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Will the Department of Transportation Aid and Abet Criminal Activity?

Sadly it’s pretty consistent with the entire DC philosophy these past two years…

From The Hill’s insightful article “DoT exploring technology that would disable cell phones in cars” we learn that the overpaid Washington mob has nothing better to accomplish then more aggravation and danger upon Americans.

My question is: When would this ever be considered a practical move?

Just a Few Possible Scenarios and Realistic Safety Concerns:

Will the phones be turned off in cars of drivers and all passengers? Hmm… won’t be a selling feature of convenience and gas savings for joining the local carpools!

This also wouldn’t allow a kidnap victim with a concealed cell phone to call out for help? Great… now kidnappers and thugs have an easier control of potential victims immediately.

Police and highway patrol wouldn’t be able to converse with fleeing motorists… remember Al & OJ?

Mom and Dad go out for the evening. Babysitter, Grandma, etc needs to ask Mom or Dad a question… but no phone service for both as they are traveling in the same car?

Witness to a crime or emergency (drunk driver, holdup, fire) and as you are driving alone… you can’t call it in, unless you find a safe place to stop, turn off your car, and get how far away from the vehicle?

If it will turn off, what’s the point of having this “disabler”… but if it is to remain on continuously, what are the long term effects of its exposure to the human body?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Who Color Coordinated the Wardrobe for the Phoenix Arizona Protesters from California?

Protesters or as J.D. Hayworth refers to them “…Rent-A-Mob…”!

New Game, match the shirt to the thug group! 32 Unions to Choose From:

Yellow aka Cowards and Paid to Act Up Colored Shirts
Green aka Faux Climate Weirdness Colored Shirts
Red aka Communist Leaning Colored Shirts
White aka The Sun Will Reflect and I Will Stay Cooler Colored Shirts
Black & White Striped aka I know I Will Make a Jerk of Myself and Might as Well Be Ready for Jail Colored Shirts
and more but who really cares? If you were Patriotic Americans you’d be wearing the Red, White and Blue~

Hundreds arrive from LA to protest 1070

abc15com | July 29, 2010

More than 500 people met at L.A. Dodgers’ stadium and traveled to Phoenix on board eleven chartered buses to protest against SB 1070.

Didn’t look planned or staged at all (rolling eyes)! And you made such an impact ~ Phoenix Arizona – Union Thugs From LA Can’t Stand the Heat Leave in Defeat, NOT! What a bunch of tools, these Union fools! You embarrassed yourselves and spent your brethren union members’ funds. NICE! Of course 32 Unions breaking a “Shouted Out Boycott” means nothing either. Scruples, none!

Also: By the amount of trash you left behind, your Unions should be billed for the cleanup!