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John Kasich, Ohio Candidate for Governor, Signs Petition to Protect Ohio Citizens From Federal Health Care Legislation



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Ohio Candidate for Governor John Kasich Signs Petition to Protect Ohio Citizens From Federal Health Care Legislation

Columbus, OH, November 1, 2010. Ohio Gubernatorial candidate John Kasich yesterday signed the initiative petition for Ohio’s Health Care Freedom Amendment, sponsored by the Ohio Liberty Council.


This proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution would protect Ohio citizens from mandates of the recent federal health care control legislation, and is the single strongest statement against the bill in the United States. Initiated by Ohio citizens, the proposed amendment has gathered over 250,000 signatures, having already exceeded the state-required number of participating counties.

Kasich said, “Today I signed the Ohio Project’s initiative petition to amend Ohio’s Constitution and preserve Ohioans’ freedom to make their own decisions about health care.


I believe Ohioans deserve the best health care possible, but Obamacare doesn’t do it. Reform is needed, but it should lower costs, not raise them, and it should keep bureaucrats out of the private relationship between doctors and patients and end the frivolous lawsuits that drive up costs.


Ohioans deserve a solution to health care that doesn’t bring more big government, but which preserves their freedom to make their own decisions about their health care. I look forward to working with you to bring about that change.”


The Ohio Liberty Council would like to thank John Kasich and Congressman John Boehner for signing this amendment and making a very clear statement that state sovereignty is alive and well and Ohioans will not tolerate the unconstitutional mandates of the health care bill.



About the Ohio Liberty Council



The Ohio Liberty Council is a nonpartisan coalition of like-minded grassroots organizations throughout Ohio.  The council strives to achieve these strategic objectives:


· Foster accountability of elected officials and government

· Grow awareness of the movement

· Promote state sovereignty

· Educate citizens

· Effect elections


The council began in June 2009 as a way to connect liberty-minded Ohioans.  The group communicates on issues, but more importantly, seeks to create concerted action among the groups.  By working together, the council intends to achieve real results to protect and promote liberty in Ohio.  The most important issue facing Ohio is state sovereignty, which is the main focus of the group.

Additional Background on Health Care Freedom Amendment


The amendment would protect Ohioans from the financial burdens and individual mandates contained in the new federal health care measure passed by Congress.


After amendment language was challenged and a ruling to block it was issued, the Ohio Supreme Court unanimously ruled against Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, approving the constitutional amendment language. The signature gathering process is underway.  More than 402,000 valid signatures are needed to qualify for the ballot in 2011.


For more information about the Health Care Freedom Amendment, please visit:   http://www.theohioproject.com/



Tea Party Like Your Future Depends on It, Because It Does!

I am really surprised that this video hasn’t had more views, so I am throwing it out there in case you haven’t seen their production:

A “Tea Party ” song Parody video on “Debtors Prison Blues”

Here’s what we need to do to the turkeys in DC. Check out my parody “Back in the USSA” . My time with the Tea Party movement inspired this song. My outrage with our goverment and their superiority complex, incompetence, and corruption brought me to a boiling point. I had to do something while on disability. More songs to follow! Check out “Debtors Prison Blues”

Health Care Legislation
Higher Taxes
Slimy Czars & Czarinas
Government Expansion
Government Takeovers
Bank Failures
Pot Holes
Lip Service
Out of Control Spending
Never Ending Presidential Speeches
Executive Branch attacks upon CIA, FBI, Military & Law Enforcement

If you are sick of just these few items above, you are a Patriot and………

Tea Party Like Your Future Depends on It, Because It Does!

Is Reconciliation RICO?

If 1/6 of the economy is stolen from the United States citizens and given to the government by legislation thugs with the threat of reconciliation, would this be a case of RICO – US Code – Chapter 96: Racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations? Health Care is not provided for in the U.S. Constitution. Did the President order reconciliation? He is no longer in Congress and Congress is a separate Branch of Government.

The threat is on:

Obama Ends Bipartisan Summit By Threatening to Ram Obamacare Through Congress

“Barack Obama ended the bipartisan summit today by threatening Republicans to accept the democrat’s plan (he will not start over) or he will ram it through Congress without them.”

Just simplified on Wikipedia

RICO offenses

Under the law, racketeering activity means:

* Any violation of state statutes against gambling, murder, kidnapping, extortion, arson, robbery, bribery, dealing in obscene matter, or dealing in a controlled substance or listed chemical (as defined in the Controlled Substances Act);
* Any act of bribery, counterfeiting, theft, embezzlement, fraud, dealing in obscene matter, obstruction of justice, slavery, racketeering, gambling, money laundering, commission of murder-for-hire, and several other offenses covered under the Federal criminal code (Title 18);
* Embezzlement of union funds;
* Bankruptcy fraud or securities fraud;
* Drug trafficking; long-term and elaborate drug networks can also be prosecuted using the Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statute;
* Money laundering and related offenses;
* Bringing in, aiding or assisting aliens in illegally entering the country (if the action was for financial gain);
* Acts of terrorism.

+ Well, well, well……..Have we seen any of this? Kickbacks, Bribes, Candidates not running for office, …….hmm? Is the current administration becoming the largest racketeer in history?

+ Bill for U.S. travel promotion organization headed to president’s desk – CNN.com Terrorists to arrive for $10 hmm? Would this count twice?

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