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Liberals & Leftists are Predators Upon the Education System Working Toward Agenda 21

Have you heard of IB aka International Baccalaureate Programme? Did you know that IB Schools in U.S. Under U.N. Law? Why? Look into this list of IB Schools in the USA… is your child succumbing to an indoctrination that you were unaware of? Do you know how and what is being taught to your children? Just think of how many of today’s troubled youth are the direct result of this process?

There is also a breakdown of more conflicts within the Education System directed against the United States of America today as provided by Freedom Advocates Video at America’s Choice depicting

“…Michael Chapman – Transformational Education – Preparing Our Children for Global Citizenship. Michael Chapman is an educational researcher and author. His efforts have uncovered direct links between the restructuring of public schools using programs such as Goals 2000 and School-to-Work and the restructuring of communities using Sustainable Development…”

Would this educational system have anything to do with Agenda 21? Why yes, yes it does! Directly from the UN’s site: Promoting Education, Public Awareness & Training or I as I like to call it “The Stupefying of the American Child“!

When was the last time you saw your child’s books? You may be in for a rude awakening!

To listen to someone who is trying to help all parents, meet Lisa McLoughlin on Hr 2 &3 Liberty Underground/The Moretti Report from 1/5/2011:

If you care about your child and your country’s future, now is the time to get involved. See what the United States Educational System has deceived your child into believing, thinking and doing! Parents… it’s 1/2 past RED ALERT time!


Obama’s Communion, Publicity Stunt or Purposeful Annoyance to Islam?

Inquiring minds want to know… was this a Catholic service… or was this a “do his own thing” Christian service at The Base Chapel? It was one or the other!

Obamas’ military base Christmas was an “In Your Face” moment to all!

“…Marines in Hawaii got a day after Christmas gift, a surprise visit from President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama…”

I bet the Marines were sooooooooooooo excited to muster on the Sunday after Christmas, where they would still be on holiday schedule!!!

Was this to counter or to aggravate the Somali Islamist leader threatens to attack U.S. if Obama doesn’t ’embrace Islam’? Or was this a classical Trojan Horse moment and an overt signal to the Islamic masses via Taqiyya and Kitman?

Via TheReligionofPeace.com

“…Muslims are allowed to lie to unbelievers in order to defeat them.  The two forms are:

Taqiyya Saying something that isn’t true.

KitmanLying by omission…”

On a side note: Owning a Kennedy dog does not make you a Catholic and/or a Christian by proxy.

Another Sorrow Filled Christmas for Michael Behenna’s Family

Sent: Thu, Dec 23, 2010 9:51 am
Subject: Clemency Denied!


To the thousands of Michael Supporters,
God bless each of you.  We have been in this fight together for the past two years and your encouragement and support has been the driving force behind all we have been able to accomplish.  Last year, the Clemency Board gave Michael a reduction of 5 years off his 20 year sentence.  On December 2nd we again pleaded Michael’s case before the Army Clemency Board.  We pointed out to them that Michael’s sentence was 50% larger than the highest sentence given to any soldier convicted of unpremeditated murder in a combat zone.  We also addressed Michael’s unblemished record in prison for the past two years, his many accomplishments while incarcerated, and his unblemished civilian record. We stressed that he was not a threat to anyone and offered many letters of reference including those from the Governor of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Attorney General, Law Enforcement Agency Heads, and all of the supporters who took the time to write letters of support for Michael.  In addition, the entire Oklahoma Congressional Delegation offered their support for Michael’s clemency. We also had three letters of immediate employment for Michael upon his release.  After our arguments to the Clemency Board, the Board had no additional uncompleted factors for Michael, and the Chairman of the Clemency Board stated that Michael had “turned the corner.”  Unfortunately, on December 22nd, Michael was notified that all of our efforts fell on deaf ears and he was denied even ONE day of clemency by the Clemency Board and the Secretary of the Army John McHugh.  We have no idea why they denied Michael’s clemency request and can only surmise that the Secretary of the Army desires Michael to spend a substantial amount of time in prison.
Michael’s Appeal Hearing before the Army Appeal Court took place on December 9th in Washington, DC and was well attended by Michael’s family and a courtroom full of supporters who drove many hours to attend the hearing.  In the Appeal’s Hearing the Army seemed to be taking a new position on the facts of the case.  During Michael’s trial in February 2009 the crux of the entire case revolved around whether Ali Mansur was sitting and executed or standing and reaching for Michael’s gun.  The Army prosecutor’s theory was that Michael executed Mansur while Mansur sat on a rock in a culvert.  Michael’s testimony was that he was questioning Mansur in the culvert when Mansur stood up and lunged for his weapon.  The Army prosecutors claimed Michael’s testimony was “impossible” and “self-serving” despite all the forensic evidence supporting Michael’s version (including their own expert witness who they sent home rather than have testify.)  During the appeal’s hearing the Army seemed to back away from its original theory stating that even if Mansur was standing and reaching for Michael’s weapon Michael would still be guilty of murder because he lost his right to defend himself by pointing a loaded gun at Mansur.   Telling a soldier that they lost their right to defend themselves in a war zone….against a known terrorist… is just plain crazy talk by people who have never been in harm’s way.  It reinforces the point made by a newly elected Congressman who said that soldiers have to watch their back against JAG officers even more than an enemy that is trying to kill them.  But the most disappointing thing we learned at the hearing was that a decision on Michael’s appeal could take as long as 15 months.
I promise you as we have promised Michael:  we will never cease fighting for Michael’s freedom no matter how high or how hard the climb.  When we spoke to Michael this week he wanted us to wish each of you a blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; and to let you know his spirit is as strong as ever because of all YOUR support – for that, we Thank You!
We appreciate the many letters to Michael inspiring him to fight through this ordeal.  We encourage you to continue to write to him with your kind words of support (his prison address can be found on the website defendmichael.com.)  Also please continue to write to your Congressmen and Senators to ensure that they are aware of your feelings about our government treating its enemies better than we treat our bravest heroes.
Here are some articles by two writers who attended the Appellate Hearing:
Peace to you and your families,
Scott & Vicki Behenna

And there appears to be another soldier victim besides
The Leavenworth Ten

Now we know why Obama REALLY made a surprise trip to Afghanistan on Dec. 3rd

Michael Behenna’s Clemency Hearing Update Via His Parents

Mon, Dec 6, 2010 6:08 am


Merry Christmas to all Michael Behenna Supporters,

We wanted to give everyone an update regarding Michael’s clemency hearing which was held on December 2nd in Washington D.C.  The Army Clemency Board gave us ample time to discuss Michael’s case.  They seemed genuinely interested in Michael’s story as well as the mitigating circumstances of his case. The Board asked relevant questions which led us to believe they not only knew the narrative, but also were concerned about Michael’s future.

Hearing from Michael’s parents as well as his girlfriend Shannon, the Clemency Board listened to us for almost 50 minutes.  We asked the Board to either suspend the rest of Michael’s sentence or to significantly reduce it.  Michel’s sentence for unpremeditated murder is now at 15 years; which is still 50% higher than any other combat related unpremeditated murder sentence.  In other cases the sentences handed out ranged from 1 to 10 years.  We expect to hear a decision from the Army Clemency Board in 1 to 2 weeks.

Next up is the long awaited appeal of Michael’s conviction.  The oral arguments will be heard this Thursday, December 9th, at 10am at the Army Court of Appeals, 901 N. Stuart, Arlington, Virginia.  The hearing is open to the public and if you are in the area we would love to have your support.  The Hearing is expected to last about one hour. If you cannot attend, we would just ask that you say a prayer for a good outcome.  It is this court that we hope will finally reverse Michael’s conviction and set him free.  We will let you know how it went in our next newsletter.

At this point it would take a miracle to prevent Michael from spending another Christmas in prison.  But we count it among our many blessings that we will be able to spend Christmas with our son in the visitation room.  We have much to be grateful for as we head into 2011.  The support you have given to Michael and to our family has truly been a gift from God.  Michael’s story has continued to grow exponentially as has all the stories of the Leavenworth 10.  Please keep the letters coming for all these brave American soldiers.

Finally, here is a NewsOK video  that discusses what we covered in the Clemency Hearing.


We want to wish each of you a wonderful Merry Christmas.  Bless you and thank you for all your support.

Scott & Vicki Behenna


Two Patriots – Duty Bound – Both Persecuted… Behenna and Lakin

They have both been all that they could be! They both have been persecuted for doing their duty. Two Patriots languish due to different circumstances, yet due directly to the Bogus POTUS. Is Michael Behenna receiving injustice and incarceration because of the Bogus POTUS’ alignment with Islam? Is Terry Lakin receiving injustice and harassment due to his request to validate the abysmal history provided by the Bogus POTUS? I believe so. Is there any reason to continually delay processing of these two men and their legitimate complaints? Why?

When will America realize that there are even more Patriots that have suffered under this callous regime of the Bogus POTUS? Have you ever heard of the Leavenworth 10? Pick a Patriot… Pick them all… they need our help! They fought and continue to fight for “We the People”!


To the thousands of Michael Behenna supporters,

With great anticipation we approach Michael’s Clemency Hearing on December 2nd and then his Appellate Hearing on December 9th. The support Michael has received during the past year has grown far beyond what we could have imagined. Michael and our family have survived on the strength drawn from each of you and the many prayers that have lifted us up during this long and painful search for justice for an American Hero.

We are constantly asked what can be done for Michael. Here are three things that you can do to help our son:

1) Pray! Peace Lutheran in Edmond, Oklahoma will hold a prayer service for justice on Sunday, December 5th. Please lift up Michael the Sunday before his Appellate Hearing and ask God that this injustice be overturned.

2) Sign Michael’s petition. We want to send 25,000 signatures to the Clemency Board by Thanksgiving. To reach this goal we only need 4,000 more signatures. Click on the following link to sign Michael’s petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/MBehenna/petition.html

3) Send Michael a letter or card. The best part of Michael’s day is when the letters are delivered to his prison cell. He thrives on those letters and your writing has become his eyes on the world. Please send him a short letter or card to let him know that he still has your support and that you appreciate his military service to our country.

It is hard to believe that it has been 18 months since the Army paraded Michael through three airports in handcuffs en route to prison. Since those dark days we have waited patiently for the ‘justice’ system to address all the failures that we witnessed at Michael’s trial. Finally the day has arrived when we will get a chance to argue why Michael’s conviction should be thrown out. With your prayers and relentless support we will prevail and Michael will be free once more!

Bless each of you,

Scott & Vicki Behenna


American Patriot Foundation for Terry Lakin

American Patriot Foundation: Updates on LTC Terry Lakin’s Case

Dear Supporter of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin,

With LTC Terry Lakin’s court-martial only one month out, the American Patriot Foundation is encouraging phone calls to Congress next week and to newly elected Members of the House and Senate– to drive home the fact that a decorated 18-year serving Army officer with numerous deployment overseas and winner of a Bronze Star– is facing imprisonment for defying military orders in order to seek assurance that the President/Commander-in-Chief is Constitutionally eligible to serve in his current post.

Since Nuremberg, servicemembers are trained to question illegal orders, yet for more than a year, no one in the Pentagon could answer LTC Lakin’s simple question– is there proof that the CINC is legally, Constitutionally eligible to be in charge of the U.S. Armed Forces? LTC Lakin would have been part of Barack Obama’s surge forces to Afghanistan– but now he faces up to four years of hard labor at Fort Leavenworth prison– if convicted at court-martial on December 14th.

Click Here For Details on How You Can Help

You can also download our latest document: Download APF’s New Blunders Report: A Sampling of Common Blunders and Uncorroborated Statements by Members of Congress about Obama’s Birth and Constitutional Eligibility

Note: We continue to need your contributions to support Terry’s communications efforts. He also needs your prayers. And so, we ask that you not only once again go to our website http://www.safeguardourconstiution.com and make a tax deductible donation.


Michael Behenna’s Appellate Arguments Finally Scheduled!


Tue, Oct 26, 2010 6:07 am

To the thousands of Michael Behenna supporters,

Michael’s long awaited Appellate Argument has finally been scheduled.  It will take place on December 9, 2010 at 10am before the Army Court of Appeals in Washington DC.  We eagerly await for Michael’s case to be reviewed by this higher court and are anxious to hear what we believe will be a reversal of the injustice that was done to Michael. If you are in the Washington DC area on this day you are welcome to attend.

The appellate court will review:

1)      The failure of the Prosecution to provide critical evidence of the Prosecution’s forensic witness to Michael’s defense counsel;

2)      The Military Prosecutor’s reversible error of making false assertions of fact and interjecting her personal opinion in closing arguments;

3)      The military judge’s improper instruction limiting Michael’s right to self-defense;

4)      The evidence presented of pre-meditated murder was not factually sufficient to support a conviction;

5)      The military judge’s failure to instruct the jury on a lesser included offense of murder.

The Army Court of Appeals can overturn Michael’s conviction on any single one of these errors.  After the hearing on December 9th a ruling should be handed down in early 2011 and our hopes and prayers are that Michael’s conviction will thrown out.

In addition to the appeals process Michael also has his annual clemency hearing coming up, possibly around the same time as the appellate argument hearing.  Michael is not allowed to attend his clemency hearing so we will again represent him and hope the Clemency Board takes further action to reduce his sentence or release him to come home.  We request that everyone send letters of support to the Clemency Board.  You are certainly welcome to draft a short letter advising the Clemency Board of your opinion, or use the sample letter at the bottom of this email, or a combination thereof.  (The sample letter will also be placed on www.defendmichael.com).  We also encourage you to send a copy of your letter to your Senators and Representatives. There is a perfect storm forming to bring Michael home, but now more than ever we need your help.  Please take a minute and write to the Deputy Secretary of the Army and your Congressional Delegations to let them know that this young man must be set free.

We are extremely grateful for those who continue to send letters and cards to Michael.  This upcoming holiday season will be Michael’s second behind bars and he will no doubt struggle with the loneliness that comes with his situation.  You can’t imagine the impact a kind word of support can have upon our son.  Your letters have always lifted his spirits and sustained him as he fights to regain the freedom that was taken away from him.  With the incredible support of thousands of voices just like yours from across this great country hopefully this will be the last holiday Michael has to spend behind prison walls.

Bless you all,

Scott & Vicki Behenna

Proud Parents of 1LT Michael Behenna


Michael Behenna and the Upcoming Clemency Hearing


To the thousands of Michael Behenna supporters,

A lot has transpired since our last update.

1) Michael’s case has been fully briefed with the Army Court of Appeals and we are waiting patiently for an argument date to be set by the court.  We are hopeful it will be before the end of the year.

2) Michael has another Clemency Hearing coming up – most likely in December (yes it has been a year since the Clemency Board reduced Michael’s sentence to fifteen years.)  Once we know the date of Michael’s Clemency Hearing we will send out another update asking people to write letters to the Clemency Board.

3) The Leavenworth 10 Rally over Labor Day Weekend was more successful than we could have ever imagined. We knew our  target date was short notice, but it came together thanks to a lot of hard work from countless volunteers. I especially want to express my heartfelt thanks for the generous donations from UECUS Inc and the Seals Warrior Fund as well as the hundreds of individuals who gave.  Your support helped pay for a tremendous event that built exposure for these 10 men who have been charged for protecting themselves or their men in a war zone.  Soon on the L10 web site www.L10freedomride.com we will be including all the Rally photographs and videos available for you to watch.  In the meantime the web sites below have many videos to review:

http://conservativetvonline.com/index.php (Home page halfway down on the left side)


http://kansas.watchdog.org/5103/leavenworth-10-freedom-ride/ (video of the Ride through Leavenworth)

4) Michael’s website www.defendmichael.com has a whole new look.  We will be adding even more information and helpful links to assist Michael’s supporters as we continue our fight for his release.  Also, here is the newest video put on the DefendMichael.com website:  “A Mother’s Fight” by Gregory Gullbert. www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZAVAR6WrRI

And finally, PLEASE CONTINUE TO WRITE LETTERS TO MICHAEL.  The government’s delay in filing their brief and the delay in setting the date for oral arguments has left Michael feeling discouraged these past few weeks.  Michael lost his freedom almost nineteen months ago and it is your encouragement and support that truly sustains him through this injustice.  Send your letters to:

Michael Behenna  87503

1300 N. Warehouse Road

Ft. Leavenworth, KS  66027-2304

Bless you for your continued support of an American hero we proudly call our son,

Scott and Vicki Behenna


** I personally find it interesting that Michael’s hearing as well as Terry Lakin’s hearing are both to arrive after this election. Coincidence… doubtful! The Patriots are with Patriots – Michael and Terry!