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Family Ties That Bind to Take Away Your Freedoms

Hillary Clinton’s baby brother was once married to Barbara Boxer’s daughter.

Sen. Boxer’s Daughter to Wed Hillary Clinton’s Brother at the White House. Of course it didn’t last long but it produced that solo offspring that often happens when Liberals intermix the gene pool for political gains. Tony Rodham and Nicole Boxer via Rodham’s Wikipedia:

“…On May 28, 1994, Rodham married Nicole Boxer, daughter of United States Senator from California Barbara Boxer, in a ceremony at the White House attended by 250 guests;[6] it was the first White House wedding since Tricia Nixon married Edward Cox in 1971.[6] They had one son, Zachary, in 1995[7][8] (who later held a unique distinction in that he was simultaneously the grandson and nephew of sitting U.S. senators), before separating by 2000[9] and then getting a divorce…”

I love how Ted Nugent describes the Stygian Witches as Clinton and Boxer are two of the maniacal three that his video interview addresses!

Ted Nugent – Gun Advocate (HD)

I have always had a HARD spot in my heart for Boxer since Senator “Ma’am” Barbara Boxer Slam Fest and Barbara Boxer Undermines Congress But Never the Title Senator and more. Look into the San Joaquin Valley & Delta Smelt.

And Hillary is a compost pile of deception with How Deep is Hillary Clinton in Bed With Projects Gunrunner, Gunwalker, Castaway and Fast & Furious? and What Are The Connections? and The Gates of Hell and Excess and more. Look into Huma, her “assistant’s” mother, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Arranged political family marriages with one, or less, offspring create ties that bind and seem to be part of an agenda, hmm? But maybe a book explains it all, in the title, theme, and foreword, with this little cluster


How Leftists Make a Cow, Bull or A$$ Out of Themselves

What moron thought that a cow costume in a parade for the bull of solidarity would not make an a$$ out of the wearers?

Solidarity Cows

Uploaded by on Mar 12, 2011

Meade breaks up the solidarity of the cows at the the 3/12/11 Wisconsin protest march.

The raucous hits keep coming via the Lunatic Left,  Union Tools, Socialists, Liberals, Thugs, and Democrats that provide udder fodder. The childish ones still can’t grasp the adult world.

As I have stated elsewhere, logic dictates that:

Whether the Fleebaggers had been present or not in the Wisconsin Senate, the outcome for the budget repair bill would have been no different… so why the foolishness of the mollycoddled tools? Grow up, move on (a term many tools are well versed in) and get a life! Is there nothing more pressing in the world today where you could really do some good? Oh I forgot… it’s all about you tools!

UPDATE: Is UALR Liberally Educating Students With Derogatory Sexual Term Lectures On The Taxpayer Dollar?

This morning I received a portion of a forwarded email from a University of Arkansas Little Rock alumni that I just had to validate to be sure there was no mistake:

Sent: Mon, Feb 28, 2011 7:33 am
Subject: UALR hosting seminar by tenured professor labeling conservatives as “teabaggers”

Interesting email, I received this from one of our members and it is a reminder of the liberal’s teaching our children in our state schools.
(Deleted for Privacy but is My TEA Party Leader)

Subject: UALR hosting seminar by tenured professor labeling conservatives as “teabaggers”

I am an alumnus of the University of Arkansas-Little Rock,  and was disturbed to discover that the school is hosting a lecture by  one of its own professors to label you a “teabagger” (that is the actual  term used by the school on its website).  I am forwarding the site  address to you along with the text from the school’s official website so  that you may verify the information for yourself.  Please bear in mind  that this is a public university funded at taxpayer expense.


Copied directly from the University of Arkansas-Little Rock’s official webpage, link above:

UALR History Professor Johanna Miller Lewis will present a lecture at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 1, exploring the events of the Boston Tea Party and the current Tea Party movement.
The lecture, at the Ottenheimer Auditorium in the Historic Arkansas Museum at 200 E. Third St., is part of UALR’s History Institute’s series, “Evenings with History.”
The event begins at 7 p.m. with refreshments, followed by Lewis’s lecture, “Teabaggers and the American Revolution.”
From television personality Glenn Beck to Representative Michelle Bachmann and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the conservative right has embraced the Boston Tea Party as a symbol of rebellion against taxation and government  intervention that led directly to the American Revolution. However, a close reading of the events leading up to the American Revolution suggests otherwise. This lecture will examine the numerous interpretations of the tax revolts and struggle for political power that really led the colonies to rebel against Great Britain.
The Evenings with History series is sponsored by the University History Institute, which is a nonprofit organization of private citizens interested in history and supporting UALR.
An individual can subscribe to the series for $50 annually, which includes admission to all six lectures. A joint subscription to the series, at $90 annually, offers savings of $10 to couples and friends. At $250 annually, a Fellow of the Institute receives the previous benefits, plus an invitation to special presentations for fellows exclusively, including private events with noted authors. The Institute also offers a life membership at $1,000 that can be paid in installments.
Subscriptions and donations to the Institute are tax deductible as allowed by law. Subscribers to the series help support historical research. Presenters donate their time, and the University History Institute uses all proceeds from the series to encourage research at UALR.
In recent years, annual institute grants, made possible by the Evenings with History series, have made major purchases of historical research materials for UALR.
For more information, contact the UALR Department of History at 501-569-3235.

The screen capture 12 minutes later, offensive title highlighted:

The highlighted derogatory sexual term paired with Patriotism:

No… clearly there was no mistake. It is clearly posted on UALR’s website. There is a Liberal spin with a blatant agenda provided for by taxpayer dollars. Is this how taxpayer dollars should be wasted? Is this how your taxpayer dollars should be used?

Updated at 1:10 p.m.

UALR 12:11pm via TweetDeck

@bobbi85710 We sincerely apologize for any offense caused by the term. It was certainly unintended and has been corrected on our website.

Looks like UALR has a conscience and I commend the correction and screen captured here:

The Tell Tale Signs

During all the riots, demonstrations, upheavals initiated by the Left Leaning Liberal Lunatics within the USA or instigated outside of the USA, have you noticed an oddity?

Those events where protests occur overseas, the majority of participants carry signs in English, not Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, French, German, or even their native tongue. Why would that be?

Then notice too, that immediately after an overseas demonstration event begins, coincidentally or, as if on queue, there appear like-minded militant participants, carrying uniformly issued signage, imitating riotous behaviors, here in the United States of America as a sign of support/solidarity? in all major cities? referencing democracy? hmm? Again… Why would that be?

This has been a consistent pattern since the Bogus POS POTUS usurped the White House. Would there be any tell tale signs of a connection? Inquiring minds want to know and will begin detailing soon, but a good start is Muckety and taking screen captures:

The Ti(d)es that bind are strangling the entire Planet purposefully!

How Will Tucson Leadership Keep Personal Agenda Separate From Tragedy Investigation?

Who will take the heat?

Ties that Define:

Who missed the over the top Liberal performances of Sheriff Dupnik and his later smackdown?

AZ Sheriff Dupnik Liberal smear machine backfires – Tuscon AZ Sheriff’s “vitriolic rhetoric” on Fox

Interesting… 2 special job announcements in 2009 for Sheriff Dupnik’s Wife via Barbara LaWall’s Pima County Attorney Office, oh my she’s so truthful too.

Mar 10, 2009 Since 2005, Ms. Dupnik has worked in the 88-CRIME Program as the how the program works is the message Susie Dupnik wanted to impart by

Mar 10, 2009 pleased to announce the appointment of Susie Slagle Dupnik to the Ms. Dupnik has been a certified law enforcement officer since

The Promoted Susie Slagle Dupnik… hmm?

Surely there’s no special treatment or preference in city government offices. I wonder if anyone in Jared Lee Loughner’s family worked anywhere in the city government. hmm?

365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy – This Year’s #1 Book?

The Conservative’s guide to agitating the Liberal Thugs may be 2011’s upcoming number one book on the New York Times Best Seller List365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy“.

Product Details

ISBN13: 9781596986428
ISBN: 1596986425

James Delingpole’s latest edition, and addition to the Conservative Patriotic Base, is a hoot and due out in just two days. I read a couple of entries and nearly fell off my chair laughing. Absolute Conservative truth is funnier than all the Liberal fiction they can muster. Thank-you James, I can’t wait to savor the entire book!

New Year’s Eve – Out With the Old.. Instill the New… Congress Adhering to U.S. Constitution


They really thought they could hoodwink America! Is there any coincidence that they finally achieved any type of power during a decade of 00’s in a new millennium with a Zero Hero and funded by $oro$?

Alinsky tactics work on weak minds… Leftistlators (Legislators on the left) bought into it! Unions bought into it! The MSM bought into it and then disparages anything good, true, and Patriotic… in fact some don’t even understand the U.S. Constitution! Get that foolish Liberal tool a hardbound edition dictionary, unless that is too antiquated.

When is a document, literature, art, maps, engravings, etc… too hard to understand or outdated? What about the Magna Carta, Pliny the Elder’s Writings, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Mark Twain’s Writings, the Hieroglyphics on the Pyramids, Darwin’s Origin of the Species, the Torah, Edgar Allen Poe’s Writings, the Quran, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Aristotle’s Teachings, Ansel Adams Photographs, every decedent’s Will,  Shakespeare’s Writings, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Iliad, Audubon’s Bird Sketches, Sigmund Freud,  Moby Dick, Charles Dickens Writings, and the Gutenberg Bible? Honestly… what about all that twisted Alinsky, Marx, Mao & Che… Liberals? If the U.S. Constitution has not pertained or has been misunderstood, then why has it constantly gone through amendments? Why are there any jobs held and titled “Constitutional Attorneys”? Is there an expiration date on history? No… there just appears to be no patriotic caretakers, and for quite some time now!

It is so refreshing to see that our U.S. Constitution will be honored, revered, and restored to its proper position of National importance and reverence. It will once again be used as the eternal tool of Americans as our Founding Fathers have profoundly provided and via a Patriotic (yet continually watched) installed U.S. Congress within the U.S. House of Representatives, . Outstanding, is the word I would choose to address the fact – that the newest members of the Congressional body will be taught, the U.S. Constitutional fundamentals and more, by highly credentialed and thoroughly respected teachers.