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Pat Boone Leads a Tea Party Rally in Beverly Hills – Encore, Encore!

A Variety (the actors, artists, entertainment guide to all) article detailed earlier this week that “Pat Boone Plans Tea Party Rally in Beverly Hills“. If you don’t know Pat Boone, then you just aren’t interested or interesting!

Pat Boone talking about Beverly Hills Tea Party – Cavuto – Fox News

pboonevideo | September 24, 2010

The Beverly Hills Tea Party movement is against excessive government spending and taxation. Our mission is to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize our fellow citizens to secure public policy consistent with our three core values of Constitutionally Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets. http://beverlyhillsteaparty.com

Even the LA Times touted the upcoming event in “Say what? The Tea Party schedules a rally in Beverly Hills“. The tide has turned and churned and Patriotism no matter what your occupation, religious affiliation, income level, race, or political party is on full display within the Tea Party Movement.

Beverly Hills TEA Party 09.26.2010

beachinit4ever | September 26, 2010

The first official tea party in Beverly Hills! FOX News short story…

Encore, Encore! Thank-you Pat Boone and all the Hollywood Entertainers and Crews for showing your Patriotism through and through! Tomorrow I’ll try to secure a featured list.


Who Color Coordinated the Wardrobe for the Phoenix Arizona Protesters from California?

Protesters or as J.D. Hayworth refers to them “…Rent-A-Mob…”!

New Game, match the shirt to the thug group! 32 Unions to Choose From:

Yellow aka Cowards and Paid to Act Up Colored Shirts
Green aka Faux Climate Weirdness Colored Shirts
Red aka Communist Leaning Colored Shirts
White aka The Sun Will Reflect and I Will Stay Cooler Colored Shirts
Black & White Striped aka I know I Will Make a Jerk of Myself and Might as Well Be Ready for Jail Colored Shirts
and more but who really cares? If you were Patriotic Americans you’d be wearing the Red, White and Blue~

Hundreds arrive from LA to protest 1070

abc15com | July 29, 2010

More than 500 people met at L.A. Dodgers’ stadium and traveled to Phoenix on board eleven chartered buses to protest against SB 1070.

Didn’t look planned or staged at all (rolling eyes)! And you made such an impact ~ Phoenix Arizona – Union Thugs From LA Can’t Stand the Heat Leave in Defeat, NOT! What a bunch of tools, these Union fools! You embarrassed yourselves and spent your brethren union members’ funds. NICE! Of course 32 Unions breaking a “Shouted Out Boycott” means nothing either. Scruples, none!

Also: By the amount of trash you left behind, your Unions should be billed for the cleanup!


My Little Bit in Support of Arizona and Gov. Jan Brewer – Contact of LA Mayor

My email out:

—–Original Message—–
From: bobbi85710
To: mayor@lacity.org
Sent: Thu, May 27, 2010 4:13 pm
Subject: LA = Lost Angels

Thanks for nothing, I am boycotting all of California and I was to bring the kids to Legoland this summer. No visits anywhere or purchases/items manufactured or imported through California. Not on your watch! All states stand together on immigration or yours stands alone!

Would you like to see Barry Soetoro, AKA: Barack Obama
prosecuted in Criminal Court — GO HERE:


Tell L.A. That You Support Arizona

Contact the Mayor of Los Angeles and tell him that you support Arizona and you oppose his boycott!

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
(213) 978-0721

Patriot Alert!


Two Weeks After Denver Diplomat Fright Flight… “Bomb Threats” on Flight from LA to Florida

What has happened to the friendly skies? Just a little over two weeks ago we had the infamous Washington DC to Denver Plane “Explosive Attempt” and “Diplomatic Immunity” event. And now………….

Yesterday we had a crazed passenger on another flight subdued by crew members and passengers between LA and Florida with a side diversion to Albuquerque as reported by FOX NewsMan detained after trying to open plane’s door“.

I bet the whole episode would have been secreted away had not Kevin Kennedy of Major League Baseball renown been aboard. You can listen to his record of the event here:

SIRIUS XM Host Kevin Kennedy Describes Terror In the Sky on MLB Network Radio

What is up with the United States Department of Homeland Security aka Department of Homeland Absurdity? Where was an Air Marshall? Just a tip Bi-Polar does not show up on a Scanner! Best start thinking about building a better mouse trap. The failures of the Department of Homeland Security continue mounting to dangerous levels. When will Janet Napolitano be removed as Secretary by Bogus POTUS?