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Pre-Civil War Lynch Farm in Arkansas is a Land Grab

It’s time to get RED in the RED State of Arkansas in particular…

Benton County, in the NW corner of the state, is under Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Park Need which aims to runs roughshod over Arkansans by words

…(d) Any entity granted a certificate pursuant to subsection (b) of this section shall have the right of eminent domain as provided by Arkansas law for the limited purpose of constructing the certificated major electric transmission facility to the extent that the facility is located within a national interest electric transmission corridor…

and deeds

This is the SWEPCO Plan and Route Areas, approved in 2011, by the Arkansas Public Service CommissionSWEPCO is now seeking to modify the original ‘transmission facilities’ routes,  including decreasing the full use of Shipe Road and further increasing the use of Route 33. What will be the newly adjusted cost of this major project change, what will be the cost to the local Flora and Fauna, and what about Arkansans?

Without agreement, SWEPCO is in the process of  a Land Grab in Arkansas. Becky Gillette details the plight of the Lynch family farm in SWEPCO land grab begins.

She nails the crux of the matter in the following passages

…the future of the 110-acre farm, now in a family trust owned by Zola Lynch and her six children, is in doubt. The family received a visit from an American Electric Power (AEP)/Southwestern Electric Power Co. (SWEPCO) representative March 11 who presented paperwork for them to sign by the end of the month waiving their rights to notification and voluntarily giving SWEPCO a right-of-way easement for a high voltage transmission line through their land that would require metal towers 130 to 160 ft. tall to be built after clearing a 150-ft. right of way…

…SWEPCO has filed a petition for a limited re-hearing with the APSC requesting instead to use SWEPCO’s favored Route 33 that goes entirely through Arkansas on a route from Shipe Road in Benton County to near the Kings River north of Berryville…

Speak up now or forever will ye be fleeced!


Patriots Time To Pay Attention! Protect Your A$$ets!

The DC Liberals Minions are on the move~
If you have silver and gold you will be okay… NO paper certificates.

If you have land you will always be self-sufficient.

Time to take a real hard look at what you have to rely on!

Obama Signs “Mateys in Waiting, Maryanns, Error Forced, Amys & Accosted Guard” Bill

Okay so was this a well thought out plan of division within our fighting forces Bogus POTUS?

As Obama signed the Repeal of DADT inquiring minds want to know where’s the mad rush from the bath houses, drag shows, and bars to the recruiting stations? Was this all about the Bogus POTUS? Was this to protect another background attack on his loose character with Larry Sinclair prior to usurping the Commander in Chief position? Were his staged and false protesters across America rewarded financially? Was this an attempt to garner a second term by appealing to a minority group that truly never requested this bill?

I love my gay and lesbian friends. but I don’t recall one of them (let alone more), anywhere in the United States at a protest demanding this piece of legislation! And not one them has called me in excitement, sent me an email or in any other way celebrated this publicity stunt forced upon America by our legislators. I want to know where are the statistics that reveal an abhorrent amount of discharges from the Armed Forces due to sexual orientation!

Be careful of what you wish for… if a straight gal hits a lesbian, even as the drill sergeant in boot camp, will this be declared a “Hate Crime“,  or if a gay guy touches a straight guy, in the field or on a ship, will this be considered “Sexual Harassment“?

Don’t you dare say it can’t or won’t happen! I remember when the women began going on ship deployments and returning home very pregnant four months later. My husband at the time was stationed on that ship the USS Emory S. Land:

“…Last point is that submarine wives have a lot of history to show that men and women who are assigned to the same ship have sex. The USS Emory S. Land, in her first deployment to the Indian Ocean, had a mixed crew. During that four month deployment more than 80% of the female crew became pregnant. Pregnant women do not get deployed, so the majority of these women were sent back to the States. Leaving the ship short staffed, while waiting for replacements….”

(Revealed via another witness to this history in a blog chat and something you don’t hear in the Main Stream Media!)

Once again the Failing and Flailing Bogus POTUS Administration will be Reactive rather than Proactive!

The military will lose more than just a few good men and women due directly to this overt publicity stunt!

Did You Know That Our Truck Drivers and Trucking Are Under Attack?

The Obama Nanny State strikes again… this time upon our Road Warriors…

U.S. Department of Transportation has issued another squalling edict aka Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 (CSA 2010) upon Motor Carriers and Drivers:

JustTheFacts (a PDF file) is just one form of the daily “Who Moved My Cheese?” that our tireless Truckers contend with. More edicts are listed here with a monthly time line:  What’s New: CSA 2010 News and Information When is Enough Too Much?

The Trucker’s Creed If You Got It, A Truck Brought It!

LouisMartin33 | October 31, 2007

Slideshow of semitrucks set to Metallica.

Do you care, you should, and let me tell you why:

Let’s examine just 1 product… the Tomato.

First the tomato itself. How did the seeds get to the retail or feed store?
How did the farm equipment get to the farmer’s field?
Home garden? How did that car in your driveway originally get to the car lot that enabled you to go the store for seeds?
How did the tomato grown on the farm, that you purchased at the store, arrive there?

Now how did the canned tomato paste, spaghetti sauce, and frozen lasagna end up on store shelves?
Back to the seed and the tomato fields… then add~
The tomatoes are harvested and placed into WHAT and shipped to factories for processing.
How did the cans, labels, freezer bag packaging, cardboard boxes, and all of the other ingredients arrive at the factory?
When production is completed, how did the final product get to the distribution warehouses?
How did the distribution warehouses move the product to the individual retail stores?

Let us not forget how the gas arrived to the stations for the personal shopping experience for the retail customer of tomato produce and products nor how the long haulers got it there.

Could it be that our Truck Drivers, Truckers, and Long Haulers are one of our most precious Patriotic resources? They are ever watchful on our highways and byways. The first person that offers to help a stranded motorist or runaway is often found to be Trucker. Truckers are America’s Land Sailors, away from home and any real family living conditions for weeks to months at a time, navigating our Interstate System under ever changing Nanny State demands.  Now why would the U.S. Department of Transportation be attacking them?

Just remember Truckers you no longer need a Convoy for your cause, because Conservatives and Tea Parties are now alerted! We thank you for your service! We see it now!

Right to Carry in State Parks – Arizona Parks with Drug Runners


Right To Carry In State Parks

Arizona Park a ‘No-Go’ Zone for American Citizens

I’m just saying:


Cap + Trade + Climate + Change + Carbon + Credit = Destitute Populace

CAP and TRADE is like putting the groceries, shovel, fishing tackle, linens, and everything else into that “cart before the horse”. The horse can’t push that overfilled cart. The Gulf Oil Spill/Spewing is a historically disastrous man-made release of gas, oil, and other toxins into the water, land and air on a continual basis – that can not be regulated. Why even try to regulate any other form of energy or usage at this point? It is a lost cause and the dimwitted Democrats must now be fully aware, unless, they have come to believe their own scripted spin! This isn’t some game of “Who Wants To Be A Trillionaire” and Al Gore should not be the star player to cash in.

Just who will decide and when, who is the greatest contributor of Green House Gas (aka the biggest load of BS), and what the penalty for same ~ when the planet, via the hole in the Gulf of Mexico, is emitting extreme quantities of gas into the atmosphere.

And if you think this has nothing to do with the “Collective’s Agenda” of Climate Change, think again ~

Who in the United States of America, stands to gain financially, from passage of the CON that is nicknamed the “Cap and Trade” bill?

Maybe Al Gore Purchases Carbon Credits From A Company He Himself Owns?

Maybe Members of CCX?

And more to be listed over the coming days, weeks and months!

Who is profiteering?

Maybe Report confirms 2009 voluntary carbon market slump?

Maybe Global Carbon Exchange?

Maybe Save the Planet – Buy it!

Maybe LOBBYING: Chicago Climate Exchange seeks D.C. muscle on climate bill
*1–hmm? An interesting document aka Lobbying Permit? http://www.eenews.net/public/25/12260/features/documents/2009/09/09/document_cw_02.pdf
*2–hmm? An interesting picture and web http://www.muckety.com/Senate-Committee-on-Agriculture-Nutrition-Forestry/5015805.muckety

NOTICE HOW NOBODY EVER CLAIMS TO KNOW ANYONE ELSE EVER? But there are always ties that bind!

Does anyone believe the Founding Fathers had in mind, circumventing, when they built this Republic? Neither do I!

This site says it all in the first sentence: “The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is a voluntary GHG emissions cap-and-trade scheme based in North America…” and on another link we find Marine Sequestration. hmm doesn’t that diagram look faintly familiar?


Does Oil Spewing in Gulf Stop for Weekends? Cleanup Workers Do!

No, the oil in the Gulf of Mexico appears to still be on free flow via BP web cams.

Looks like Saturdays are not “official” cleanup days as viewed at the Pink Pony Pub web cam in Alabama today. I will be checking in, throughout tomorrow, as well. Isn’t it great to know the administration has “We the People’s” backs! Truly an embarrassment “…for the land of the free and the home of the brave…”

UPDATE ~ Sunday June 19, 2010

Cleanup Workers enjoy their weekend…. none working. Shouldn’t there be a scheduled rotation to cover every day? I mean the oil hasn’t stopped, so why are the workers?