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John Dennis Boldly Revels With Humor as Pelosi Evades Debate

Nancy Pelosi, Wicked Witch of the West

JohnDennis2010 | September 12, 2010

Throw some water on Nancy Pelosi! Donate, volunteer, and vote for John Dennis!

John Dennis is running against Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco, CA. See his website for details on his platform and issues.

Follow John Dennis on twitter: http://twitter.com/JohnDennis2010

Directed by Ladd Ehlinger Jr. http://FilmLadd.com / http://twitter.com/FilmLadd

I love how John Dennis has issued an open letter to Mrs. Pelosi requesting a live televised debate. As the time clock ticks, there has been 6 1/2 days of no response, as of this very moment. Ah… the transparency, Mrs. Pelosi!


Phoenix Arizona – Union Thugs From LA Can’t Stand the Heat Leave in Defeat

God Bless Sheriff Joe!

Arizona Immigration – Sheriff Joe Arpaio

panhandlepatriots | July 29, 2010

I watched the entire live stream in tandem with a pal via http://www.azfamily.com/ of the manufactured, bussed in from California, protesters. It sure was a bust! They had to retreat from a desert heat that they were not prepared for or acclimated to! Just because you are standing on concrete in the city, with no sand or cacti visible, doesn’t make it less of a desert!
Tip to Union Thugs it’s HOT in PHOENIX ARIZONA in JULY!
Morons don’t realize Arizona is not part of California and get arrested!

Sheriff Joe and his team were professional and prompt. Clearly superior in performance than many other law enforcement agencies run by the federal government!


Tom Tancredo Calls for the Impeachment of Obama

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo spoke with Megyn Kelly on FOX News’ “America Live” today. He called for the Impeachment of Obama.

Via ImpeachAllCriminals | July 23, 2010

There are too many instances of exception to Obama for all to be wrong!

I positively concur, and the next article I put up is from ANOTHER Major General questioning Obama’s credentials and qualifications! hmm?


Can Anyone Read This Sign at the Gulf Shores Beach in Alabama?

I often tip into the Live Cam at the Pink Pony in Gulf Shores, Alabama and today it suddenly looks ~ especially busy:

I would love to know what this worker’s sign says!

Sure is a lot of heavy equipment, is company coming?

Lots of boats out there suddenly, what’s that all about?

What’s that in the sky?


Equipment and boats? hmm?

I did try to get in touch with the Pink Pony but their phone was wacky. I really wanted someone to stroll out there and tell me what that sign said. Hopefully someone down there will let us know!


To View Lazy Gulf Oil Cleanup Workers Check the Live Web Cams

If you interested in observing what is NOT happening on the Gulf Coast, just check any live Web Cams from Louisiana to Florida. I happened to tip in this morning on the Pink Pony Pub in Alabama. Just look at the waste of paid workers and their shoddy performance. What are they doing? Not Much!

Still captures from this morning:

Is this what Obama was referring to in his “Oily” Oval Office speech this past Tuesday Night

“…So if something isn’t working, we want to hear about it. If there are problems in the operation, we will fix them…”

or was it this

“…the deployment of over 17,000 National Guard members along the coast. These servicemen and women are ready to help stop the oil from coming ashore, they’re ready to help clean the beaches”? hmm?

What a Bogus POTUS!


Too Little Done When Patriot Students are Belittled in California

As the Superintendent attempts to “soft-soap” the United States of America Flag T-Shirt event in Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, CA…


…would it have anything to do with the school team “ACORNS”? You can get your real “radical connotation” T-Shirt here:



Might be a good time to check green cards as “Hundreds of Hispanic Students Leave School & Hold March Demanding Respect” play truant!

My Favorite Saturday Night Live Skit of All Time – Obama & Jintao

Saturday Night Live – Obama Jintao Press Conference in Beijing.

I had to update the broken link on 12/2/2009. It’s amazing how this has been yanked everywhere! Thanks Flopping Aces for having a copy of history! Kudos on the Climategate Break!

Almost 7 minutes of pure laughter. Sadly it’s more truth than fantasy.