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One More Failure During this Dismal Administration – Taurus XL Rocket Fails & Falls

The Taurus XL Rocket with NASA’s Glory Satellite made a big splash today, but not in a good way!

The last of the glory days appear to be long behind this once great United States of America due directly to the extremely sloppy Bogus POS POTUS administration in DC. There is a lack of practical real world experience and there appears to be a hands off approach in the use of any sets of checks and balances that extends completely into each area of government. There is no quality control or pride in performance. Problems start at the top, when you have a ineffectual and impotent leader, you get ineffectual and impotent government departments. There is never a sense of urgency, no plan and no priorities.

How many costly and/or deadly “accidents” must “We The People” endure? When will Obama finally concede and step down for the good of “We The People” and the rest of the world?


Space the Final Front of Fear?

Now let me get this straight… Obama initiates preferential religious treatment, NASA access, and exemption for Obamacare for Muslims, why?

When and where did Muslims build this great United States of America? Were they on the Mayflower? Were they at the Continental Congress? Did they build railroads and trail blaze the country? Was there a special invention or unique contribution by Muslims in the last 200+ years to and for America?  Was there a special battalion of Muslims during the Revolutionary or Civil War? Were there Muslim troops in the military during the Korean War, WW1 or WW2? Where’s the history that merits the good will of one Bogus POTUS and only the Bogus POTUS?

What have they done to this country and its citizens, hmm?
Murder of Army TAD Recruiter Little Rock, AR.
Murder of Army Personnel Fort Hood, TX.
Attempted bombing of flight to Detroit Christmas Eve.
And a huge list since…
…Muslims destroyed the WTC’s Twin Towers in New York City via airplanes.

Now, as Obama hands over NASA, red flags should be going off in the USA and the world. His picks have such a great track record (rolling eyes) and so transparent too. I’m sure Obama appointed Muslims will be sweet, gentle, kind and never contemplate using a heavy well laden, space travel enabled vehicle to deliver a rain of nukes, lasers or the vehicle itself as a supersonic bomb! I mean there’s no agenda for Muslims! I’m just saying!


Yammer Time – Courtesy of the Bogus POTUS on the U.S. Space Program

Video and speech can be viewed here: President Obama Unveils NASA’s new mission

One of the tall tales he still spouts “… sitting on my grandfather’s shoulders waving a flag as astronauts arrived in Hawaii…” hmm? even at today’s speech. This doesn’t explain…Hawaii 1975: “Tony Peterson
Barack moved back to Honolulu, Hawaii in 1971, aged 10, and lived with his grandparents. At Punahou High School, he met Peterson, who now works for the United Methodist Church in Tennessee.” or from Wikipedia:

“…He then returned to Honolulu to live with his maternal grandparents, Madelyn and Stanley Dunham, and has resided permanently in the United States since 1971…”

If this is the time per the The Spokesman-Review – Aug 9, 1971, how did they get on base?

Looks like his chief objective is funding Unions…again…hmm? with his “transformative agenda for NASA.” New way to move the money around again since “Climategate” scuttled original plans.

I just love this: “Obama Aims to Send Astronauts to an Asteroid, Then to Mars” Why? What is the objective with an asteroid?

Obama Anti NASA Pro Muslim

~Very Interesting~

But my gut tells me to trust:

Neil Armstrong Commander, Apollo 11

James Lovell Commander, Apollo 13

Eugene Cernan Commander, Apollo 17

Patriots, the Space Race, Freedom Train and now the Reins of Socialism

Climategate, Copenhagen, COP15 and the Money

It appears everybody in Copenhagen at COP15 is set for push and rush mode, hmm? Why? Maybe, just maybe… Mr. Yvo de Boer says it best “..We also need short term finance agreed..” What? It is all about the money! What a shocking revelation. Not!

It’s not like there is any dispute with real data regarding climate change statistics due directly to finances? Oh wait Climategate!

It’s not like Climategate could immediately affect anyone’s money or investments surely? This certainly couldn’t be swept under the carpet by a full fledged contingency of World Leaders browbeating their own citizens with scare tactics?

It couldn’t be that government agencies within our own USA might be perpetuating said tactics like NASA?

It’s not like this is the religious climax and season of the year throughout the world with Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa and other holiday observations forthcoming to distract the world populace?

Or was this the plan all along?

Climategate and the Spin-Off Series NASAgate

Climategate and the Spin-Off Series NASAgate or
Change you can be deceived in!
Temperatures, Figures, Data?

As the industrious scientists have been “cooking the books” across the planet, and in particular the University of East Anglia (UK), it appears that our very own NASA has been approached to provide information through a requested (and long delayed) Freedom of Information, now NASAgate. It appears that there has been some manipulation and data changes with respect to recorded temperatures. Climategate has had its leaked email fiasco and it appears NASAgate has been dodging any turn around time on an FOIA request for two years. Why?

I believe every Patriotic American should request this information immediately from NASA, on their own, and on NASA’s FOIA link page.

I find it quite telling that the information tables on NASA’s own Goddard Space Flight Center internet site carries the subtitle – “Global Change Master Directory Discover Earth Science data and services”. What is even more fascinating is the tab “Add to GCMD” where one can:

Add Descriptions to the GCMD

Welcome! You may add (or modify) descriptions with our docBUILDER web-based tools.
Add a description to the GCMD usingtool to:

Online docBUILDER guide: How to use the docBUILDER tool

Online guides for describing all of the metadata fields are available for creating descriptions:

Just one research session of five minutes, located the above information. I wonder how Chris Horner will fare on his request before December 31, 2009? He appears to be well qualified on all fronts to obtain the information or challenge its release via the courts. I’ll be watching this process to update here.
***Also forwarded to The 912 Project Fan Site for use.