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Remember Who We Are by Krista Branch – Another Amazing Patriotic Masterpiece

Krista Branch “Remember Who We Are” Official Video

pastormikebranch | August 17, 2010

KRISTA BRANCH DOES IT AGAIN! Her second release, “Remember Who We Are” is an inspiring patriotic song calling Americans to remember our history, our triumph over adversity and our legacy which hangs in the balance. For more info visit http://www.kristabranch.com
Please share this video on your favorite social networks. For info on the production of this video visit http://www.retrospecfilms.com
Recorded at http://www.musostudio.net Tulsa OK.

Is there any doubt what the United States of America is really all about? Krista Branch explains by song!

Her Previous release~

I Am America – What an Amazing Patriotic Song!


I Am America – What an Amazing Patriotic Song!

A tip of the hat to Bellanieve 8:31pm via Web for the tweet @bobbi85710 — I Am America http://youtu.be/0heL2Czeraw

I Am America

Krista Branch debuts the video to her recent single release, “I Am America.” Find it now on iTunes http://bit.ly/92srAP and share this patriotic song with your family and friends. “I Am America” is a hopeful song with heavy dose of truth. It’s time we stand up and restore honor in America!

Let’s see it go viral, right now there are 1153 views.