, and deport illegal aliens, while at the same time reduce the bureaucracy to immigrants who wish to  come in the front door to become citizens.  He gave the example of a lady immigrant who was half way through the process to become a naturalized citizen when INS informed her that they had lost her paperwork and she had to start the whole process from the beginning again.   As he stated “That is NO way to treat people”

Lastly when asked “if and when” he was going to announce his candidacy for president, we were told that this coming Saturday he would be in Atlanta, Ga. With about 10,000 of his closest friends and did we think he would really tell them that he was not going to run?  Lol

Let me say in closing that I liked Mr. Cain from before the debate although I had never heard him in person.  After seeing and talking with him today, I feel this man is the genuine deal.  I feel he is honest, has good Christian values, and has great ideas on solving the problems plaguing our fine country.  I would encourage anyone to go and listen to this man in person and if able to attend a meet and greet to speak with him one on one as I did today.  We have got to get away from career politicians and elect strong conservatives into office with term limits..     That is MY opinion….

My Proudest Moment

Des Moines Iowa Displays Lackluster Support for Union so School Bus It In!

Frank, our eyes on the ground, at the State Capitol in Iowa reported today:

These are pics I took today at the rally the unions had at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines. Please note that the buses in pics are separate buses unloading people from Omaha and other places. Also, West Des Moines schools should be very proud of using their school buses to bring in union people.


The picture of them in front of the capitol was taken early, however, when I left it had expanded clear down to the steps at the forefront of the pic due to the influx of buses. I did manage to piss off some of the protestors however. One was a group of DSM firefighters who came up from behind us and thought they were going to bully their way between people. I stood my ground and dared them to come between myself and others. They approached to 3-4 ft from me, then veered off. Then I went to where buses were unloaded and made sure I was loud enough to be heard as I asked people unloading: HOW MUCH THEY PAYING YOU TO BE HERE??? WHO HAS BALLS ENOUGH TO TELL THE TRUTH?” Needless to say, I got some very dirty looks. J

I am hoping that all I send this to are able to receive it. Please respond if you do get it as some email accounts are not able to get big files. If you respond, I will be able to know who I need to compress all pics with winzip and send to those I don’t hear back from.


Congratulations IOWA, No Party for Mr. Jonathan Narcisse!

Jonathan Narcisse needed 2%  of the vote in the gubernatorial race, and Iowa did not provide it! bwa ha ha! SUCCESSFULLY STOPPED!

Chet Culver/Patty Judge
Democratic Party
Terry E. Branstad/Kim Reynolds
Republican Party
Jonathan Narcisse/Richard Marlar
Iowa Party
Eric Cooper/Nick Weltha
David Rosenfeld/Helen Meyers
Socialist Workers Party
Gregory James Hughes/Robin Prior-Calef
Nominated by Petition

Iowa Lame Stream Media Can’t Handle the Truth!

Lame stream media can’t handle confrontations on allegations in Iowa or when radio stations stonewall, case in point:

98.3 WOW-FM

This radio station show should be titled a “A Lefty Liberal’s Opinionated Views Supporting Radical Political Candidates” and the call letters changed to 98.3 SOW-FM during the hours 1pm until 4pm daily. Obviously there is no background research, no real facts, nor a properly stated outline aka agenda, to warn the listeners that you might not hear anything other than a staged routine.

What part of the radio personality’s conversation or his interviewee is real, validated, and off the cuff? Listen in here:

Download this show

What is interesting to notate, is that it was unbelievable to 2 Iowa men, that someone in Arkansas was interested in other states’ elections and candidates? I don’t see this radio personality going very far if he’s only aware of his immediate surroundings!

I also followed up after the 11 am blog entry “Jonathan Narcisse Has Time To Trash And What About That Cash? IOWA HUGE RED FLAG!” this morning. Neither the radio personality’s program manager ever returned my call (but I was popped into the very voice mail of the radio personality and left a firm message) nor did the candidate ever answer his phone… again (so very accessible, NOT!). So as the radio show progressed today, I called in and spoke with the aforementioned personality. Somehow I managed to get through on the phone lines “during his break”. The conversation never made it to the air. No big surprise! Truth is not important! But to the daily listener and on the regular call in telephone number at (515) 312-0983, it was just after 1:20pm and for 8m 50s mark I was in holding mode and talk mode. After his “break” cycle ended at approximately 1:34pm, he went back live on air and stated to the effect that he had been on his entire break “talking with a birther”. One more story that doesn’t detail the truth. Again no big surprise!

When today’s broadcast is downloaded and made available make sure you listen to the first hour… it will once again validate what I am addressing. No one could make this stuff up. Hang in there though, it can take them several days to get around to downloading it!

Tomorrow, you should really call in, and ask the radio personality about the big Bert and Ernie news today, he’s up to speed on this inane bit of social evolution. But since he doesn’t live on Sesame Street, I don’t really know that he has a valid view point to offer or where his concern would originate?

One question that I had asked in my earlier blog today was answered though, while I was researching. The candidate’s spending now has been addressed via The Iowa Republican… and oh my… “I Thought Narcisse was a Third Party Candidate? I Must Be An Idiot” so the day wasn’t a total loss!

Jonathan Narcisse Has Time To Trash And What About That Cash? IOWA HUGE RED FLAG!



Clever Boys… listen to the first few minutes of the exchange between the radio personality and Jonathan Narcisse… not only do they both submit false accusations upon this blogger down here in Arkansas, they also validate that lies are acceptable, condoned… and research is an afterthought! Classic Alinsky! Download this show

All provided by station 98.3 WOW-FM on October 25, 2010 Bradshaw – Oct 21, 2010 HOUR 3. I reached out and contacted the radio station and Mr. Jonathan Narcisse yesterday for a response… Crickets…  as of 11:00 a.m. CST today!

By the way, what are the following donations/contributions paying for? The current list of fools, and their money that was quickly parted, is provided here:


IOWA don’t be tooled! He’s only working it for 2% to create another party for his own benefit on Iowans’ backs! He never had a chance of obtaining the Governorship. So why would he run?

1 Tool + 1 Run = 1 Party upon 2% Attained & CONTROL!

Governor Candidates Debate on Iowa Public Television, Radio Why didn’t Narcisse show? From the article

“…Conspicuously absent from the debate was Jonathan Narcisse, a newspaper publisher and former Des Moines school board member. While the other candidates have as stated goals to win ballot access or to build their ideological movements, Narcisse has insisted from the beginning that he is going to win the election and may have found it below him to appear. Ironically, Narcisse has been very vocal about his exclusion from the debates between the major party candidates…”

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Obviously someone has never read my blog –

Iowa Alert – Jonathan Narcisse’s Phantom Threats vs Well… You Be the Judge
Jonathan R. Narcisse Received a Letter of Reprimand – Another Red Flag
Jonathan Narcisse And a Tale of Woe… and Whoa… Look at This!
Jonathan Narcisse Building a Party for Himself or Iowa?
Does Jonathan Narcisse Support Socialist, Democratic, Union or Liberal Agendas?
Iowa – Email Privacy Issues Follow Jonathan Narcisse Wherever He Goes
Jonathan Narcisse Has a Temper Tantrum and Pulls Out The Race Card on This Conservative Blogger
Mr. Jonathan Narcisse – INO (Independent in Name Only) ALERT to IOWA Voters!




From: Todd McGreevy XXXX
Sender: XXXX
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 XXXX
To: <undisclosed-recipients>
Subject: You Don’t Have to Hold Your Nose for Iowa Governor Race!

Good morning,
Many of you have shown an interest in supporting Jonathan Narcisse for Governor… he’s on the ballot Nov 2nd as the independent Iowa Party candidate.

Here is the link you can use to donate to Jon’s campaign and ensure the Common Sense Express finishes strong in these last few days. Feel free to share this email with your lists…

Below is a recent article from Elkader’s Clayton County Register. Great summary of Jon’s stance on the crisis in leadership Iowa faces…. he’s getting consistent media coverage in the smaller towns throughout Iowa!

Despite what the complicit dominant media want you to believe, a sixth Branstad/Culver administration is NOT a foregone conclusion. Jon’s been endorsed early on by both Democratic leadership state wide and at the other end of the proverbial spectrum, he’s endorsed by Iowa’s Tea Party patriots in many communities.

(I’ve had leaders of the GOP statewide tell me that they are going to support Narcisse, they have figured out they don’t need to hold their nose anymore.)

That’s because he’s the ONLY candidate on the ballot with the skills, experience and published solutions to fix a broken, corrupt Iowa government.

(check out 8 page tab he’s handing out on the 99 county tour: http://www.scribd.com/doc/39595377/Iowa-Values-Common-Sense-Solutions)

If you have not already, PLEASE take five minutes and visit Jon’s campaign site: www.NarcisseForIowa.com … there is so much depth there that outlines and explains Jon’s thoughtful and logical strategies to fix Iowa government.  White papers, embedded newspaper, videos… a vastly more comprehensive showing than  the Branstad/Culver ticket has to offer.

Please take a look…. see what he has to offer.
It’s well worth supporting.. and in these last few days, every little or large amount counts!
Thank you,
Todd McGreevy