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Oil Leaks, Oil Seeps, Oil Sneaks, Oil Creeps

Look at the Movement and Quick SEC Filings, hmm? What about just one person’s activities? What about mentioning that there has been a problem of oil leaking/seepage since April 30th, 2010 (and various other problems further back as documented here and here) that is NOT notated strongly anywhere on Diamond Offshore’s Site? Just because the oil rig, itself, is not leaking, does not mean there is no culpability or responsibility for the leaking that is ongoing, as that is the specific job assigned to the Ocean Saratoga Rig!

“…The rig is under contract to Taylor Energy Company LLC and engaged in the process of plugging and abandoning wells damaged when a Taylor Energy production platform was toppled during Hurricane Ivan in 2004…”

Jog anyone’s memory? Anyone? Anyone?

March 11, 2005 – LLOG Exploration Company (Operator) & Diamond Offshore (Contractor)

Pollution: 500 bbl Crude Oil/ Condensate: None
Refined Petroleum: None Synthetic Oil Fluids*: None
Chemicals: 500 bbl Calcium Bromide Completion Fluid Events: Pollution & Accidental Riser Disconnect
MMS Investigation Report: Completed 9-May-2005 Activity: Development/Production
Lease: G24154 Operation: Completion
Area: Green Canyon Causes: Human Error
Block: 157 Distance to Shore: 100 Miles
Rig: Diamond Ocean Saratoga Water Depth: 2,618 Feet

Remarks: On March 11, 2005, at 1300 hours the wellhead connector on the BOP Stack on the Diamond Offshore Ocean Saratoga semi-submersible rig (working for LLOG Exploration in Green Canyon 157) inadvertently unlatched due to improperly connected Blowout Preventer control lines. The well had production casing set, a subsea tree installed and the last in-hole operation prior to the incident occurring was to perforate the production interval. This is an oil producing reservoir and the rig was in 2,614 feet of water. Upon the Wellhead Connector unlatching, the differential pressure between the weighted completion fluid in the riser and the normal seawater pressure caused the stack to separate from the wellhead profile on the top of the subsea tree. The fluid level in the riser equalized to the seawater hydrostatic. Approximately 500 barrels of calcium chloride completion fluid (14.2 ppg calcium chloride salt water) were released from the riser.

In summary due to poor procedures and human errors the hoses were crossed on the wellhead connector for the Yellow Pod circuit. Several opportunities to correct the above errors were missed. The hoses to the Yellow Pod were not installed properly and were not detected during the shipyard shake out inspection. The Subsea Function Test Checklist Procedures failed to detect the improper operation when testing the BOPs in the moon pool. A further opportunity to detect improper operation of the connector was missed during the landing and latch up operations on the seafoor. A miscommunication between the Subsea Engineer and the assistant Subsea Engineer during the function verification process as to the position of the latch indicator on the H-4 type connector when switching from the Blue to the Yellow Pod was a contributing factor to the cause of this incident.

Accident Investigation Report: Form 2010 11-Mar-2005 GC157

NRC Report: 752472


Diamond Offshore

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Global Industries

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Did somebody get a new contract? Why, yes…yes they did:

Global Industries, Ltd. Awarded US$125 Million Pipeline Project in Pemex’s Bay of Campeche Ku-Maloob-Zaap Field

But put the big picture together including timing. Time is money after all! And there is a connection!


Conserve the Vote

Per the United States Census Bureau our 2010 population stands at over 300 million.

According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the resident population of the United States, projected to 05/18/10 at 21:28 UTC (EST+5) is



	One birth every..................................   7 seconds
	One death every..................................  13 seconds
	One international migrant (net) every............  37 seconds
	Net gain of one person every.....................  12 seconds

How many jobs would open up if the illegal aliens were sent home? Look they are coming faster and faster. If they were not coming, there would be a Natural Net LOSS! Remember they are reproducing too!

How many stupid citizens are there in the United States of America? Are you awake yet? Look around, wake up? Over 300 million people can not let the shenanigans in Washington, DC continue without abate. “We the People” are the bosses to those decrepit yo-yos that have been voted in. The majority did not vote them in, but times are changing. Conserve the Vote!

Arizona is doing it right!

It is long past time to say “When”!