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Obama’s Communion, Publicity Stunt or Purposeful Annoyance to Islam?

Inquiring minds want to know… was this a Catholic service… or was this a “do his own thing” Christian service at The Base Chapel? It was one or the other!

Obamas’ military base Christmas was an “In Your Face” moment to all!

“…Marines in Hawaii got a day after Christmas gift, a surprise visit from President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama…”

I bet the Marines were sooooooooooooo excited to muster on the Sunday after Christmas, where they would still be on holiday schedule!!!

Was this to counter or to aggravate the Somali Islamist leader threatens to attack U.S. if Obama doesn’t ’embrace Islam’? Or was this a classical Trojan Horse moment and an overt signal to the Islamic masses via Taqiyya and Kitman?

Via TheReligionofPeace.com

“…Muslims are allowed to lie to unbelievers in order to defeat them.  The two forms are:

Taqiyya Saying something that isn’t true.

KitmanLying by omission…”

On a side note: Owning a Kennedy dog does not make you a Catholic and/or a Christian by proxy.


Two Weeks After Denver Diplomat Fright Flight… “Bomb Threats” on Flight from LA to Florida

What has happened to the friendly skies? Just a little over two weeks ago we had the infamous Washington DC to Denver Plane “Explosive Attempt” and “Diplomatic Immunity” event. And now………….

Yesterday we had a crazed passenger on another flight subdued by crew members and passengers between LA and Florida with a side diversion to Albuquerque as reported by FOX NewsMan detained after trying to open plane’s door“.

I bet the whole episode would have been secreted away had not Kevin Kennedy of Major League Baseball renown been aboard. You can listen to his record of the event here:

SIRIUS XM Host Kevin Kennedy Describes Terror In the Sky on MLB Network Radio

What is up with the United States Department of Homeland Security aka Department of Homeland Absurdity? Where was an Air Marshall? Just a tip Bi-Polar does not show up on a Scanner! Best start thinking about building a better mouse trap. The failures of the Department of Homeland Security continue mounting to dangerous levels. When will Janet Napolitano be removed as Secretary by Bogus POTUS?

No More Kennedys in the Big 3 Branches of Government in 2011

Rep. Patrick Kennedy (Democrat – Rhode Island 1st District)

The Democratic demise escalates with the bombshell that Patrick Kennedy will not seek re-election to Congress. Say Goodbye to him on his website: patrickkennedy.house.gov and good riddance. The dynasty was a travesty upon the American Citizenry.

Rhode Island, what has he done for you lately or consistently? America, what has he done to us lately or consistently?

1.18.2010 – Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-Rehab) Mentioned Coakley Repeatedly During His Remarks to the Press, Each Time Referring to Her as ‘Marcia,’ not ‘Martha’…
6.12.2009 – Patrick Kennedy Again Enters Rehab
1.23.2008 – Patrick Kennedy shares struggle with addiction and bipolar disorder -youtube
5.5.2006 – Rep. Kennedy entering rehab after crash

Too much baggage! Rhode Island why did you ever elevate Patrick Kennedy?