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Benton Arkansas Police Department Buffering Its Coffers Today on Military Road

How appropriate as it is Adolph Hitler’s Birthday Anniversary…

An Open Letter to Benton Arkansas Mayor David Mattingly, Benton Arkansas Police Chief Kirk Lane, Benton Chamber of Commerce and ALL Retail Shop Owners, especially the brand new store BIG LOTS.

I will no longer be shopping in Benton, Arkansas! I highly recommend, that all recipients of unjust seat belt tickets received on Military Road today, do likewise. Salem, Bryant and on-line will now obtain all of my shopping dollars. FYI… Big Lots, that was terrible advertising for you today. I haven’t been, nor now will I ever enter your doors.

To make a long story short, I was traveling Southwest on Military Road today in Benton Arkansas

I was stopped on the Southwest Lane with two passengers in my vehicle second in line at the traffic light. Minding my own business, but observing the officers on both sides of the 5 lane ‘road’ (a turning lane separates the double lanes), when I was shocked to hear a rapping on my passenger’s side window just as the light had turned green.

The Officer left the sidewalk, jaywalked through traffic into the innermost lane, and knocked on the passenger side window from the positions as viewed in my diagram. The officer told the passenger he was doing a seat belt check and informed me (the driver) to pull into the shopping center where the newly grand opened Big Lots is housed, without explaining that there was a problem, a warning or additional instructions for all of us to put on our seat belts.

I had to switch into the right lane and then make a right hand turn into the lot.

Driver and front seat passenger received a ticket, back seat passenger received none.

I left a call for the Police Chief  but it was not returned, so I contacted the Mayor’s Office and spoke to a very lovely woman named Loretta. Not five minutes after Loretta and I ended our call I received a “Private” call which turned out to be Chief Lane. This was a further lesson in futility. Therefore I will make my stand and not assist the town of Benton with any financial assistance other than what is necessary in keeping utilities. Oh… I am so done!


Loughner Timeline and Financials are Excessive

As CNN has provided Loughner’s timeline in PDF, I thought I would look into all that they have submitted. I always like to go, with what I know. First I know that it is titled jared.loughner.timeline-pdf.4. Normally not a jarring event but what were 1,2, & 3 since this is from a news network? Also I note at the bottom of the page that this is page 1 of 2 but it’s a 1 page document file? What is missing? Normally, like a few years back, I probably would not even take a second glance, however I lived there and have relatives and friends in Tucson. Maybe the signature bobbi85710 < Tucson zip code gives it away.

Anyway back to the aforementioned document copy and the article from CNN on January 14, 2011 10:39 p.m. EST titled Police: Loughner up all night at Walmarts, Circle Ks before shooting. I find this very unusual comment in CNN’s article

“…Police say they believe Loughner drove to the riverbed after being pulled over for running the red light and tossed the ammunition-filled bag…”

There’s a fabrication somewhere in CNN’s own article or a misdirection because how could the bag be tossed after the traffic stop yet be seen by the father in Loughner’s possession as he fled on foot? And the Lame Stream Media wonders why they are losing their audience?

Now to the document and a map of movement. If Loughner dropped off film, and then picked it up how did Walgreens turns over photos of Loughner waving gun in g-string? Is there something each and every local Walgreens should be telling us… like that they keep copies of everything we take to them for film developing?

I am also curious as to the amount of money and available credit that was on his credit/debit card that enabled him to buy all the items including rounds, a hotel bill, cab fare (What was the dollar denomination that had to be changed for the Taxi driver?), and/or a camera that took 35 mm film (Where is the camera?). Since they still found money on Loughner, I would like to know who “financially backed”… I mean supported him?

When Psycho Sycophants aka the “Left” Go Crazy

Winter of Discontent: London fee riots not the end

RussiaToday | December 10, 2010 | 89 likes, 2 dislikes

London is clearing-up after another day of violent student protests, after lawmakers approved a hike in university tuition fees. Rioters targeted government buildings. There was even an attack on Prince Charles’ car. RT’s Laura Emmett has the story.

If the psycho sycophants aka “Anarcho-Leftists Physically Attack Camilla Through Car Window… Pi$$ on Churchill!” placing blame on the visual “leadership” of Great Britain… I wonder who the Loony Left Liberals in the USA will attack one of the days?

Just who would the psycho sycophants consider to have broken multiple promises as they gripped the reins of party leadership in Washington DC, and decimated these same psycho sycophants lives?

Hey Loony Left Progressive Socialistic Liberal members of Congress and the White House… if you build faulty minions aka psycho sycophants to do your bidding, you should do a better job of building them up and paying them off… oops, no money for minions or minion’s kids! This is only the beginning of worse things to come for the Left and by the Left worldwide as it finally sinks in that they have been used!

Hey Lefties… Great Britain is all about college “elective expenditures”. How’s that forced health care or lack thereof for your children? Did you forget the order of importance in your life or did you just want to be “important” with your life? You were tooled, then fooled!

Populist Unemployment POTUS – PUP – Because This Is a Dog!

Bogus POTUS gives a weenie, whiny speech during the dinner hour this evening to all Americans: “Obama Proposes Payroll Tax Reduction as Part of Deal Taking Shape on Bush Tax Cuts” via FOX News.

Who knew that the Bogus POTUS wanted to continually throw money to the unemployed, for his entire term… that is unless he gets yanked out that seat warming position. It appears that the professionally unemployed are the new beholden and “in the tank” base for Obama. Oh yea, Socialism rocks or births rocks!

Jonathan Narcisse Has Time To Trash And What About That Cash? IOWA HUGE RED FLAG!



Clever Boys… listen to the first few minutes of the exchange between the radio personality and Jonathan Narcisse… not only do they both submit false accusations upon this blogger down here in Arkansas, they also validate that lies are acceptable, condoned… and research is an afterthought! Classic Alinsky! Download this show

All provided by station 98.3 WOW-FM on October 25, 2010 Bradshaw – Oct 21, 2010 HOUR 3. I reached out and contacted the radio station and Mr. Jonathan Narcisse yesterday for a response… Crickets…  as of 11:00 a.m. CST today!

By the way, what are the following donations/contributions paying for? The current list of fools, and their money that was quickly parted, is provided here:


IOWA don’t be tooled! He’s only working it for 2% to create another party for his own benefit on Iowans’ backs! He never had a chance of obtaining the Governorship. So why would he run?

1 Tool + 1 Run = 1 Party upon 2% Attained & CONTROL!

Governor Candidates Debate on Iowa Public Television, Radio Why didn’t Narcisse show? From the article

“…Conspicuously absent from the debate was Jonathan Narcisse, a newspaper publisher and former Des Moines school board member. While the other candidates have as stated goals to win ballot access or to build their ideological movements, Narcisse has insisted from the beginning that he is going to win the election and may have found it below him to appear. Ironically, Narcisse has been very vocal about his exclusion from the debates between the major party candidates…”

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Thug Threats Are All Worn Out – A Progressive Failure Upon America – Receding Dare Line

Stripes – Don’t Call Me Francis

vidsampler | September 15, 2008

Don’t Call Me Francis

Much as Frank/Francis comes to learn, no one fears the mouth, the threat, the anger… it is despised. After just a few times, Frank’s threat means nothing. It’s laughable.

Just imagine if you will, America, that we had to jump start this country all over again due to the sadistic behavior of the Progressive “sour powers that be”… we started with a lot less over 200 years ago. They want all the money and they are stealing it, but they will awaken the “quiet men and women” of this country. No one likes to be rudely awakened, and America is no exception. Patriots won’t start trouble but they will surely end it. Enjoy the right fight with the right song ~

What a Re”Volt”ing Development – Dud or Deathtrap?

What a great advertising gimmick, NOT! A National Tour is necessary?

First Responders Perform Live Extrication on a Chevrolet Volt

chevrolet | August 31, 2010

Watch as a Chevrolet Volt is methodically dismantled at a training exercise for emergency personnel in Chicago and learn about Chevrolet and OnStar’s partnership with the National Fire Prevention Association on electric vehicle training for first responders.

I don’t know about the reader, but I just feel all warm and fuzzy, again, NOT! Hey I say, if Congress and the White House used our taxpayer money for bailing out a manufacturer who designed mobile electric chairs, let them drive these beasts. Lead by example, hug your union buds, show Americans how you really support what you desire to push on “We the People”.

White House, Senators, House Representatives be the first proud owners, give one to each of your wives or husbands, don’t forget your children and grandchildren. Let’s see how you put our money where your mouth is!

The Good Samaritan clause ends in a Volt crash. I mean it could turn into one hell of an electrifying experience~

Oh no… General Motors Considering New Engines for Eco-Friendly Chevy Volt… I wonder why?

Easy on the Environment, Tough on Passengers! – Could be a smoking good slogan!?!

What if it’s raining, what if there’s a short in the system, what if the driver is getting electrocuted, what if the battery breaks open? Inquiring minds want to know.