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FlexNet Model 530X – Are Your Water, Gas and Electric Companies Changing Out Meters?

I don’t know about this America… as I incurred the change out today with my electric meter.

Some interesting questions to ponder:
When was the last time that you remember ever calling the utility company in a panic because you needed to replace one of your meter boxes on your home or business?

Why the urgent need to uniformly change out meters across the nation now?

Why does it appear that there is a monopoly on FlexNet installed utility meters across the country?

How are the old meters, that are changed out, recycled?

How many layoffs will every utility company experience when all of these units are completely installed?

Have these meters been tested for durability with regard to humidity and excessive heat/cold environments and where are the results?

Do the terms nefarious, Big Brother,  and control spring to mind?

Sensus FlexNet Overview

Sensus FlexNet Smart Point Field Programming

Exactly 1 year ago it appears that not all the bugs and preventive measures had even been addressed, let alone resolved regarding the entire “Smart Grid” operating systems with respect to utilities as the following video devulges:

Smart Grid, Utilities, and Internet Protocols

Why do I have a sense of foreboding? Definitely deems looking into financial connections and affiliations!