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Silver Fox Provides Survival Tips on Liberty Underground/The Moretti Report

Once again Silver Fox will be on Patriot Resistance beginning this Sunday and earlier today she made her second visit in the second hour to Liberty Underground/The Moretti Report.

Some excellent material provided by the nom de plume, Silver Fox, that is not all-inclusive of her knowledge or her books. Wherever you find her, tune in… you’ll be glad that you did!

Subject: notes and links

MRE's contain 13% daily required protein, 36% fat, 51% carbs one meal per
person at $8.33 each

one can condensed tomato soup
one pound of rice
one can of vegetables (I used green beans) plus one can of pears mixed with
one 8 ounce bag of crushed banana chips mixed into one small instant
vanilla pudding made with boxed 2% milk, served with 9 generic Ritz type
crackers with 2 teaspoons peanut butter provides 43% carbs, 75% fat, 8%
potassium, 22% iron, 20% Vitamin C, 20% Vitamin A, 25% Vitamin D, 30%
calcium and 20% protein at a cost of 78 cents per person (feeds 10)

Fire Starters
handy but will run out
Magnifying Glass good but not useful in the dark (jewelers loops allow you
inspect splinters, wounds etc. preferred to a regular magnifying glass which
must be Glass, plastic ones do not work, high prescription glasses work
occasionally but do not count on them to start fires with) Fire bow drills
can be made anywhere at anytime however they are harder to learn and take
time, energy and effort Flint and Steel kits, (piece of flint, piece of
steel, fire nests or charcloth) flint is found almost everywhere, steel can
be found or recycled from some other item, easier to learn than fire bows,
moderate practice required, once mastered faster than a match to get a fire
going Matches, strike anywhere are hard to find, water proofing is important
for other types of matches, double if possible the waterproofing refillable
matches use lighter fluid, liquid paraffin, kerosene and naphtha can be used
as temporary lighting and are compact and refillable, use standard 1/8th
inch 100% cotton candle wick

Multipurpose tool takes the place of a) knife b) pliers c) screwdrivers d)
tape measure Shovel of some type E-tools are more portable Multi-purpose
hatchet, solid construction made from one piece of steel, has a hatchet
head, hammer and nail puller Wire saw, compact, necessary for cutting larger
limbs and trunks without expending a lot of energy or hauling a camp axe

(website full of articles including singular plants with all their uses,
charcloth, stealth gardening etc)

foraging links
http://plants.usda.gov/java/ (common and scientific names accepted)

emergency shelters using space blankets/naturally occurring items
(earthquake specific emergency housing schematics)
(modern solutions to disaster housing)

portable affordable cooking oil lamps
(alternative fuels include animal fat, domestic or wild)

Using oven for dehydrating ground meats
oven canned butter (not margarine real butter)
primitive cooking techniques

Primitive First Aid
(online materia medica)
making your own homeopathic remedies at home (easy to make provided you have
the primary remedy on hand such as chamomile, poison ivy etc)

Primitive Skills multiple topics

make your own dehydrator using a cardboard box
Advanced solar projects (oven, water, heat, dehydrators etc)

Additional information on alternative options for survival situations
including equipment, sanitation etc www.endtimesreport.com/manna.html


desalination filters
recycling graywater
berkey sports bottle link

Tools and Equipment
Flint and Steel Kit

Wire Saw

E-tool (folding shovel)

Solar Shower (large non-portable)
portable (multiple types average lifespan 9 months of continuous use)

Flintknapping (many youtube videos on the subject I prefer printable
information lasts longer)

making a bow/arrow

making an atlatl

Background Profile for Silver Fox

Archive of Today’s Show

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Gulf Coast Resident/Victim Jennifer Rexford Stops by Liberty Underground/The Moretti Report

Florida resident Jennifer Rexford stopped by and made courageous revelations regarding the lack of care/treatment/assistance after she had worked in the process of cleaning up the BP gulf spill. She now suffers from various ailments as documented by her videos.

The Big Disappointment

jmrexford | Feb 27, 2011

The big move will be put off they offered my husband the quick claim and that’s not enough to even move! Or catch up on anything

jmrexford’s Channel

on YouTube but there are more connected via her lasted video above or here.

Liberty Underground/The Moretti Report with Jennifer Rexford

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And the most disgusting commentary by Kenneth Feinberg and the Judge’s decision. And yes… this fallout,  from the BP oil spill catastrophe is all Obama’s fault

Greg Howard Guests on Liberty Underground The Moretti Report

Greg Howard alerted all Americans today of the deceptions/omissions/lack of any real investigative effort by the Lame Stream Media’s account of the Tucson Tragedy and related stories. Unfortunately these are the times of the worst state controlled news sourcing in USA history.

However, with Greg’s latest entry “Who Exactly Is James Eric Fuller?” on his well visited website, Americans and the world can absolutely see that the “journalists” of old are outdated and under informed in research techniques and capabilities.

Greg also gave a smart and timely overview of the financial health of America today to the many listeners on Blog Talk Radio’s Liberty Underground The Moretti Report that can replayed here:

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Christmas Eve – Liberty Underground The Moretti Report – Christmas Tidings

Freedomizer Radio Hrs2-3 Liberty Underground/The Moretti Report. Join us beginning at 4 pm EST, at 3 pm CST, 2 pm MST and 1 pm PST for the Christmas Eve version of the Liberty Underground/Moretti Report!

Sleigh bells ring, will you be listening?

Liberty Underground The Moretti Report – Show 2 Special Guest Pat Dollard

What a great show today on the Liberty Underground The Moretti Report. Many Patriotic bloggers and guests attended during the live broadcast and what a pleasant surprise as Pat Dollard stopped by and made a spectacular educational appearance. If you didn’t hear the broadcast live, this is THE recording that you must listen to regarding the insurgencies that are occurring within the United States of America TODAY.

Pat shared the website SAFE, Secure America Forever, which is America’s only full-spectrum warfare organization dedicated to permanently securing America’s borders. There is Volunteer Link on SAFE where Patriots can get involved as a SAFE operatives or SAFE support staff member. It’s Our Country, Let’s Secure It! Many Thanks to Pat Dollard for the valuable time he devoted to the second show of the Liberty Underground The Moretti Report!

Liberty Underground The Moretti Report Debuts TODAY!

Liberty Underground The Moretti Report is the newest conservative talk show to debut TODAY on the Freedomizer Talk Radio Podcast channel located on Blog Talk Radio. It will be hosted by JoAnne Moretti with associates Denise and Bobbi (this blogger) and an extensive group of researchers who will make special appearances, discussing current affairs, that matter to Patriotic Americans most. Listen in today and interact with us in the chat room. The scheduled shows will be each Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week 4pm EST – 6pm EST.

Also see us interact on The Snoop Chick Friday nights 10:30pm-12:00am EST where JoAnne cohosts with The Snoop Chick!

John Kasich, Ohio Candidate for Governor, Signs Petition to Protect Ohio Citizens From Federal Health Care Legislation



Ohio Liberty Council Contact

Chris Littleton  937-499-3594



Ohio Candidate for Governor John Kasich Signs Petition to Protect Ohio Citizens From Federal Health Care Legislation

Columbus, OH, November 1, 2010. Ohio Gubernatorial candidate John Kasich yesterday signed the initiative petition for Ohio’s Health Care Freedom Amendment, sponsored by the Ohio Liberty Council.


This proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution would protect Ohio citizens from mandates of the recent federal health care control legislation, and is the single strongest statement against the bill in the United States. Initiated by Ohio citizens, the proposed amendment has gathered over 250,000 signatures, having already exceeded the state-required number of participating counties.

Kasich said, “Today I signed the Ohio Project’s initiative petition to amend Ohio’s Constitution and preserve Ohioans’ freedom to make their own decisions about health care.


I believe Ohioans deserve the best health care possible, but Obamacare doesn’t do it. Reform is needed, but it should lower costs, not raise them, and it should keep bureaucrats out of the private relationship between doctors and patients and end the frivolous lawsuits that drive up costs.


Ohioans deserve a solution to health care that doesn’t bring more big government, but which preserves their freedom to make their own decisions about their health care. I look forward to working with you to bring about that change.”


The Ohio Liberty Council would like to thank John Kasich and Congressman John Boehner for signing this amendment and making a very clear statement that state sovereignty is alive and well and Ohioans will not tolerate the unconstitutional mandates of the health care bill.



About the Ohio Liberty Council



The Ohio Liberty Council is a nonpartisan coalition of like-minded grassroots organizations throughout Ohio.  The council strives to achieve these strategic objectives:


· Foster accountability of elected officials and government

· Grow awareness of the movement

· Promote state sovereignty

· Educate citizens

· Effect elections


The council began in June 2009 as a way to connect liberty-minded Ohioans.  The group communicates on issues, but more importantly, seeks to create concerted action among the groups.  By working together, the council intends to achieve real results to protect and promote liberty in Ohio.  The most important issue facing Ohio is state sovereignty, which is the main focus of the group.

Additional Background on Health Care Freedom Amendment


The amendment would protect Ohioans from the financial burdens and individual mandates contained in the new federal health care measure passed by Congress.


After amendment language was challenged and a ruling to block it was issued, the Ohio Supreme Court unanimously ruled against Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, approving the constitutional amendment language. The signature gathering process is underway.  More than 402,000 valid signatures are needed to qualify for the ballot in 2011.


For more information about the Health Care Freedom Amendment, please visit:   http://www.theohioproject.com/