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How About a “Cinco De Mayo” Celebration? Sorry in the USA It’s Just the 5th of May

Not on the Calendar

Now wouldn’t this be something……. hmm?

As I still wait to see any Native American holiday! Sorry Thanksgiving doesn’t cut it.

Cinco de Mayo is just another day in May with the number 5. By holding a Mexican National’s holiday on foreign soil and viewed as a foreign allegiance – there is the potential for small playful injuries, escalated arguments that create hostilities with physical altercations and the police might be called in and need to assist in some way. What better way to round up illegal aliens? hmm? What flag will they be carrying? It doesn’t matter what state this celebration is held. It’s an outing party. Illegal is illegal? What the heck is the U.S. Immigration and Citizenship for and why are they paid? What the heck is the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for and why are their hands tied?

Who is ultimately responsible for this entire mess? Bogus POTUS


My Rare Find of the Day #1

My Rare Find of the Day #1
#1 in my finds beginning on this blog.

I went into Little Rock today to pre-Thanksgiving, Christmas shop. Found this little beauty for marked for $1.50 with the original selling tag of $ 26.00 and the artisan’s name from the Seminole Tribe. omg! Hubby collects Native Americana Baskets. It is beautifully detailed with red/white/blue stitching of the sweet grass. It has a 6 1/2 inch diameter and when lidded it stands, at highest, 5 inches tall. Patriotic theme! Current retail value is $175-$250. It’s a keeper! He loves it! Merry “Early” Christmas, Sweetie!