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ONE False NATION Falls Flat on Its Socialistic Marxist Liberal Progressive Face

Organized (not Grass Roots) bus rides, free food, and T-Shirts do not make a unified crowd or nation. Lazy and lousy participation indicates America despises these pin heads on parade. It makes a ONE False NATION on display. There was nothing educational, inspirational or rational as one speaker after another screams, as if the attendees are deaf or stupid. The entire event makes the message of hate, bait, and shallow attempts at anything virtuous… rings hollow and smacks of revolt. They have an agenda, much like their Master, whose name is emblazoned on partisan signs, to divide… not unite our United States of America. Nothing to be gained here, move along.

The groups and speakers read like a Who’s Who FBI watch list, shameful!

But Glenn had given Patriots a preview by detailing the coarse groups that would be attending…

GLENN BECK – ONE NATION 10/02/2010 (Part 1)

GLENN BECK – ONE NATION 10/02/2010 (Part 2)

TheNEPAConservative | October 01, 2010

Listen to Glenn as he exposes the the people behind the One Nation Rally. You need to know the truth!


If You Can Prove It – Prosecute The Liberals When They Are Voted Out This November

How was your holiday season last year? What do you expect this holiday season?

Want to keep the Liberal RINOs and DINOs really busy this upcoming holiday season and beyond? Start your litigating paperwork now. There’s enough ammo via videos, pictures, documents, articles… as they are the worst of self-indulgent, self-important, self imposing people on the planet. Make them come to understand what a bail-out really is and how the U.S. Constitutional laws are applied to corrupt politicians! Make it personal, they did! There will be no:

They have an agenda until they are shown the Congressional doors. As it is now, they sit on their haunches ready to spring at their Bogus POTUS master’s edicts. Remember last year in November and December? Never forget how they sucked the fun out of the happiest time of the year for Patriots. Turnabout is fair play! After all, it’s our time to give them a present that keeps on giving… them grief!

2010 begins the end of  modern day tyranny!!!


Fantasy Master of Special Effects Movies Cameron on Advisory Board for Oil Spill Containment

Sloth aka Speed of the O' Oil Pirates in the Gulf

Okay, the sheer idiocy, from Washington these days… boggles the mind. Case in point ~

Via Breitbart – Feds meet with film director Cameron on oil spill. The article went live at:
Jun 1 06:00 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

I popped on Breitbart and my head nearly exploded, thus I tweeted on Twitter:

6:20pm, Jun 01 from HootSuite

Feds meet w film director Cameron on oil spill http://ow.ly/1SLld Titanic tank built on land in Mexico? Where’s Cousteau or Graham Hawkes??

I wonder how a physics major turned truck driver then director of elaborate special effects movies works into the equation? Here’s Mr. Cameron’s bio http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000116/bio for the reader’s review. If you don’t think the Titanic’s water tank was built on land in Mexico, here’s the info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120338/trivia?tr0778766. You can also visit the Titanic Museum, on land, in Missouri.

What…. is our U.S. Navy incapable? What about our U.S. Coast Guard? What about deep water treasure hunters? What about Graham Hawkes? What about Phillipe Cousteau Jr. since he’s already been there, seen that: http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/bestoftv/2010/05/31/sanchez.cousteau.swim.cnn.html. I bet one of these specialists know the most capable hands to rectify the mess, that the Obama comrades… inaction… have delayed. NIMBY comes to mind but it was at the foot of each of the Gulf Shore States? Hello USA, all the way, one big union, one grand republic…. Mr. Bogus POTUS!

Note:  At the end of The Goonies,  at least we know Sloth had learned what was the right path in life and was well loved.


Token Bogus POTUS Makes a Staged Bogus Offering of Troops to Arizona

Yada Yada Yada Blah Blah Blah

All good Patriots knew that if it was a real offer, this would be CHANGE…

Gateway Pundit picks it up here:

Figures. Obama Knew Arizona Immigration Law Would Be Challenged When He Announced 1,200 Guard Troops Would Be Sent to the Border

…but as always, it was another staged disaster from the “master of spin”, “that one”, the only… Bogus POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama!

So Predictable! Just a tip Bogus POTUS, 1200 amounted to jack and squat!