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If the Army Can Burn Bibles, Why Can’t Civilians Burn Qurans?

I asked this very question on Twitter yesterday:

If our own military burns Bibles, then why can’t civilians burn Qurans? http://ow.ly/2AQlw

Did the U.S. Army burn Bibles on a U.S. Military Base?
Why yes, yes they did!
Was it during the current administration?
Why yes, yes it was!
Reference: Reuters “U.S. military says Afghan bibles have been destroyed
My point… If any amount or any type of religious literature was delivered to this or any base or ship, then it easily could have been transported off the base or ship, not burned with, or as, garbage.

What about “Free speech in Kansas? I guess not…” as a Christian Pastor is arrested!
Do you remember when “Dearborn Michigan: 3 Christians Arrested For Reaching out to Muslims!“?

But it’s all good for… ICNA MN Will Try To Educate Fair-Goers On Muslim Religion

ICNATV | August 25, 2010

MN Group Will Try To Educate Fair-Goers On Muslim Religion
Submitted by Scott Theisen on Tuesday, August 24th, 8:19 pm

The Great Minnesota Get-Together could be educational for thousands of fair-goers even before they walk through the gates.

A Minnesota group will try to educate fair-goers about the Muslim religion.

Volunteers with the Islamic Circle of North America say they will hand out cards titled “Islam Explained” because they want people to know what it means to be Muslim. While the group doesn’t have a licensed booth space to operate on the fairgrounds, it can still take advantage of the crowds. The group will be stationed outside gates 10 and 20.

The group says the outreach effort in Minnesota has nothing to do with the proposed Islamic community center near Ground Zero in Manhattan, which has caused national controversy.

St. Paul police tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the volunteers can hand out literature on the sidewalks as long as they don’t block the sidewalks.

The group also has radio ads that will start airing Monday. Those ads will include a number people can call to ask questions about Islam.

No Separation of Church and State… FAIR?

But then we have “The Spineless Diatribe of Petraeus in Kabul
My point… Petraeus you are in charge of a war zone, are the soldiers in harm’s way now or not? If the little church in Florida doesn’t burn the Qurans will the Taliban pack up and call their mission done?

I support any Pastor, with his own flock, at his own church, in his own parking lot burning his own personal property as it is his right to do so!

Lack of a Quran for Upcoming “Burn a Quran Day”? No Problem and a free gif too:


Why yes, I am extreme… EXTREMELY AMERICAN!


10 Foot Drive or $1.00 Houses – Obama What Have You Done Lately to/for Detroit?

President Obama visits the Chrysler plant in Detroit

DetNewsVideo | July 30, 2010

Detroit — President Barack Obama today praised the revitalization of the auto industry as he got a first-hand look at Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs coming off an assembly line and even drove a Chevy Volt.

So Two Cheers for the Detroit Bailout should make everyone feel warm and fuzzy about Detroit’s 2 bailed out auto manufacturers? Why? Ford needed no help! A 10 foot drive in a Chevy Volt that has a starting purchase price of $41,000 and production of 10,000 for its first year of production is not something to be shouting and touting from the rooftops. More time in Obama’s speech was spent commending the lottery winners at the plant than the vehicle.

Bid4Assets tells a sad story about the recovery in the Detroit area. Just search the site in all home categories with the terms “Detroit, House“. Detroit has the ‘Lion’s Share‘ on the site, note especially the category with a $1 starting price and no reserve. Let’s not forget this event ~ Detroit Shrinks Itself, Historic Homes and All.

Checking http://www.recovery.gov/Pages/home.aspx validates the struggles with unemployment and lack of new jobs, on the whole, in Michigan. And the Stimulus Watch details another farce in jobs creation for Detroit.


Hat tip to Hubby!


Michigan Oil Spill Cleanup Boils Down to A Contest for Ideas Provided to the EPA!

The article US-Canada pipeline leaks oil into Michigan river details the event and it appears that nearly 1/2 day’s flowing supply was lost to the creek. It is not a comfort to see the EPA rear its ugly head in our Great Lakes as they have not done well in the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill (the EPA failed to inspect what it expected). The fact that this is not the first significant leak for Enbridge Energy Partners this year within the United States is also troubling. The symptoms from unqualified inspections and outright negligence are overwhelming and have led to:

Oily birds found after Calhoun County leak

WOODTV8 | July 26, 2010

MARSHALL TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — An estimated 20,000 barrels — or 840,000 gallons — of oil have leaked from a pumping station into the Tallmadge Creek south of Marshall, an official with the pumping station’s owner said Monday evening.

The oil has moved into the Kalamazoo River at least as far as Ceresco, between Marshall and Battle Creek, as of 8 p.m. Monday. Oil could be seen coming down the dam in Ceresco and staining vegetation in the river.

An Enbridge Pipelines spokeswoman said she wasn’t certain how far the oil had traveled as of 9 p.m.

Neighbors alerted 24 Hour News 8 to oil-covered geese along the river between Marshall and Battle Creek.

“It just breaks your heart to see creatures suffering,” Sherri McGee said. “It’s just terrible. Somebody should be out here doing something.”

Enbridge spokeswoman Terri Larson said the company is aware of the birds and is working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. People wanting to report endangered animals — or any oil issues — can contact Enbridge at 1-800-306-6837.

Crews were working to place barriers Monday night but we wondered: is the company confident that the barriers were be placed ahead of the oil?

“What I can say is we’re bringing our full resources to bear to contain and resolve this situation. Everything we can throw at this we are throwing at this,” Larson told 24 Hour News 8.


LIBERTYDOGG77 | July 26, 2010

Oil Spill In Michigan

lniewenhuis | July 28, 2010

This is footage from the Enbridge Energy Pipeline oil rupture near Marshall, Michigan, just 10 miles from where I live. The spill is flowing into the Kalamazoo River which flows through West Michigan and out to Lake Michigan. Last year, I walked all the way around Lake Michigan, a journey of over a 1,000 miles. Seeing this oil on its way to the lake horrifies me. Read more about my journey around Lake Michigan at: LakeTrek.Blogspot.com

Michigan State Police at Enbridge Oil Spill Press Conference

MichEMHS | August 01, 2010

F/Lt. Bonnie Kanicki-Wilson of the Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division makes a statement at the 7-31-2010 press conference regarding the Enbridge oil spill in Calhoun county.

Michigan Oil Spill News And Updates

Just a few follow-up thoughts:

This article is ridiculous, since we don’t have a Pro-Active POTUS, but a slacker in reacting.

Where has PHMSA been during the cleanup, use of dispersants and disposal of oil in the Gulf of Mexico and now the ongoing situation in Michigan?

Why do disasters in the United States of America require a contest for answers? Because we have a weak White House administration that doesn’t have a clue!


Coincidence or Hard Sell Via Oil Spill After Oil Spill?

Have all facilities been working with faulty equipment?
Have all facilities suddenly hired irresponsible individuals?
Is this all just a matter of coincidence?

Most Recent Events:

Officials: Oil leak from China pipeline mostly cleaned
Gulf Spill May Far Exceed Official Estimates
Oil Leak From Dalian Pipeline Explosion, Fires Is Under Control, CNPC Says
Michigan Oil Spill Update: Oil Leak Plugged And by the way, who knew?
Crews Fight to Contain New Leak in the Gulf of Mexico

I’m Just $aying That It Could Be… $ome Other Reason?!?


Obama Stumbles Into Michigan and Fumbles for Recognition… Meanwhile Stocks Tumble

Obama sure is working the Bogus POTUS slush fund…
Obama Defends Stimulus Grants to Electric-Car Battery Plants

“None of this would have been possible without the Recovery Act,” White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer told reporters on a conference call yesterday. He criticized Republican opposition to the $862 billion stimulus.

Hmm? I just can’t seem to locate this in the “$862 billion stimulus”, can you?


What an interesting company too – LG Chem, Ltd report and LG Chem, Ltd website.

Information located on Bloomberg Businessweek: http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/snapshot/snapshot.asp?ticker=051910:KS

From the same linked page on Bloomberg Businessweek ~

LG Chem, Ltd. Receives Approval for 15-Year, 120-Acre Renaissance Zone in Holland for New Battery Plant

LG Chem, Ltd. announced Gov. Jennifer Granholm has approved a 15-year, 120-acre renaissance zone in Holland for a new battery plant. It’s expected to create up to 300 jobs and generate $302 million in private investment. The company and its Compact Power Inc. will make battery cells for electric vehicles at the plant.

So when were the stimulus funds allotted and from where? hmm?
Michigan Moves To Become Center For Advanced Battery Production
So, just how was this in the stimulus way back when?

LG Chem, Ltd. has a Petrochemicals division? hmm?


Space the Final Front of Fear?

Now let me get this straight… Obama initiates preferential religious treatment, NASA access, and exemption for Obamacare for Muslims, why?

When and where did Muslims build this great United States of America? Were they on the Mayflower? Were they at the Continental Congress? Did they build railroads and trail blaze the country? Was there a special invention or unique contribution by Muslims in the last 200+ years to and for America?  Was there a special battalion of Muslims during the Revolutionary or Civil War? Were there Muslim troops in the military during the Korean War, WW1 or WW2? Where’s the history that merits the good will of one Bogus POTUS and only the Bogus POTUS?

What have they done to this country and its citizens, hmm?
Murder of Army TAD Recruiter Little Rock, AR.
Murder of Army Personnel Fort Hood, TX.
Attempted bombing of flight to Detroit Christmas Eve.
And a huge list since…
…Muslims destroyed the WTC’s Twin Towers in New York City via airplanes.

Now, as Obama hands over NASA, red flags should be going off in the USA and the world. His picks have such a great track record (rolling eyes) and so transparent too. I’m sure Obama appointed Muslims will be sweet, gentle, kind and never contemplate using a heavy well laden, space travel enabled vehicle to deliver a rain of nukes, lasers or the vehicle itself as a supersonic bomb! I mean there’s no agenda for Muslims! I’m just saying!


What Is Up With Heavy E. Coli in Rivers, Lakes, Streams and Public Works in the United States?

Hmm? Contaminated 4th of July Celebration Sites and Family Fun Spots?

6/30/10 Sault Ste Marie, Michigan
St. Mary’s River via Water Advisory for Part of the St. Mary’s River

“…The Health Department says there are elevated levels of E. coli within the north shore of Sugar Island along the Lake George Channel…”

6/30/10  from Jefferson City, Missouri
Various Locations throughout the state via Mo. DNR closes 6 beaches for bacteria, high water

“…state swimming beaches after finding high levels of E. coli bacteria…”

6/30/10 Jefferson, Texas
Lake of the Pines via Businesses hit hard by E-Coli outbreak at Lake of the Pines

“…but a recent E-Coli outbreak has changed all…”

6/29/10 Beaverton, Michigan
Ross Lake Park via E. coli levels test high at Ross Lake beach

“…300 E. coli per 1mL of water. The advisory was to be in effect for 14 days but remained posted as of June 29…”

6/26/10 Benton, Arkansas
Saline River via Part of the Saline River Closed Because of E. Coli

“…E. coli level in a section of the Saline River near the Highway 5 bridge is three times the acceptable level…”

6/26/10 Chicago, Illinois
Crystal Lake via Crystal Lake Regatta postponed due to E. Coli levels

“…Officials close the beaches if they post two consecutive days of 235 or more colony forming units of E. coli per 100 milliliters of water in either the shallow or deep end…”

6/24/10 Kenesaw, Nebraska
Utilities Dept via Flooding slows trains

“…two water samples taken Monday showed the presence of E. coli bacteria, so another health warning was issued…”

6/20/10 Cincinnati, Ohio
Ohio River via Ohio River swimmer nearing halfway mark

“…The river still is polluted — with fecal coliform and e. coli among other harmful bacteria — but it varies day to day, according to the Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission. On June 8, the latest data available, amounts of those bacteria did not exceed safe levels at mile marker 470, just upriver from downtown Cincinnati. Ohio River swimmers also face debris, currents and other pathogens in addition to those bacteria that can make the river an unhealthy place to swim…”

A fairly up to the minute (but not all encompassing) report on  E. Coli  affected public areas, contaminated food, outbreaks, and more can also be found on E. Coli News.
Real-Time Water Quality via the USGS for your consideration.